There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around

There s a Dead Person Following My Sister Around When Ted s five year old sister Vicki invents an imaginary friend no one is too concerned except that Vicki s friend has the never popular name of Marella and unlike most imaginary friends Marell

  • Title: There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9780547351643
  • Page: 158
  • Format: ebook
  • When Ted s five year old sister, Vicki, invents an imaginary friend, no one is too concerned except that Vicki s friend has the never popular name of Marella, and unlike most imaginary friends, Marella can move things Ted might think Marella is a ghost, but why would a ghost haunt Vicki, of all people And why would she suddenly move into a house Ted s family has liWhen Ted s five year old sister, Vicki, invents an imaginary friend, no one is too concerned except that Vicki s friend has the never popular name of Marella, and unlike most imaginary friends, Marella can move things Ted might think Marella is a ghost, but why would a ghost haunt Vicki, of all people And why would she suddenly move into a house Ted s family has lived in for ages And why is Marella terrified of another ghost, a dark figure who seems to be hunting Ted Hilarious, haunting, and unexpectedly moving, There s a Dead Person Following My Sister Around is Vivian Vande Velde at her frightening best.

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    1. I mean, it's fine. I didn't particularly like this book because it dragged, to be honest. Some of the details in this story are extremely dragged out and to be honest they really don't need to be. Speed it up a little bit, don't be afraid to!

    2. I liked the way this book explored the intersection between past and present in the landscape as well as the peoplescape.

    3. I picked up this book when I was in elementary school. It had been sitting on the top shelf in the music room, just gathering dust. I had noticed it for a long time, and one day, I decided to take pity on it, and I read it.Ten year old me could not put the damn book down.The writing style was amazing. I believe this book is middle grade, and if it is, it is surprisingly mature. Not extremely, but enough to be surprising. It was written a very real way- not super emotionally, more of a down-to-ea [...]

    4. There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around, written by Vivian Vande Velde, is set in the 1980's during the Modern Era, the 12 year-old main character, Ted lives in an old house of their ancestors in New York. He begins to wonder why his sister is acting weird.Ted is a curious. I think Ted is curious because in the book he called his grandparent because he wanted to know about what was happening (pg 98) He was also curious because he searched for the things the grandparents told him about w [...]

    5. The story is about Ted (12 yrs. Old), Zach (16), and Vicki, who is in kindergarten. They all live in a house that's about 150 years old.The problems start when Vicki starts talking to a friend, Marella, who no one else can see, and then when the “bad lady” (as Vicki calls her), causes Vicki to have nightmares and then say that the “bad lady” went after Ted (and, during that time, he was having a nightmare of his own.)It turns out a girl cousin of Ted's was at their house when she was fiv [...]

    6. What a fantastic title: There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around. For an author who claims to be no good at titles, this one piqued my interest immediately (not to mention the fact that Vivian Vande Velde was, and still is, one of my favorite authors from my childhood). Ted, the young protagonist of the story, finds himself wrapped up in a ghostly mystery when his sister, Vicki, starts having nightmares and seeing a young girl and "bad lady" around their house. With the help of his cousi [...]

    7. I remember buying this book during the memorable "book fair week" in 5th grade. I was going through a paranormal phase, reading about everything and anything that had to do with ghosts or "the other side". This book kept me captivated and on the edge of my little 5th grade seat for days. While my teacher taught a lesson about the different kinds of clouds, I secretly held this book below my desk, out of my teacher's line of vision, and busied myself in chapter after chapter of the mysteries of V [...]

    8. Have you ever seen or heard a ghost? Do you know someone who has? Well, Ted knows someone who has - and he didn't even go to a haunted house, and there was no storm, and no one ever died in the house where his family has lived forever, but still - his little sister saw a ghost. Vicki sees Marella - and no one else can, but Vicki considers Marella to be her friend. Ted, and his older brother Zach think Vicki's gone bonkers and is making up an imaginary friend, just to get out of trouble. At break [...]

    9. Ted is just trying to get through fifth grade, but his younger sister's imaginary friend starts making that difficult. It was bad enough when Vicki pretended "Marella" was sitting in chairs and talking to her, but then she started sleeping with a hammer under her bed to protect against another imaginary friend. Then Ted himself gets attacked by an unseen force, and he begins to suspect that they aren't Vicki's imaginary friendsey're ghosts.Spooky but mostly sad, and most of the scares are becaus [...]

    10. This book by Vivian Vande Velde is remarkable.Its about a family living in a house where a little kid's little sister is seeing things that cannot be explained. The little sister has been seeing this unknown thing and her brother wanted to get to the bottom of the footsteps his beeen hearing and the person that his little sister has been describing. As he found out, through his research, his house use to be where the slaves stayed when they where traveling during the underground railroad epidemi [...]

    11. Lama bener rasanya nyelesein baca buku iniRumah Ted tiba2 dihantui. Semua berawal dari Vicki, adik Ted, yang bilang kalau dia punya teman bernama Marella. Semua menganggap kalau itu hanya teman khayalan Vicki, sampai berbagai peristiwa aneh menimpa Ted. Meski cuman 150 hlm tapi rasanya bacanya ndet2an alias gak lancar. Kayaknya gara2 terjemahannya yang sangat Indonesia sekali, misalnya: Nah, kamu perlu mendapatkan bantuan untuk membalikkan papan panel itu atau tidak?Lalu pemakaian kamu dan kau y [...]

