The Fire Inside

The Fire Inside Jack King is going scorch the city to avenge his friend s murder When his best friend is murdered former crime fighter Jack leaps head first back into a world he walked away from a world complicated

  • Title: The Fire Inside
  • Author: Raymond M. Rose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
  • Jack King is going scorch the city to avenge his friend s murder.When his best friend is murdered, former crime fighter Jack leaps head first back into a world he walked away from a world complicated and dangerous than he ever knew With a squad of ruthless killers on his six and uncertain allies by his side, Jack is going to find his friend s murderer even if heJack King is going scorch the city to avenge his friend s murder.When his best friend is murdered, former crime fighter Jack leaps head first back into a world he walked away from a world complicated and dangerous than he ever knew With a squad of ruthless killers on his six and uncertain allies by his side, Jack is going to find his friend s murderer even if he has to burn the city down By the end of this book I was fist punching the air and looking for things to fight with my epic Highlander broadsword Kelly, Reading the ParanormalThe first book in the Sidekicks Series, The Fire Inside is an urban fantasy crime thriller that grabs you by the throat and doesn t let go Filled with exciting characters, sharp dialogue, and an edge of your seat plot, The Fire Inside takes the reader on a roller coaster ride where right and wrong isn t always black and white.Interview with the AuthorQ Tell us about yourself A My name is Raymond M Rose and I took my passion for science fiction, thrillers, comic books, and mysteries and mixed them into something exciting and fun to read.Q LikeA X Men meets Person of Interest, Arrow meets Elvis Cole, X Files meets The Avengers The best of all worlds mixed together It s got Science Fiction Superhumans caught up in an Action Packed plot.Q Your main character A Jack KingQ He s got a bit of a temper That seems like a bad trait for someone who can control fire A Quite bad.Q Can he control it A Usually But when his best friend is murdered, wellQ Things seem a little different in the Sidekicks world A It s a Science Fiction Alternative History world where superheroes have changed the world.Q Are there books to the Sidekicks Series A I m just getting started Head over to raymondmrose to find out what I m up to.And enjoy Sidekicks Action Packed Urban Fantasy Crime Series eBook Categories Science Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Adventure Thriller or Mystery Science Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Alternative History Mystery Science Fiction Fantasy Science Fiction Cyberpunk Mystery, Thriller Suspense Thrillers Assassinations

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    1. Article first published as Book Review:The Fire Inside: A Side Kicks Novel by Raymond Rose on Blogcritics. When we think of heroes and villains and better yet, superpowers, comic books are instantly brought to mind, with the slick Ka Pow, the cool costumes, and the vicious and yet famous moves. Even as children, many of us wanted to join the exalted ranks of Green Hornet, Batman and Robin, as well as Superman and all his friends.In The Fire Inside: A Side Kicks Novel, by Raymond M. Rose, we are [...]

    2. The city of Claremont was once a home to many superheroes and villains. But then came the Battle where many of the super powered people died along with a lot of innocent people, and the city hasn’t been the same. However, some of the heroes didn’t die. They were wounded and decided to retire anonymously.One of those people is Jack King who used to be Teen Protector call Sparks. Ten years after the Battle, he works in a book store and has a gorgeous lawyer as a girlfriend. Then, a man from hi [...]

    3. Jack King seems like a normal guy. He works at a bookstore, has a beautiful girlfriend, and loves photography. But he isn’t normal. Not by a long stretch. He could blow up half this city in the blink of an eye.It was with this simple tease, just a few short lines, that Raymond M. Rose first captured his attention.Without knowing anything more about it, The Fire Inside immediately slipped into the depths of my towering review pile, just waiting for its chance to see the light of day - or, as th [...]

    4. Can you say X-Men with a twist? The Fire Inside, the first book in the Sidekicks series by Raymond Rose should have been made into a graphic novel, what with all the action-packed scenes and death-defying heroics by its totally amazing characters.If you ever wondered what happened to Batman, Spiderman, Flash Gordon, and all the other popular super heroes out there when they got older and needed to retire - or perhaps needed to start anew after their real identities were revealed - then The Fire [...]

    5. Ten years ago, Jack and Bruce barely survived a battle royale between good and evil that left half the city bathed in red and the other half burned to the ground. Over the years, they’ve drifted apart – their lives going separate paths. Jack took a life of peace; Bruce, one of danger. But now Bruce is back looking for Jack’s help. Because what’s about to happen is worse than anything they've seen and could imagine.Raymond Rose offered me a chance to review The Fire Inside, and I found my [...]

    6. Review:I had a lot of mixed feelings about this book. It started out with action and then slowed down a bit, which for me is hard. I like my books to grab my attention immediately and hold onto it. But a few chapters into the book found me at the next sequence of a seemingly unending string of action scenes. I have to say, the action really the kept me going through the first half. There was a lot going on but I felt like I didn't really understand why there was so much going on. I kept asking m [...]

