Mind Your Own Beeswax

Mind Your Own Beeswax Things are going well for beekeeper Story Fischer whose hands are full with a successful local market her Queen Bee Honey business and a new boyfriend But when she finds the dead body of local woma

  • Title: Mind Your Own Beeswax
  • Author: HannahReed
  • ISBN: 9780425241592
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Things are going well for beekeeper Story Fischer, whose hands are full with a successful local market, her Queen Bee Honey business, and a new boyfriend But when she finds the dead body of local woman with a checkered past right near her hive, she s in a sticky situation indeed.

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    1. While this author has the potential for a very good series, there are two major things that get in the way and make this series unpleasant. The Bullet Points and her sister's intolerable "text talk". Teenagers don't even talk like that and it's supremely annoying. The protagonists mother needs to be shoved in a home and forgotten, but I can live with that angle if it's the only horrible thing. It's a shame too, because the story and plot are excellent and the main character is very likeable. I d [...]

    2. One of my favorite things is "light" mysteries blood and gore, just a cute storyline, and if there are recipes at the end of the book, I rejoice. So, I was pretty stoked to discover a new-to-me mystery series called "A Queen Bee Mystery" by Hannah Reed. It has a spunky and determined heroine who is becoming a beekeeper, an adorable small town setting, and some quirky characteristics that I really loved. *One: There are bullets in here! (No, not those kind of bullets! These kind of bulletsThe big [...]

    3. OK yes I'm sure you are looking at the cover and saying "She actually read this book!". Yes I did and actually this is where that saying, don't judge a book by its cover comes in to play. The cover does not give it justice at all. So enough about the cover and more about the content inside. Mind Your Own Beeswax delivers a simple mystery story, minus the very gory stuff you might find in other mystery books. The characters are nicely written. I would have enjoyed more romance in the story betwee [...]

    4. I truly enjoyed this book. We have a dating woman, that owns an organic grocery specializing in her hobby, bees. Story (Melissa) Fischer is a hometown gal, having only left Moraine, WS for a brief while while being married. That history is covered in "Buzz Off" the first in this delicious series.Story, being new to beekeeping, is dismayed to see one of her honeybee communities 'swarm' to find better housing conditions and she sets off with friends/family to recollect them and bring them back to [...]

    5. I loved this book! It had a little bit of mystery, gossip, and enough characters so I never got bored.I won this book from a giveaway so I read Mind Your Own Beeswax before Buzz Off, but I wasn't lost at all. Chapter 1 sums up the characters and then the story gets going. It also has some recipes in the back that sound delicious.Definitely going to read the first one and looking forward to Queen Bee Mystery #3! Excited to find a new series I like.

    6. This was such a cute read, no disappointment at all. Dinky had me laughing through the whole story. I enjoy trying to figure things out but this one had so many things going I did figure it out until the end. I cannot wait to read the next one. I have to buy the next one!

    7. Nice read - not great - but kept my interest.The one thing that bugged me was the use of "email-speak" used by the sister. That got really old!Thankfully, that seemed to be reduced after a while though it never went away.

    8. I'm enjoying this series - Story is a hoot! Johnny Jay annoys me, her mother needs a boot up her butt and Hunter is swoon worthy! The mysteries are great and I love the characters! On to book 3!!

    9. I had to mark for spoilers (even though I hate to do that!) because I have to rant about Johnny Jay, and of course he was a suspect. Although, did anyone really believe he did it? Seemed too good to be true. Yes, I wished he were the killer so he could be out of the books! Of all the annoying aspects to the series (which there are many, including Holly’s text speak and Story’s overbearing, passive aggressive mom), I think Johnny Jay is by far the worst. And he was horrible in this book. Firs [...]

    10. If it was not for the art of beekeeping, I am sure that would not continue with this series. There is something about bees that have always fascinated me and the apiary science within this book is interesting. Once you get past that, you realize how ridiculous the rest of the writing is. Hannah Reed is obsessed with bullet points, really, who puts bullet points into fiction writing. Granted, there are not as many of those little bullets as in the first book, so to temper it, she has resorted to [...]

    11. I just couldn't finish this book. Story is doing ridiculous things like breaking and entering. Then running from the police chief and for some reason when she is tackled and handcuffed it is unjustified. Really!

    12. Story Fischer, her honeybees, her wonderful store, and bullet points are back. Only some of the honey bees are trying to escape, a whole hive empties out and leads Story to "The Lost Mile," the place where the legendary Lantern Man is said to reside. It is a little less than a mile long and had been logged at one time. Now a road has been cut through the middle of it and young saplings of pines and maples are flourishing. Many of the residents of Moraine, Wisconsin believe the story of the Lante [...]

    13. Very good! I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the little dog! I also had some laughs which is a sure sign of a good read!

    14. Sometimes I am leery of liking a first in a new series too much. I worry the same about those as I do about liking a TV show too much. I just know that show will get cancelled if I fall for the story, characters, etc. (if only that worked on all those 'reality' shows).I fell hard for the first in the Queen Bee series, BUZZ OFF ( iyamvixenbooks/20), which got me even more into taking care of the bees on our property as well as eating more honey. There are recipes in the back of the book and a lis [...]

    15. Story Fischer owns the only grocery store in Moraine, Wisconsin and supplies it with products from her Queen Bee Honey Business from her own hives. When one of the hives decides to find a new home and Story, her sister Holly (who speaks in text-speak) and P. P. Patti ("Pity Party" Patti Dwyre, her next door neighbor) go searching only to find them in the Lost Mile which is rumored to be haunted by Lantern Man. When it became obvious that getting the bees would have to wait until daylight, they r [...]

