The Fairy Tale Bride

The Fairy Tale Bride The Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families in every way but one Ignorning the grim convention that one married for wealth and title these spirited siblings followed their heartsd vow

  • Title: The Fairy Tale Bride
  • Author: Kelly McClymer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families in every way but one Ignorning the grim convention that one married for wealth and title, these spirited siblings followed their heartsd vowed to wed only for love.Happily ever after is all she ever wantedEven though society thinks her all but unmarriageable, Miranda Fenster still believes in true love SThe Fensters were like many other proper Victorian families in every way but one Ignorning the grim convention that one married for wealth and title, these spirited siblings followed their heartsd vowed to wed only for love.Happily ever after is all she ever wantedEven though society thinks her all but unmarriageable, Miranda Fenster still believes in true love She ll do anything to advance its cause, even confront the man whose disapproval is all that keeps her dear brother from making a romantic match But Miranda s impetuous meeting with the Duke of Kerstone has a far different outcome than she intended For when the cynical nobleman realizes she s been compromised by their tryst, he insists on nothing less than marriage Now suddenly, the champion of fairy tale endings finds herself a most unlikely bride

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    1. First in the Once Upon a Wedding historical romance series. This installment is set in England in 1832. The couple focus is on Miranda Fenster and Simon Watterly.My TakeCute idea, but never make me read this melodramatic claptrap again. Talk about taking liberties with the time period. The heir would never have been in the military. That was always the second son's career path with religion set aside for the third son. Oh, please. The almost-scandal "forces" Miranda's mother to remove her from S [...]

    2. Simon was too stubborn.Miranda too stupidly naived the constant reference to fairytales over doneere were some good scenes but mostly an unsatisfactory read!

    3. I thought this was OK. The author definitely shows promise in terms of imagination and writing skill, but I felt at times that there were too many sub plots involved, plus too many repeat incidents of Simon, the Duke of Kerstone (our hero)wanting to teach our heroine (Miss Miranda Fenston)a valuable lesson about the danger of always thinking the best of people. That said, the writing did improve as the story progressed, although I believe it could have benefited from a bit more plot editing - to [...]

    4. 1832 – a secret is being revealed and the duke is devastated. Marrying Miranda Fester isn’t possible now.Five years later, she’s still full of dreams and ideals of love and honor and soo naïve it’s unbelievable. She always thinks the best about people and he is just a cynic.Characters?Really, really, really disappointing….I was disappointed that our supposed heroine is so stupid. I am a fan of propriety and she was way too wanton for me. I can’t stand novels with female characters w [...]

    5. I gave up half way through this book. By then I was way way over this grown woman's fixation with fairy tales and constantly referring to them when talking to the hero. Painfully immature. The constant belaboring the imminent end of hero's status as duke, and numerous veiled references to him being the previous duke's bastard, with no real clarification about that situation was also supremely tedious and tried my patience to the limit. Ghastly experience, and one I won't be in a hurry to repeart [...]

    6. Just okay for me. Simon was too annoying with his unbending attitude, and plan to divest himself of his title.I thought Miranda was too understanding for too long. She did everything for her family and then took too much abuse off her cranky husband--even though during those times that was what women did. Still I like my heroines to have some spunk!

    7. You know what they say about a car wreck, where it's so awful you can't look away? This book is like a car wreck that you want to look away from it, but you have to stare at it because your boss is making you.MISTAKE

    8. Although the plot was quite well thought through, unfortunately the writing didn't quite live up to it.Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible writing, just mediocre.I found that I become a bit annoyed with both the Hero and Heroine. He for his self-pity and her for her (it seemed) endless quoting of fairy tales.As far as the jeopardy portion of the plot was concerned, the villain did come across as a little implausible.All things considered a 3 star read. I wouldn't let me so-so review put you o [...]

    9. Enjoyed the character and their struggle to find their happy ending. Enjoyed the suspenseful aspect, and talk about sexual tension, incredible. At times, the tension did create quite a bit of angst, though. Happy reading!

    10. 1.5*This was so bad, not even getting it for free made up for it. I thought my book had parts missing, we would jump from one thing to another, I had to reread sections over and over to make sure it was me that had not skipped something. This was extremely inaccurate for the time period, and the twist and turns got more ridiculous with each chapter.#13 A book with a plot centered around a secret

    11. I DIDN'T GET THAT SOPHISTICAL ROMANCE FEEL TO THE STORYThe Fairy Tale Bride was just OK. It need a lot of editing to to put the sequence of the story in a better order. The Characters and back story were under developed. I didn't get that Historical Feel. The author failed to put us in the period. The cover of the book looks like a contemporary romance book and not historical romance.I did like Miranda Fenster the H. Simon the Duke of Kerstone was just OK for me. All the other characters in the [...]

    12. 2.5/3.0Miranda is a young lady out for her first London season, made fun of because of her propensity to relate everything to one fairytale or another.The Duke of Kerstone is smitten with her and plans on offering for her hand in marriage when he finds out some disturbing news and decides to go off to war instead.Five years later the Duke returns, Miranda is still unmarried and he still wants her, but refuses to marry because he plans on giving up the dukedom. It turns out he's illegitimate (ser [...]