    12. This was one of the very few Vivian Vande Velde books I haven't read. She is one of my favorite authors. This book was a little different from some of her other works in that it was middle grade, and the protagonist was a boy. That being said, Vande Velde delivered, as usual. I was surprised how truly creepy some of the sections were! One thing I love about Vande Velde is that she never "writes down" (as someone might talk down) to her readers, even her younger ones. She doesn't stop to ask, is [...]

    13. No one in the family seems to be too concerned with Vicki when she gets an imaginary friend, Marella. But when that friend turns out to be a ghost from the past, Ted has no choice but to discover why Marella has chosen to haunt his sister. As Ted searches, he discovers his house was used to hide slaves during the Underground Railroad. And Marella was one of those slaves.I love how this book combines history with a spooky ghost story. I think there is great value in a book that can teach kids abo [...]

    14. From the start of it the book on the cover gives plenty reasons to want to know more. As to why the ghosts are following them? And maybe the ghost were always their just not to be seen? Or do they want someone's attention? the boy seems very frightned but concerned. The sister just seems to enjoy having a friend around its really creepy . The cover was really the main thing that caught my attention it sort of reminds me of when i'm at home by myself and i think someone is always watching me. spo [...]

    15. There is a ghost following Ted's sister Vicki around and also another one Vicki calls "The Bad Lady." Then Ted finds a journal that his grandfather and grandmother told him about. His cousin comes over after Ted reads the journal and she reads it. They find out some shocking things about their past.Alyssa-In this book there is a ghost folowing teds sister around.The girl who she is folowing is vicki. Whitch is Ted's sister. He finds a journal and then his cousin comes over and it says a lot abou [...]

    16. Ted's sister suddenly has an imaginary friend, but it starts getting a little spooky when the sister and her friend are both afraid of somebody else. And it gets even more spooky when the somebody else starts invading Ted's dreams!I love the tone of Vande Velde's books. This book, though decidedly scary (I can just hear myself reading it aloud to my grandchildren in a few years - what fun!) still has the light, skittery tone of a boy.

    17. I loved this book because it also taught me about some information about slavery in history. Also, I connected this book to the TV show Ghost Whisperer because it's about a ghost and Holes because it had mentioned digging a hole that was 6 feet deep which is close to what Stanley had to dig everyday. At first, this book gave me the creeps but later on in the book I wanted to continue reading the author made every end of the chapter feel like a mystery.

    18. One of my students brought this book to me and told me it is one of his favorites. As I began reading, I quickly became tangled in the story. Vivian Vande Velde did a wonderful job incorporating the historical details into this seemingly creepy story. I really enjoyed how Ted did some investigating to try to find out about the ghosts. The climax was really great, and I finished the book feeling very gratified with the conclusion. My students will love the suspense in this quick read.

    19. It was a good read, and I finished it fairly quickly. A ghost living in their back yard, from the time of the civil war. Mother and daughter had been trying to escape but they were drowned on the eve of getting away, and now someone wanted to haunt the family. Could they figure it out before the ghost really hurt someone?

    20. OK. This was a crazy book, but I did not put it down. The further I got, the more it kept me on edge. I can't stand horror films and they seem like a waist of good time, but reading this book was enjoyable. A little tough at times to keep up with, but overall it was good fantasy. Highly recommend it if you like a good mystery.

    21. There's A Dead Person Following My Sister Around (Vivian Vande Velde)This was a very good ghost story with an interesting and nice twist. The end is bittersweet and the book has a bit of history in it. I highly recommend to young readers and those young at heart. This book was given to me by my daughter's friend and I am glad i had a chance to read it.

    22. Very rarely does a book actually creep me out, but Vivian Vande Velde continues to do so. This book is creepy, funny, and sensible all put together to formeness. I love all the characters, especially Ted, the main character. There's enough humor to keep it from being overdramatic, but enough seriousness to make it scary, and the plot pans out perfectly with a great twist ending.

    23. Jed can't figure out why a ghost is haunting his sister. It isn't an anniversary of a death, it isn't Halloween, and his house is a normal place without dark moors, etc. But Vicky is not just making up an invisible friend. There is a sinister lady haunting Jed's dreams too. If he can't figure out who the ghosts are, Vicky may pay the price.

    24. Enjoyed this read about a boy who is trying to figure out who is haunting his house and sister. He unravels the mystery of two ghosts who had ties to the underground railroad and their tragic lives. Good read.

    25. This is one of my favorite books it has a twist to it right from the begging. it also has a crazy ending i really do not want to ruin it for you, but if you do decide to read this beware, you will never want to drop it you will get suck in.

    26. Redeemed with this one! Set again in Rochester, siblings Ted & Vicki start to see Marella, a ghost? Their older brother Zach and their parents don't believe them , but cousin Jaclyn does. When Ted finds an old journal from an ancestor, things start to clear up, and get spookier all at once!

    27. i got this book at my school's book fair thinkin it wasnt goin 2 b good bt it was actualli a lil more interestin than i thought. n its 1 of those books dat tak u bac to d past n i lik those types onli if it doesnt talk bout d past all dat much.

    28. Good ghost story - not too creepy, but enough to keep reader interested. A small blip about slave owners and the definition of "mulatto." Could easily skip that part if reading aloud or it could make a good discussion topic.

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