    16. A beekeeper and owner of a grocery store in Moraine, Wisconsin, Story Fischer has her hands full. When one of her hives takes off, Story sets out to find the delinquent bees. But before she can relocate her bees, Lauren Kerrigan, who has just returned to her hometown, has gone missing. Story saw Lauren the night before, but Lauren was so ravaged by cancer she didn’t even recognize her. Beekeeper Story draws readers into her life in picturesque small town Moraine. She has a loving grandmother, [...]

    17. An intriguing and diabolical murder plot that keeps you turning the pages to the surprising ending. I really like how this series is developing. The characters are well fleshed out and contend with problems we all see and face in everyday life. The beekeeping theme paired up with owning and running a market featuring locally sourced natural foods is well balanced, informative and entertaining. Story owns the market and beekeeping business. Divorced and dating her old high school flame, a County [...]

    18. Still a fun series but I am a little worried about how easily Story is led into trouble, by Patti, by her sister and even by Johnny Jay. When a former citizen of town comes back after a prison sentence everyone is worried, especially when she turns up dead. Story is convinced that Sheriff Johnny Jay did the deed, since Lauren went to jail for running over and killing his father. Johnny is convinced that Story had something to do with it and Hunter (Story's kinda boyfriend) is stuck in the middle [...]

    19. Beekeeper Story also runs the small grocery store in her rural Wisconsin home, so she is on hand when news gets out that someone from a widespread local family is missing. As the search for Lauren Kerrigan continues, Story muses over the woman's sad life. Then a body is found in the reputedly-haunted local woods. However, it's not Lauren who lies dead beneath the birch tree. Story is sure that her childhood foe, now police chief, Johnny Jay is responsible, but Story's boyfriend, sheriff's invest [...]

    20. In the continuing saga of beekeeper and grocery store owner, our heroine Story Fischer teaches a class in dipping candles. She doesn't recognize one of the last two women that show up late for the class. The next morning she finds out that the stranger was a classmate who has just been let out of prison and she is missing. Then Story is chasing a swarm of her bees when she stumbles across a body of a local woman. Bodies and Bees with a little bit of romance thrown in make a cute mystery and quic [...]

    21. All the minor gripes I had about the first book have been pretty much cleared up in this second book. What a relief! The text talk was minor and very easy to overlook this time. No more foot talk for the most part (thankfully). And we had some real investigative work on a great mystery story line. Still love all these characters and I now think that I eat more honey than Story does. Honey in my coffee who knew what I was missing! Starting the third book tonight and really looking forward to it!

    22. Story Fischer's bees have flown away from one of her hives and she is following the swarm to get them back. A former high school classmate is back in town after serving some years in prison for killing the former police chief, current police chief Johnny Jay's dad. Story is asked to care for a little pup while its owner takes care of personal stuff. Story's cousin Carrie Ann is acting strange and Story tries to figure out why. The mystery is based on events that happened during Story's high scho [...]

    23. Okay. I'll admit. I didn't like the first book in this series. I still don't like the mother's relationship with Story but it seems to have eased up a tiny bit. The bullet point thing is still irritating but it was an interesting story and I liked it okay. It just seems like there are so many antagonists for the main character to have to deal with (the mother, the irritating sister, the nasty realtor). Oh well. It was better than the first one and I'll probably check out the next one in the seri [...]

    24. I received this book for free thru the giveaway. I read it and it was ok. The pacing of this novel was better than the first. I still couldn't develop any concern about any of the characters, major or minor. Ms. Reed still used the bullet point feature and the 'net chat' nonsense way too often through out the story. I've read the first 2 in the series and don't plan to read any further.

    25. I don't know what it is about Story that annoys me so much, but there is just something about her that drives me nuts. Then I go ahead and read the book. Even while gritting my teeth at some of Story's attitudes actions and impulsivity, I do enjoy the format of the stories, especially the lists of information. I also wonder if things will ever improve between Story and her mom, with Johnny Jay, and for Carrie Ann, and if PP Patti gets the job with the paper. Will I read on? Yep.

    26. I started this on the same day that I finished the first one of the series. Again Hannah Reed has written a mystery worth solving and she keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end! There is plenty of suspense, humor and some not so "cozy" events in this story. I am looking forward to "Plan Bee" the next in this fun and exciting mystery series. Love the small town atmosphere and the characters.

    27. These just keep getting better and better. I love the spooky/witch ghost aspect of this story and am growing to love this series the more i read it. Thankfully the foot business was toned down in this book to a respectable level. I dont care if you like feet, or candy or feathers and chains (whatever floats a persons boat right) but I am notma fan of it in my cozies. Yikes sorry for the rant Any way i loved this book and am currently reading the third book!!!

    28. Hannah Reed's second book in The Queen Bee Mysteries is as good as the first. There is a lot of memories that are brought out this time and you learn more about "Story's" past.There are characters I keep routing for and those I wish would fall in a hole, but they all make the stories even better. Parts of it have rang personal to me as well so I feel a kinship to Story and her family. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    29. Take a small town in Wisconsin and add a spunky beekeeper, a lesson in beeswax candle making plus lots of interesting info on bees. Than throw in some off center and kooky characters. Add a very good looking man, a couple of unusual dogs. Top it all off with a couple of dead bodies and you've got a great read. This is the second in Hannah Reed's Queen Bee series and I will soon be reading the third in the series.

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