    7. You know how sometimes you have to be in the right mood for a book? (As an aside, that's why I haven't read book 6 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, because it's so damn epic and I have to be in the moooood for that level of angst and awesomeness.) By the time I made it to the end of this book I was fist punching the air and looking for things to fight with my epic Highlander broadsword. No fooling! Where's the cadre of super villains that I'm going to decimate? I'm coming for you!While th [...]

    8. To say this book is a thriller or fantasy would be misleading, it has elements of thriller and fantasy, along with sci-fi, mystery, action and even comic book (without the pictures lol) I admit I was a bit wary starting this book because there were elements to it that just aren't my 'thing.' But I'm glad I read it anyway! It took me a while to get into, it was past halfway before I found myself not wanting to put it down to go to bed at a reasonable time! And I enjoyed trying to solve the myster [...]

    9. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of book (superheroes, action/adventure, etc.), but it was addicting! Rose grabbed me from the beginning and at the end I wanted to know what happened next. Though the flashback can trip up even the most experienced author, I thought Rose did it in a manner that was easy to follow as possible. I often feel that flashbacks are mostly without purpose, and the exposition could happen in a less "clunky" way, but I really felt that Rose's flashbacks added to the stor [...]

    10. This was an enjoyable read, but like many of the other reviewers have stated, it is in DIRE need of one more edit. There are too many typos, use of wrong spelling (looser instead of loser), words jammed together and the like. That being said, I enjoyed the story. The writing was decent, the plot was fun enough, were enough surprises that you're not going to guess them all. It reads like an homage to Chris Claremont's run on Uncanny X-Men; considering the city that the story takes place in is nam [...]

    11. I have to be honest - I purchased this book thinking it was gonna be one of those cheap throwaway books, but I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would.I really liked the world and the characters that Rose has created. All of the characters were well written, with likable personalities and realistic motivations. And like most of the more interesting superhero stories, this title reads more like a detective novel, with the author focusing less on the heroes' (and villians [...]

    12. I liked it, though there were some times that I wanted to punch whoever edited this book in the nose. A lot of grammar/spelling errors and the term 'macadam' was over used. It felt as though at one point the author had inadvertently done a find and replace for the term 'rubble'.

    13. Great realistic superhero story! Love the character interactions! Well plotted and crafted writing. Author needs to get the typos fixed though. I read the Kindle edition and this was the only down point to it.

    14. The Fire Inside by Raymond Rose is an action packed science fiction novel that is the first of the Sidekicks series. The book bounces from past to present as it introduces you to the characters and the world. At first this was a tad confusing, but as the novel went on it became enlightening and I looked forward to the flashbacks. The strength of the flashbacks themselves make me think that this story would do well with a prequel.The novel flows from a variety of character perspectives, though Ja [...]

    15. Originally posted on my blog, Denim-Jacket Librarian DishesIt’s always interesting to find authors willing or brave enough to start out in two different genres at the same time. I had read Rose’s Better Together and enjoyed the warmth created by his charming, small-town setting and characters pulling together in a time of personal crisis. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect with his second novel, but I found instead of warmth, there was an undercurrent of heat that flowed throughout [...]

    16. I have to admit that this is the first ebook that I have read. And it was really, really good. The story focuses on Jack who was once a member of a group called Teen Protectors. Each member of the group has a different and original super power. But there are also those with powers who become villains. After an epic battle one night between the powers of good and evil which affects the entire city, the group disbands and Jack decides that he does not want to be a part of the agency anymore and on [...]

    17. Since I enjoyed Better Together by Raymond Rose so much I decided to pick up another of his novels, The Fire Inside. The Fire Inside is the first story in a series called Sidekicks. The story literally begins with a bang. The first paragraph has a gang called the Rook, a machine gun, a pistol, a knife and exploding windows. Already the story was off and running.One of the leading characters is Karen. Karen loses her husband Bruce in a brutal killing but she eventually comes out on top and learns [...]

    18. I had the pleasure of getting to read this novel prior to it's release. I was worried about it though it's more or less supernatural and it's structure is built upon the storytelling that the majority of comic books lack: neither of these subjects do I read much of (if you exclude vampires, which by this point, I think you can). I've never read a comic book in my life (except for one manga series which I'm pretty sure are two different things, almost?) and action packed scifi stuff is above and [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book, but it really needs a better editor. There are lots of mistakes such as missing letters, doubled words or parts of sentences, and even quite a few misspellings including one paragraph with Jack calling someone a "looser" three times in a row instead of a "loser." Other than that, it was enjoyable.

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