The Making of a Gentleman

The Making of a Gentleman Twelve years in prison has stripped him of his humanity Armand Comte de Val re has lost the ability to interact with polite society until his family hires him a beautiful tutor and he starts to com

  • Title: The Making of a Gentleman
  • Author: Shana Galen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twelve years in prison has stripped him of his humanity Armand, Comte de Val re has lost the ability to interact with polite society, until his family hires him a beautiful tutor, and he starts to come alive again Saving him is her only chance to escape a terrible fate Felicity Bennett vows she ll do whatever it takes to help Armand fight back the demons that have held himTwelve years in prison has stripped him of his humanity Armand, Comte de Val re has lost the ability to interact with polite society, until his family hires him a beautiful tutor, and he starts to come alive again Saving him is her only chance to escape a terrible fate Felicity Bennett vows she ll do whatever it takes to help Armand fight back the demons that have held him captive for so long With Felicity s help, Armand begins to heal, until a buried secret threatens to destroy their growing passion

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    1. Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (romantic-rosesblog)Book 2 in the Sons of the Revolution SeriesHow unfortunate. I was so excited to read this book, and it turned out to be a flop. Miss Felicity Bennett, the poor daughter of a deceased vicar is to become Armand Harcourt’s, the Comte de Velére, tutor. She has been hired to teach him how to speak. Armand has been in prison for about half his life and his just recently been rescued by his brot [...]

    2. Felicity Bennett is engaged to marry a gambling swindler against her will, her only way out is to pay him. So she accepts a tutoring position for the impressive Duc and Duchesse de Valere. Felicity expects to be a governess to a small boy named Armand, but she finds out that Armand is a very handsome, if untamed, grown man. Armand had been imprisoned since childhood during the French Revolution. While in prison, he lost all human contact, even losing his ability/desire to speak and touch others. [...]

    3. I read this book because I was led to believe it had a character driven story similar to The Wild Child. I was wrong. Rather, it is similar superficially and only for the first half. Then it morphs into a wallpaper historical with a weak, last minute suspense/action plot.The romance was bland. It had promise, especially with the pianoforte scenes, but derailed into standard telling. I wanted to see Armand and Felicity spending more time together connecting cerebrally or emotionally. It was cute [...]

    4. Felicity Bennett has been hired to tutor Armand Harcourt, the comte de Valere. The former vicar's daughter thinks she’ll be teaching a young boy, and has no other choice but to accept this work, although she isn't too thrilled working for an aristocrat. Felicity is being blackmailed by her deceased father's former caretaker, Charles St. John, who is threatening her. She must find a way to give him twenty-five pounds or marry him. Why he needs that exact amount in some sort of mystery that I fo [...]

    5. Armand, has recently been rescued from twelve years in prison by his brother that he barely recognizes. Armand, can't stand another's touch, and he doesn't understand most of what is going on around him. He can understand some of that which his family speaks of, but he has yet been able to communicate with them. After continually suffering from nightmares, his brother and sister in law decide to hire a tutor for him, to bring out his speech. Felicity, needs this job desperately. Her father has j [...]

    6. Started out good, but -- about midway through -- devolved into a sloppy, boring mess. The characters are never well-developed, and the plot drags and drags and dragsThe story is this: Armand was a French aristocrat captured during the French Revolution, when he was 11. He was put in a prison cell and left to rot, growing up with only a pet rat for companionship. Somehow, 12 years later, Armand's brother rescues him and takes him to the family's new home in England (they can't very well go back t [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI read this almost a week ago, so this review is going to be short and not detailed, since my memory stinks.I mostly enjoyed it. And I appreciated that was low-angst and that the hero was a virgin. Negatives for me:--just didn't grab me emotionally and I feel it could have, due to the hero's very tragic past. I think the storytelling style just didn't have that emotional edge--the hero's brother was a grade A-d**k. Like I really despised him and I am glad I didn't attempt to read his bo [...]

    8. Shana Galen's The Making of a Gentleman, the second book in her Sons of the Revolution series, is the riveting tale of a brutalized man and his salvation through love.This tale of three brothers separated by the atrocities of the French Revolution continues with the story of second brother, Armand. After rotting for twelve years in a French prison, Armand must relearn how to live a normal life. Although his body has healed, his demons so terrify him he can no longer speak--until he meets Miss Fe [...]

    9. ++Spoilers++Pretty good. The beginning was promising then at about 70% the story got a little far fetched.I have two main complaints. Logic and antagonist.LogicHow can a man who has been imprisoned for 12 years nearly forgotten in jail, "fed paste once a week" be so big and muscular so soon after his rescue?Why would a man prey on a poor vicars daughter in order to obtain money? How is it blackmail when the choice is .rry him and not have a home, or refuse him and not have a home? If she wanted [...]

    10. Interesting for the most part. Armand was an interesting character although his back story could have been explained a little bit more. Also since he had been in prison since he was 11 years old, I sort of thought that he recovered a bit too fast. Most of the scenes of him regaining his speech and such were told and off camera and not shown or seen by the reader. Maybe it wouldn't have seemed so quick if we'd seen more of it and frankly that was the most interesting part of the book. I did enjoy [...]

    11. Buku ini aku pinjam dari sahabatku Chiko, berharap isi cerita sesuai dengan sinopsis dan cover nya yang menarik hati.Sayang nya aku kecewa.[image error]Di awal2 sih bagus, penggambaran si anak yg trauma terhadap pembantaian saat revolusi Peraancis, di usia 11 tahun dia di tahan,di kucil kan di sel,dan hanya di temani dinding gelap dan tikus2mpai dia jadi takut bicara dan selama 12 tahun di penjara dia takut bicara hingga jadi bisu dan selalu takut dengan sentuhan.[image error]Namun sampai di ten [...]