    13. It's hard to decide what to give this book, so I'm giving it a 3 since that's the average. (I was fluctuating from 2-4 and couldn't decide).Some parts were really interesting and very enjoyable, but others were just so hard to believe. In the end it was a cute story, but I'm glad that it was a book I purchased for free on for my Kindle. I don't think I'll be reading future books in this series, since some scenes were more graphic than I had thought they'd be.If The Fairy Tale Bride sounds inter [...]

    14. I tried so hard to finish this book. But I couldn't. The female protagonist, Miranda, was nothing more than window dressing for male authoritarianism. First, a former suitor. Then her twin brother. Clever with money at a genteel poverty level yet both men treat all those tricks as nothing more than useless. Give up after less than 1/3rd way through. McClymer dropped the ball on the entire premise by not highlighting her intelligence or knowledge. I don't foresee giving the author another chance. [...]

    15. BoringWay too many extraneous conversations. I got pretty bored and skimmed a lot. Some of the situations just made no sense, especially toward the end (I don't want to have any spoilers). I really felt the ending was just dumb, like the author was desperate to come to a conclusion.

    16. Difficult to read as the story didn't flow from event to event. The traditional fairytale references did not add anything to the story, but read as random information. A good premise for a story that just did not deliver.

    17. Not a clean read! I am getting more and more hesitant at starting "free" books even after reading all the reviews. I better stick to the books those I trust have already read.

    18. $0.99 at . Some wonky formatting took away from my enjoyment, but other than that, pretty decent. 3/5, and for the price, why not?Full review may follow.

    19. I liked this at 1st, but it just drags on. I was excited to know what would happen, but somewhere along the way I realized I didn't care anymore.

    20. So I picked this book because I wanted something fairy tale like but with a guaranteed happy ending. This book sounded witty and amusing and absolutely romantic. To be honest it exceeded my expectations! It was deeper than I thought it would be. I was impressed with the wit and banter. That was not all. This book was so well written I felt all the pain and emotional baggage the characters had. They were real. None of them perfect. But all of them were amazing. It was so much deeper than most his [...]

    21. It is hard to enjoy a book where the man is mean spirited and the woman, while intelligent, is also dumb as rocks.The use of fairytales does it’s best to tie things together but for me it just took something silly and made it ridiculous.Frankly, and this isn’t just a criticism of this book to be fair, I’m really tired of the number of romance books that have a “good girl” fall for a “bad man” then she changes him and yada yada. You can be a bad boy without being a rude, condescendi [...]

    22. This book was, in a word, exasperating. I understand that the misunderstanding is a tried and true method of introducing conflict into a romance, but there's such a thing as taking it too far. I finished the book but I was honestly so frustrated with everybody in it by the end of it that I was just glad to be done. I don't think it was terribly written. I suspect that for some people it would be a very enjoyable story, but it didn't work for me.I didn't really get attached to any of the characte [...]

    23. The Fairy Tale Bride has a decent premise, but it's poorly executed and the random twists don't disguise the story's weaknesses. The characters experienced little development over the course of the novel because the narrative never fully engaged with their personal conflicts, so the novel became repetitive. The heroine forgave the hero far too easily for gross violations of her trust and her autonomy. I actively disliked him and didn't understand the heroine's attraction to him at all. The myste [...]

    24. Honor and Truth in all, such a moto for a family to try and live up to. The story of Simon and Miranda is full of humor, love and sadness.The death of Miranda and Valentine’s parents leaves the twins with the responsibility of a houseful of younger sisters to raise and protect. Where does love fit in with all that responsibility? Simon and Miranda struggle to come to terms with everything that is required of them. There are twists, turns and unexpected surprises for them both leaving their fut [...]

    25. This is book one in the series, but I felt like I was missing some context, like the Big Bad’s motivation. (view spoiler)[We never learn why he hates Simon so much or why he was killing off the other heirs. Where exactly did he fall in the line of succession? And if Valentine was the only male heir, why did he go and fight? Surely it was an expense his family couldn’t afford and it would’ve put his sisters in jeopardy if he and his parents died.(hide spoiler)] In addition, I found it prett [...]

    26. 😄A young woman hellbent on helping her brother marry the woman he loves will make this young lady have to wed a man she does not want to be married to. But once she is married she learns to love her husband, but will he ever truly love her when he is “set to die” in just a couple months. Or will they get a happy ending, and the farce that has upheaved the dukes liked since Sinclair’s death be resolved.

    27. Once upon a time.The fairy tale bride, at first, it seemed like all the other “once upon a time” stories. But it’s truly different. It kept me interested enough to not want to put it down. It has twists and turns that keep you guessing. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series

    28. Nice use of many fairy tale themes.What a take on fairy tales! A challenging HEA made more complex with family deceit, kidnapping, murder and broken hearts all interwoven with the heroine’s unshakable belief in happy ever after. An intriguing story that kept me engaged especially since I liked most of the characters even if I did not always like some of their behaviors.

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