Captive Wild: One Woman's Adventure Living with Wolves

Captive Wild One Woman s Adventure Living with Wolves A narrative of the seven years the author spent sharing her home and life with a female wolf her mates and wolf dog pups

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  • Title: Captive Wild: One Woman's Adventure Living with Wolves
  • Author: Lois Crisler
  • ISBN: 9781585741236
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • A narrative of the seven years the author spent sharing her home and life with a female wolf, her mates, and wolf dog pups.

    One thought on “Captive Wild: One Woman's Adventure Living with Wolves”

    1. Ugggggggh, I really despise this person, the author, Lois Crisler, blatant disregard for the animal's lives in her care. This wasn't suppose to be an all love, sunshine and happy days book, but jeessuuuuus. Lois and her husband kill animals when ever it suited them. To allow breeding and birth of litter after litter of wolfdog pups only to SHOOT them because they were poorly socialized. Gawd, if I could, I'd hate these people!

    2. Ugh, this was awful. The author was totally irresponsible. The first half of the book was ok, but after that she let Alatna mate and proceeded to kill Kuskokwim and Katmai because they were not safe. Later she also killed Kotzebue. She continued to let her animals breed, and contineud to kill the pups as they grew up and grew dangerous. She allowed such serious inbreeding as son-to-mother. And, at the end of the book, she killed them all. I was shocked and dissapointed with this book.

    3. It's fitting that I read this on Halloween, because it was a lot like a horror movie: bad decisions, constant death, and a bit of gore (as in mentioning the carcasses dragged out to feed them). I felt like the author genuinely loved animals, but there was a certain callousness to her too, regularly shooting animals as they became dangerous or casually mentioning that the wolf would kill other dogs' puppies out of jealousy. A certain amount of pragmatism/detachment is needed when you pick wild pr [...]

    4. Ummmmmmm okay 5 stars for being extremely readable and compelling content but what? What? What? Lot of really messed up ethical questions raised here. I guess she bought the last wolf some solid years but damn, she totally did kill it in the end anyway. Damn!!!!!!!! What the hell though? What? Is it right to acquire/breed a BUNCH, like probably dozens it sounds but no exact count is given, of dogs that are kinda used as disposable enrichment items for a wolf you really love? I don't know! Damn! [...]

    5. I Absolutely LOVED and ADORED this book. It's a amazing story of a women with a passion for wolfs. Wonderfully written.

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