Night Games

Night Games Living on the edge Diane loves sneaking out in the middle of the night Her friends do too They have the town all to themselves Every night they come up with a new prank to play But then Diane s boyfr

  • Title: Night Games
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780671529581
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Living on the edge Diane loves sneaking out in the middle of the night Her friends do, too They have the town all to themselves Every night they come up with a new prank to play.But then Diane s boyfriend, Lenny, wants revenge on a teacher, and the pranks turn to murder Now Diane and her friends are in too deep.Much too deep with no way out.

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    1. I read this book a while back and it was, for the most part, OK. But there was one thing I REALLY hated about it: The ending. THAT STUPID, STUPID ENDING! I'll get to it in a minute.The plot of the book is that Diane and her friends start playing nighttime pranks (AKA Night Games) with an old friend of theirs, Spencer. At first, all is fine, but then when they decide to play pranks on a teacher they hate, and the man winds up dead, they find themselves in a situation beyond their control.Now, whi [...]

    2. Diane, Lenny, Jordan, and Cassie all attend Shadyside High. Beyond that, the other thing they have in common is a dislike for Mr. Crowell, the crabby old Algebra teacher. Crowell especially loves to put Lenny on the spot, both because Lenny's got a hair-trigger temper and also because he's awful with math.Walking home after a late night of dancing at a local club, the four wander by Crowell's home, awe-struck at the ridiculous amount of Christmas decorations infesting his yard: light-up Santas, [...]

    3. I have been hoping for a Fear Street ghost story like this for a while and I am entirely disappointed with it. There were so many plot holes concerning how Spencer was there and they were never convincingly explained. The ending was also ridiculous. "Melting" him? Really? And how did Diane die? Excuse me, why did she die? Her 'friends' stood there watching her get strangled. This book was just stupid. P.S. Why is everyone rejoicing at the end? Yes, you survived a killer ghost, but you're the one [...]

    4. The ending's kind of different and intriguing :)but the rest falls flat and it makes me want to skip through the chapters.

    5. Supaya enggak bosan, baca Fear street yang ringan dan mudah dibacaSaya sudah menaruh harapan. Dibanding Fear Street yang lain, tokoh di sini agak berbeda-saya suka dengan Cassie. TapiEndingnya gak banget dah Kecewa berat dengan endingnya. Duh (view spoiler)[ Dicekik sambil dipeluk? Itu teman-temannya gak ada salah satu lah yang coba nyelametin tokoh utama, lalu akhirnya malah hurahura. kan bingung? Temennya satu mati gak ada yang sedih atau apa, gitu? tiba-tiba langsung mati terus hura-hura kare [...]

    6. in 2013 my local library was getting ride of all paperback books and they had all the R.L. Stine / Christopher Pike books so I bought all of them and read them with a massive teen book marathon I really hope that a whole new generation of teens gets to fall in love with these books !!! as they are simply the best I loved all of these books in my teens :) and I really enjoyed going down memory lane re reading them as an adult :)

    7. This one is not the best Fear Street book. It's a hybrid of several other books with a weird structure and different plot points fighting over each other. Leading to an ending that feels more like a waste of time. More details here: youtube/watch?v=KvQ9b

    8. Ini adalah salah satu buku Fear Street pertama yang saya baca,Menurut saya kisah ini seperti tipikal kisah Fear Street lainnya,menarik & betah untuk dibaca,namun bukan buku fear street terbaik.

    9. Normally I love every single Fear Street book, no matter how corny or ridiculous they turn out to be. I'll read each book in this series because there's always something I like about each one. Either there's a really good ending or there's a totally weird/lame twist but the buildup is creepy and amazing. Sadly, 'Night Games' didn't have either one for me. The idea itself sounded pretty good, but it was a little misleading to me. I like how morbid these books are with people dying left and right [...]

    10. Posted originally on my blog: The Writer's InkwellIf there is one thing I always complain about the Fear Street novels, it’s the fact that too often there is nothing worthy of being deemed horror happening in them. Another would be the fact that very little happens on Fear Street and out of the few things that do happen, very few are paranormal-based. That leaves a lot to be wanted from these books. As a child I enjoyed the series, but I don’t recall ever being scared of any of them. I just [...]

    11. The book was awesome. I really enjoyed it, I've read it several times and I've never gotten bored of it. I tend to devour books and never re-read them, but this book and a few others just keep me coming back for even more. I have yet to find a single book in the Fear Street series that I didn't enjoy.

    12. It wasn't an amazing story, but my addiction to reading began with this very book at the age of 10. This book segued into me reading books from Christopher Pike, to Anne Rice, to Stephen King to Robert McCammon, etc. So even though its been 14 years since I found this book randomly in a basket at friends house, it still sits on my bookshelf, creases and all.

    13. its not that good and not that bad either,hmmm to be honest actually im kind of disappointed, i gave it two stars bec the ending was very unrealistic. dont get me wrong im a huge RL Stine fanatic,i just got bored reading the first 50 pages of the book and took me a while to finished it. i was tempted to skip everything and jump at the ending

    14. It's been a long time since I read a Fear Street book, but I was a huge fan of them as a kid. To this day I still remember the plot lines of some that scared me half to death. I also remember there were some that I though were just ridiculous. I'm pretty sure even back then I wouldn't have liked this one. I would have been yelling at Diane "Why are you dating that jerk?!".

    15. I absolutely loved this book. It kept me on my toes wondering what would happen next and who was the culprit. And just as I thought the end was coming near, BOOM! Twist!I recommend this book for late night reading, preferably with the lights off when you are home alone.

    16. I actually liked this book a lot more than some of the other Fear Street books I've re-read lately. It was better written, and had more of a solid plot. It also didn't have as many of those annoying cliffhanger chapters, which can get old after awhile. Also - the last few paragraphs are awesome.

    17. it was a good suspenseful book btw i forgot to log the days i was reading. i finished this book and am currently reading another

    18. It is a good but twisted book. I did not see the ending coming. It is easy to get into and is a fast read.

    19. Bolehlah twist-endingnya di luar dugaan, jadi dapat ponten lebih dari novel-novel Fear Street lainnya.*terkenang manga seri misteri yang endingnya aneh-aneh dan bikin sedih*

    20. good dumb fun. actually a little disappointed in myself for not guessing the ending. Then again it was my first Stine in like ten years.

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