One thought on “To the End of Time”

  1. Published in 1953 by Funk&Wagnall's Company, To the End of Time contains several of Olaf Stapledon's masterworks, including "Last and First Men," "Star Maker," "Sirius," "The Flames," and what may be his best-known story, "Odd John." Selected and introduced by Basil Davenport, this collection gives us a detailed overview of Stapledon's vision, that of a universe that is at once inconceivably strange and all too familiar, whose tragedy is the ultimate futility of existence and the artist's cr [...]

  2. “To The End Of Time” is a collection of Olaf Stapledon’s four most famous novels: “Last and First Men”, “Star Maker”, “Odd John”, “Sirius”; and his novella, “The Flames”. On the surface, this pulls together all of his most significant works of fiction, but there are some problems with the collection as well. Also included is an Introduction by Basil Davenport, who also made the decisions on how to present the material. This collection was originally published in 1953, a [...]

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