The Curse of the Dragon God

The Curse of the Dragon God China A land of ancient wonders A history of tradition triumph and tyranny As it casts a shadow across the entire globe this once forbidden country awakens as the dominant force in a new world econo

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  • Title: The Curse of the Dragon God
  • Author: Geoffrey Knight
  • ISBN: 9781573446617
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • China A land of ancient wonders A history of tradition, triumph and tyranny As it casts a shadow across the entire globe, this once forbidden country awakens as the dominant force in a new world economy.Business empires will rise, deals will be made, lives will be lost as money changes hands, but one treasure will remain the most precious in all of China a diamond knowChina A land of ancient wonders A history of tradition, triumph and tyranny As it casts a shadow across the entire globe, this once forbidden country awakens as the dominant force in a new world economy.Business empires will rise, deals will be made, lives will be lost as money changes hands, but one treasure will remain the most precious in all of China a diamond known as the Eye of Fucanglong, the Dragon God of lost jewels and buried treasures The diamond is flawless It is priceless It is cursed And it is about to be stolen in the heist of the century.Can Professor Fathom s team of gay adventure seekers find the diamond before this perfectly executed crime leads to a cataclysmic event of mass destruction From the towers of Hong Kong to the diamond mines of Shandong from the streets of San Francisco to the deserts of Dubai to the male strip clubs of Beijing from China s mystical past, to the boardrooms and backrooms of a modern industrial giant, take the high road to China and join in the sizzling action and page turning adventure of The Curse of the Dragon God.

    One thought on “The Curse of the Dragon God”

    1. It’s always a pleasure to read a new adventure of the Fathom’s Five (New York adventurerJake Stone, Brazilian biologist Eden Santiago, Texas cowboy Shane Houston, Italian art expert Luca da Roma, and California college quarterback Will Hunter), even if my romantic heart would like for them to find the love of their life. In every adventure, there is one of them that seems to have just caught his chance at love, but then something happens and that chance vanishes like smoke in the open air. T [...]

    2. Think of a combination of James Bond ("shaken, not stirred"), Indiana Jones, and Charlie's Angels, but starring a dazzling cast of five gorgeous, hunky gay men. From the first page to the last, you will be gripping the edge of the chair and holding on for dear life. What a ride!There's a car chase and/or explosion in every chapter, from a runaway RV in the twisty streets of San Francisco to a runaway steam train in China, with a dune buggy race in Dubai thrown in for good measure. This book has [...]

    3. What can I say except - Geoff has really outdone himself with his third Fathom's Five book. Each book ramps up the excitement level another notch and The Curse of the Dragon God is no exception. I read this book about 12 months ago to proof and it has been a long wait for it to finally be released.As usual the boys are put through their paces and Geoff has devised some very inventive ways to torture his characters LOL.If you have been following along with the Fathom's Five team I recommend you r [...]

    4. Ok action adventure in which our group of gay adventurers is all over the place, trying to rescue their beloved Professor and prevent a bomb from destroying Beijing. I know that this series is deliberately over-the-top, but sometimes it works, and sometimes not so much. Particularly if you have people arriving instantly in San Francisco from Krakow and the Caribbean. But hey, you might enjoy this if you don't mind hearing bad porn music playing in your head during the sex scenes.

    5. As I posted on FB, this series is like reading a live action movie, oozing with sexy naughtiness. I can't wait for the next book. Plus after meeting Geoff I can see where the naughtiness comes from. Love him and his stories.

    6. Just as much light-hearted dare-doing and hot, man-to-man eroticism as in previous installments. The science behind some of the science fiction is sketchy, but the hookups are awesome.

    7. I'm certain it's been said before about this book, but it reads a lot like a really good adventure movie. I picked up this book as an audiobook completely by mistake, and I regret nothing, this was FUN and HOT to read, and the narrator was amazing. it's not often that I buy the rest of the series before I even finish the first book but I did with this one, and I hope that eventually there will be audiobook versions for me as well.

    8. 3.5 StarsWhat to say??I love the characters in this series and for a non-romance book this series isBut the story fell apart in this one for me. I have so enjoyed the Indiana Jones/National Treasure hunt qualities of the first 2 books.  That seemed to have been lost entirely here.  The action sequences were exhaustingly LONG to the point I was just worn the fuck out trying to keep engaged enough to visualize what the hell was happening.And I am with Marco many loose ends that really need to [...]

    9. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Much like the previous two books in the Fathom’s Five series, this one starts off with some sex and a good dose of action that grabs your attention right off the bat. Unlike the first two books, however, the focus of this book was less about the artifact stolen and more about revenge; the theme of greed and the overall desire for more wealth was the same though. While the plot of this book was completely different than I had expected, it was nice to see th [...]

    10. Okay, after reading this book, I definitely see that there is a benefit to reading these books in order, so if you're starting here, STOP! Go back and read book one, first. A character that is in book two makes a very important appearance in this book, which explains why his thread is left off in book two. That said, I NEED book four right now. Where is it?! This book was action packed and had a lot less sex in it than book two. I was fine with that. I want to see more of the action. Also, this [...]

    11. As a gay comic book fan, I was thrilled to find this book. It's nice to read an adventure yarn and not have to substitute the genders of anyone involved. Also, the lights don't go out on the love scenes. Yes, sometimes the prose gets a little thin but that's not the point here. The plotting and pace are relentless and the whole thing a fun, sexy escape. Can't wait to read the rest in the series.

    12. This is the third in a series of The Fathon 5 Adventures. I truly enjoy these books, from beginning to end. Save time for chapter XX1 its about 100 pages long of nail biting, high adrenaline plots twist, and you won't want to miss any moment of it or put the book down. So. where's the next adventure?

    13. What a fun series. Don't look for deep meaning and give the author some freedom to teleport his characters half way across the globe effortlessly just enjoy the ride. Looking forward to the next volume.

    14. Just got my copy from Cleis Press; ordered it for the LGBT Center library I volunteer with, but have to do a proper check to make sure it shipped ok. Probably should do a page by page inspectiongh. It's a rotten job, but someone's got to do it! LOL

    15. A great little adventure that captures the reader's imagination from page one. I read the book in one sitting, which is a bit unusual for mewould recommend to anyone who likes mystery, intrique, and a little sass. Great book

    16. Bought this book for vacation on the beach; it was perfect! Entertaining and interesting story. Relaxing and fun, yet intense at the same time.

    17. This is an adventure book with some great gay romance. The adventure is suspenseful and st several points unbelievable. Worth the read.

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