Lasher At the centre of Anne Rice s brilliant novel the beautiful Rowan Mayfair queen of the coven must flee from the darkly brutal yet irresistible demon known as Lasher With a dreamlike power this wic

  • Title: Lasher
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780140170993
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the centre of Anne Rice s brilliant novel, the beautiful Rowan Mayfair, queen of the coven, must flee from the darkly brutal, yet irresistible demon known as Lasher With a dreamlike power, this wickedly seductive entity draws us through twilight paths, telling a chillingly hypnotic story of spiritual aspirations and passion

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    1. This is a difficult book to write a review about. I've been an avid fan of Anne Rice's books since I was in junior high, since I love her style of writing and of course her gothic themes (vampires, demons, witches).Lasher is the second novel of the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy. The first is "The Witching Hour" and the third is "Taltos". I guess I have to find Taltos a.s.a.p. in order to complete this whole erurney.Lasher is a Taltos, which is an almost extinct super-human race who lived [...]

    2. Boy was this a letdown after reading The Witching Hour. It was really long and drawn out. I felt like the entire book was just two very long rehashings of the first story with a couple of blanks filled in. It was almost like re-reading the first book and became quite tedious at times. I guess it was important to develop the character of Lasher, but I think it could have been done effectively by just adding another chapter or two to the already long first book. I haven't read the Queen of the Dam [...]

    3. Can't rate this one, since I'm still weirded out I buddy-read it with my father. *ahem* Lots of sex in this one. On to Taltos. ALONE this time!

    4. This book kind of surprised me. As I wrote in my review for The Witching Hour, I really loved THAT book as a young adult (13-15 I'd guess), and had for many years after considered it one of my favorite novels ever written. However, re-reading it at age 31 revealed a number of fatal flaws that I could not get over. I was not expecting much from Lasher by consequence, as I read it as a young adult too, though I do not believe I ever finished it. Imagine my surprise when I re-read it and found Lash [...]

    5. !!WARNING!! This review can contain spoilers if you haven't read The Witching Hour!! In Lasher, Anne Rice immediately picks up where she left me in The Witching Hour. The first half of the story there are lots of events rapidly following each other. Of course things happen which are dark, which stretch the boundaries and speak of untold mysteries. Especially the erotic encounter between Michael and teenager Mona may go against the grain for some readers. The storytelling holds this fusion of dis [...]

    6. So stunningly bad is the first third of this book that only the lunatic and the true devotee are likely to get beyond it. It is actually a riot of Rice's worst sins: strained and wooden characterizations, the abandonment of plot for the sake of a tangled and murky history, and a sort of mutant prose stumbling between a modern person's idea of old-fashioned elegance and an old-fashioned person's idea of how people actually talk in the 1990s. Part of the purpose of this 200-page cancer is to make [...]

    7. This is the worst book I have ever read. If you are considering reading this book, please do not read it. I will never ever get those hours of my life back again- please do not waste yours! I would honestly rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty fork than read this again. My husband read the book before me, hated it, but mischievously encouraged me to read it even though he knew I would hate it, as some sort of psychological test of endurance. I have never forgiven him for this.If you think t [...]

    8. Having just finished 'The Witching Hour' I found myself still liking the novel, but it didn't impact me the way it did the first time I read it. I even understood the extensive details and character development for its set-up to the series. In the case of this second book of the series, not so much. This was detail and development overload. I can only imagine what it would be like to see a ghost, or to actually hear one speak, but what I can't seriously imagine is someone nonchalantly sitting by [...]

    9. I'm a huge fan of Anne Rice, and loved The Witching Hour along with many of her other books, but for some reason had never gotten around to reading Lasher. When I first started it, I was fully absorbed. I love Rice's detailed and luscious writing style, and her ability to create fully fleshed-out, interesting characters. These are some of this book's best elements, along with a additions to the Mayfair history in the back stories of Julian and Evelyn, and new, engaging characters like Mona and Y [...]

    10. Oh Anne, I wanted to love your Mayfair witches so very much but I just can't.We pick up right where The Witching Hour left us. Running after Rowan and piecing together an extencive family history from every possible angle.On and on we trudge, listening to Julian then Little Mona even Lasher himself. So many stories about the same events from different points of view. I almost shelved this as DNF when reading about Mona. I didn't finnish Lolita because I don't like reading about pre teen (yes she [...]

    11. OK WEIRD, story line is unlike anything I've ever read. But I loved it! The story was so unusual, had me eager to turn the page. Not for the faint of heart, but entertainment value truly high up on the scale.

    12. Within the first hundred pages, you know if you are willing to read the rest of this book. You know that you have entered a whole new realm, one that is much removed from the characters and love and themes and hopes of The Witching Hour. Within those hundred pages, you begin to feel the darkness seeping out of each printed word, flowing over your hands and onto your lap. Whether you embrace this change or not determines whether you finish this book or not.I gave it a chance. I allowed the author [...]

    13. I read this in highschool also. It is book 2 in the Mayfair witches series. The Talamasca, documenters of paranormal activity, is on the hunt for the newly born Lasher. Mayfair women are dying from hemorrhages and a strange genetic anomaly has been found in Rowan and Michael. Lasher, born from Rowan, is another species altogether and now in the corporeal body, represents an incalcuable threat to the Mayfairs. Rowan and Lasher travel together to Houston and she becomes pregnant with another creat [...]