    12. Ranting spoilers ahead!!!! Charles is one of the worst historical romance villains ever. Think Home Alone 2 level villain. He sets up a con for years in order to trick Felicity's father into a betrothal contract. Felicity is poor as a church mouse, literally as the daughter of an impoverished vicar, yet Charles goes to great lengths to set her up so that someday when she has a job as a governess (maybe) she can give him her year's salary of 25 pounds to get him to end the betrothal. Way to go fo [...]

    13. It's a bad sign when you finish reading a romance novel and your immediate impulse is to demand the author cite her sources. Unfortunately, that's exactly the response Galen's Making of a Gentleman elicited, as the entire plot hinges upon the psychological trauma of its male lead, whose symptoms are nonsensical to the point of silliness.Armand, Comte de Valere, spent twelve hellish years in a French prison after seeing his father guillotined by the Revolution. Now, thanks to his brother, he's fr [...]

    14. In a word: WONDERFUL!This is the ultimate in a wounded hero! I don't find many historical romance books with true walking wounded heroes in them, but this one is superb! The hero Armand, was imprisoned as a young boy for 12 long years. He was in isolation, no human touch, no human interaction and no human speech. When he is found and rescued from prison by his older brother Julien, Armand is nearly an animal. He can't tolerate human touch, can't speak and has lost most of his understanding of la [...]

    15. The set-up had my name all over it: impoverished but feisty heroine who becomes a tutor to the hero, a French nobleman who hasn't spoken in 12 years and acts barely human.And it was enjoyable enough, until our hero got cured and set out on some royal treasure-related adventure with the heroine. Whaaat? First of all, changing set-ups in the middle of the book is a little odd, but whatever. But also, the book became pretty dull because a strong adventure plot is clearly not this author's selling p [...]

    16. Sooooo. Let me just begin by saying that I liked this book. We'll get that out of the way right now. I think book 1 was probably my favorite, and that's likely because of some aspects that were relatively unbelievable in THIS book.The picture we get of Armand in The Making of a Duchess is one of an extremely stunted(?) man. He can't talk, doesn't appear to understand what's going on, and is pained by touching. That's how The Making of a Gentleman starts off, so suffice to say, Armand went throug [...]

    17. THE MAKING OF A GENTLEMAN by Shana Galen is a fantastic and unique historical romance. Armand is such an interesting character. After spending 12 years in a French prison he can’t stand to be touched and doesn’t speak. This sets a very interesting challenge for Felicity, his tutor. I liked how unique this story was, but at times wasn’t sure I could completely buy the change in Armand. He goes from not remembering how to speak to speaking in full sentences seemingly overnight. Also, his mis [...]

    18. Ok, these books were bought for me in a series, and I have the same complaints about the plot and the writing as I did the last time.The plot was rushed and while it lacked the spy element that the last book had, it held a Jane Eyre quality that I appreciated. The characters were less creative and the timeframe in which the book was supposed to take place was highly inaccurate. The development of speech would honestly not make the leaps and strides that it did in the book. It was interesting tha [...]

    19. I read this because it was a conference freebie and I was stuck in the airport for several hours. Well-written for its genre, but just not my genre. At one point, the impassioned hero throws the heroine over his shoulder and carries her out of a ton party, and I couldn't help but recall Freddy Standen (in Georgette Heyer's 'Cotillion', five stars) commenting on similar behavior by Young Lochinvar in Byron's 'Marmion': "Sounds like a dashed loose screw." Georgette Heyer has forever spoiled me for [...]

    20. The second lovely book in Shana Galen's romantic Sons of the Revolution series.I love Shana Galen's writing. She has a way of creating a beautiful and tender love story filled with romance, humor, intrigue, adventure, and firmly sets it in an historic time period, here the tumultuous years after the French Revolution and the scarring aftereffects on a noble French family trying to piece their lives back together. For my full review: bit/1iuPZEm

    21. I loved this book. Honestly I gave it 5 stars because I read it once before a few years ago and I forgot the name and author so I have been looking through books this whole time trying to find it again and I finally came across it and almost died. So if a book was interesting enough to make me want to read it again even after a couple of years, its a good book!

    22. This a copy of my reviewFirst, I borrowed this book from my one of my favorite places, the Mead Public Library(picture of book attached) in my hometown.As an out of the closet male reader of Historical and Regency Romance, I found this book to be very enjoyable and very kind to my wounded heart.Ms.Galen takes you into this story about Armand, Comte de Valère, a young man who is wounded both mentally and physically from his time in prison. He has lost much of his will to socialize even though h [...]

    23. Synopsis: "Twelve years in a French prison leave Armand Harcourt a hollow shell. Back in England, his noble family hire Felicity Bennett to teach him manners and speech. Desire shakes both, and heals their past scars in surprising dangerous ways."My Review: I enjoyed the previous book in this series and am glad I decided to continue with it because I enjoyed this one even more. I loved Armand, he is a great character who has so much room to develop and grow through the story. Felicity is also a [...]

    24. Spodziewałam się czegoś lepszego, ale ostatecznie książka miała w sobie pewien urok, a motyw dorosłego mężczyzny, który na nowo uczy się zasad panujących w towarzystwie jest całkiem fajny. Książka nadaję się na wieczór po bardzo ciężkim dniu.

    25. ExcellentWonderful addition to a great series! I have enjoyed every bit, even the odd sarcastic bits, like the outcome of the prison cell. Made for a great read!

    26. Incredible storyI loved the secret of the treasure and the process to unlock it. Great interaction between characters. I enjoyed it a second time

    27. This is another good book in the series. I especially like the character of Armand. This has several plots going on at the same time. A really good read. Third book - here I come!

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