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  1. Many people miss the context of this masterpiece.Shortly before this book came out there were two books titled "The Sensuous Man" and "The Sensuous Woman." They were published with authors shown only by a single initial. These came out to address an increasing interest in healthy, not-strictly-traditional models of sexual behavior and were intended to be serious. As a teen at the time this third book came out, I found it amusing, but could not properly relate to it for my lack of personal experi [...]

  2. A quick, yet long-winded manifesto of a writer known for being a serial groper. Asimov uses a series of male literary quotes and historical figures not to lightly discuss the world of older male sexuality, but to support leering at and touching women. Nothing more or less. Reads like someone dared him to stretch a few jokes into a full book, and Asimov succeeded.

  3. Why I Read This Book: I was on an Asimov kick, and decided to get around to this one.This was better than I expected; it's extremely light, almost like a souffle. I find the back cover photo and caption hilarious. The book is smirky without being smarmy, and not even remotely off-color. The full-page goofy photos add to the charm; I'm not sure how they'd fare in the paperback.In I. Asimov, Asimov said he completed it in a weekend as a response to the The Sensuous Woman and The Sensuous Man, whic [...]

  4. I did not figure Dr. Asimov for a humorist, but this book definitely changed that thinking!Ostensibly a handbook for correctly conducting one'as self as a dirty old man, it actually, IMO, turns into an open celebration/declaration of womenly beauty.The general premise being that women dress up to look good not to be ignored, but to be appreciated, & a real man isn't afraid to do so openly.Isaac goes into it detail by detail for a myriad of common male-female interaction situations.

  5. If you haven't read the The Sensuous Woman and The Sensuous Manyou really haven't read this book. Disturbingly, this was the first Asimov book I ever read. I followed shortly with the Foundation trilogy. I was a tough mental switch. But both made me an Asimov fan for life.

  6. The humor is a little dated. I think I like the concept of a how-to book on being a dirty old man better than the actual book. Asimov is certainly perceptive in what men say and do to women they don't know, but I kept wanting some sort of explanation for that behavior. Perhaps the book itself is the explananation.

  7. Isaac Asimov at his non-scientific.Might have been published in the 70s but definitely 50s attitude. The links to historical figures are too forced, and sometimes miss the mark. Still, there are some funny descriptions.

  8. Clever and fun. I haven't read the two books he is satirizing, but any encounter with Asimov is a pleasant one. Awesome and astute references to great literary and historical figures, parodying the greats. Happy Hunting!

  9. One of my favorite short reads. I found it hilarious. I read it every few years and laugh all over again.

  10. If you ever find a copy of this book, do -not- let it go. It is very hard to find and well worth the effort.

  11. Maybe this is not the book for our generation, but knowing who wrote it and keeping in mind the context makes this worthy of several chuckles.

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