    14. Utterly mesmerising from start to finish (to the point that I actually took a day off work just to read it!), and brings yet more depth and complexity to the series than I previously thought possible.The writing is absolutely spellbinding, and never more so than throughout the stories recounted by Julien and Lasher - both two characters whom I had previously thought of as unsympathetic, depraved and sinister, though seductive (when seen through the file on the witches compiled by the Talamasca i [...]

    15. In my opinion this was the weakest book in the series. I HATED Lasher, the immortal idiot who never seems to learn, or care, about his mistakes. And I was still so mad about what Rowan did at the end of the first book that I found it hard to sympathise with what Lasher puts her through (Hard, but not impossible. Rowan has it ROUGH through most of this book). Mona is an odd character, fun to read but difficult for me to like since she skates the fine edge between precocious free-spirit and self-e [...]

    16. The second in the series of Mayfair Witches, this is another solid offering from Gothic Mistress Anne Rice. There are many characters and personalities that make up the charismatic and trouble Mayfair family - sometimes too many to keep them all straight, but each of the family members is fully fleshed out - there are no throw-aways. A chilling, terrifying and at times erotic tale of the lust for revenge, power, and above all - love.

    17. The beginning of this novel left me with some confusion over how much time had passed since the end of The Witching Hour. Lasher does in fact pickup right were The Witching Hour ends. This confusion originated because one minor character in the first book was continually referred to as a "little girl"; However in the second book she plays a bigger role and is a teenager. After the first few chapters it became clear why the initial thoughts were of a little girl in the first book. I will let you [...]

    18. What can't I say about Anne Rice. Another great novel. This is the second book in the Witching Hour series. We now get more indepth detail into the spirit known as Lasher.The first book Witching Hour leaves off on christmas day when Michael and Rowan Mayfair gets married. The demon Lasher runs off with Rowan. Lasher is wanting to interbreed between the family of witches so that he can become stronger and become flesh. He breeds on Rowan and they both have a child. The first part of this book is [...]

    19. I had meant to review this book right after I finished reading it but didn't have a chance to because I've been so busy, and of course I'm already well into the next book Taltos! I love the Mayfair Witches, and am really excited to get to the next book which will tie The Vampire Chronicles and this series together!!! Two of my favorite series in one book, this is going to be amazing!!! Unlike most people I didn't read these books years ago when they first came out so this is all new to me, and I [...]

    20. After reading the Witching Hour, I was prepared to be highly let down by this book. I was pleasantly surprised after I got through the first few chapters and found it hard to put the book down. Some sections of the book I found more exciting than others. Like the Witching Hour, there was several sections of background. While interesting at times, I feel that some of the description was needlessly long. This was especially true when it came to Lasher's story, it felt like the background descripti [...]

    21. After getting through the history lesson in the first book I was ready for this one to really speed things up which didn't really happen until the end. This book drags. Again, too much useless detail. You follow a character who acts nowhere close to normal while she is in a love hate relationship with this thing. I am figuring out that the action happens at the end of Anne Rice books and the rest is just a long slow filler. These books aren't just interesting enough to me to read straight throug [...]

    22. An incredible masterpiece as always. A stunning story you cannot put down so easily. I loved every single page of this book. It took me into it's own world and locked forever. It's hard to write this review since I just finished reading and my feelings are still fresh. It is incredible talent to create such thrilling story. What else can I say? It made me think of many things in life: life, death, birth, love, hate It inspired me a lot.

    23. Much better than book one. Still took me like a month to read. I don't know why these books take me forever! I would recommend this series if you have a lot of time on your hands.

    24. 3.5Me he quedado con mi cara de what?! Es de los finales más raros que me ha tocado leer, y a pesar de que es raro y que hay cosas que no me convencieron me tuvo intrigada y eso me gusta; además, la forma de narrar me agrada mucho. Eso si, no creo que sea para todos, tiene muchas descripciones (eso cansa), los monólogos son laaaaaargos, lo que puede decir la mitad de una hoja termina siendo 10 páginas.Toca muchos temas sensibles que no a toda la gente le gusta leer y que más se puede decir [...]

    25. Listening to this unabridged version on Audible. Narrated by Kate Reading.Kate Reading is a tremendous narrator. Remember reading this series when it came out.

    26. So that happened. Obviously after reading the first book, I have to finish the series. And, like with the first book, I'm completely torn about how I feel. On one hand there are good things- there is a sense of urgency in this book that keeps it going, the history of Julien adds another dimension to the family story, the lies about Lasher's personal history start to come clear, and I enjoyed that we had chapters told from different characters points of view.But then the bad things- Lasher is a c [...]

    27. Actual Rating: 2.5I first read this book about 14 years ago and remember loving it. However, I was a little disappointed the second time around. The first book in the series was so strong and detailed and amazing and this book was, I hate to say it, a little boring. The story dragged for the first half and the explanations (i.e Lasher, Little People, Taltos) was all rather silly and not at all convincing. I will definitely read the third and final book in the series as I typically love anything [...]

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