Undertown Vol 1 Scholastic Edition

Undertown Vol Scholastic Edition In the depths of a dark and mysterious land a young boy searches for a secret that can lead to salvationd New ParagraphSama is so sad that tears have literally stained his cheeks His father has falle

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  • Title: Undertown Vol 1 Scholastic Edition
  • Author: Jim Pascoe Jake Myler
  • ISBN: 9781427807823
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the depths of a dark and mysterious land, a young boy searches for a secret that can lead to salvationd New ParagraphSama is so sad that tears have literally stained his cheeks His father has fallen gravely illd doctors only give him a month to live With nowhere to turn, Sama grabs his teddy bear and crawls under his bedgically entering a porIn the depths of a dark and mysterious land, a young boy searches for a secret that can lead to salvationd New ParagraphSama is so sad that tears have literally stained his cheeks His father has fallen gravely illd doctors only give him a month to live With nowhere to turn, Sama grabs his teddy bear and crawls under his bedgically entering a portal to a fantastic realm called Undertown Sama looks for the Sugar Stone a secret something that might be able to heal his dad But The Cloud the wicked leader of the Insect Insurgents hunts for the Stone, as wellFrom Jim Pascoe, creator of Emmy Award winning JETIX Cards Live, and sensational artist Jake Myler, comes an epic voyage into the heart of a strange and beautiful world.

    One thought on “Undertown Vol 1 Scholastic Edition”

    1. Undertown is an alright book because its not relatable or funny. Its about this kid his name is Sama and his dad is dying and only has one month to live and while sama is in the hospital this strange old man tells sama aout this place called Undertown it is a magical place that holds, among other things. When sama goes to sleep he ends up in Undertown and he has to look for the sugar sone which is a magical object that could help Samas father. And its about him finding the sugar stone and him me [...]

    2. This was a nice little book. I liked how this book was a bout a son trying to save his dad. Then a creepy man told the kid about under town and how it is so nice. Next the kid did what the man said. Lastly after going throw under town and making all of his friends in under town but to have the worst bug of them all is the girl that kissed him at the end.

    3. I once had a dream that I was in Halloween Town, yes the one on Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas! There, I was searching for something, I don't remember what exactly, but I never found it. Undertown reminded me of my personal experience of what you can imagine when you're a kid. Sometimes, especially when you're a kid, a dream can feel so real that it is. Like the time when I was eight and I had a dream that I was flying through Collinsville, IL, and the next morning fell into my bed! The [...]

    4. One day there was a boy name Sama he always cried about everything because he was very sensitive. One day his dad came inside his room and was really angry because he was crieing he said i would give you something to cry about. Thats when his mom came in and told him not that she will fix it later and he didn't do anything. His dad got all mad and got a heart attack. So his mom took him to the hospital and thats when he cried more because he said it was all his fault but then he met a guy in the [...]

    5. I have a long relationship with this volume where I'm always on the verge of getting rid of it, but at the very last moment decide to keep it.I really want to like Undertown. The art is so beautiful and the story appeals to me.But the way in which the story is told is just not very good. Undertown's biggest problem is its pacing: too much story in too few pages. We don't get a lot of time to breathe and/or experience the beautiful art, because there's just so much going on. The protagonists are [...]

    6. Undertown by Jim Pascoe and illustrated by Jake Myler is about a boy whose father had a heart attack and a mysterious man told the boy about how he can help his dad survive the heart attack. The guy tells him he has to get the sugar stone from Undertown to save him. Now in my opinion this manga (Japanese graphics book) is obvious about how the ending is going to happen, but I still enjoy the story. Main reason is that it’s a story revolving around what in the real world we call furies (animals [...]

    7. undertown is about a young boy goining on an adventure under his bed after his father has an heart attack. he's about 12 years old and has a teddy bear named eddie. After being told that the sugar stone can save his dad he packs a bookbag and count from ten to one. then he falls into undertown but finds enemies called the insects. he get harrased by them and is in big trouble. Then eddie comes to life and they escape the insects. Then they meet a porcupine, two rabbits, some rats, and a penguine [...]

    8. This is a good story whose biggest flaw is that the main character's age seems undefined and a little misleading. The story has enough violence that it isn't suitable for really young kids, but the main character is just young enough that older kids and teens might not empathize. He seems to be at the oldest an immature tween who still owns a teddy bear, for reasons that become clear during the story.The story is about a magical place that you can get to, Narnia-style, via the oddest entry point [...]

    9. Not bad. A legacy from the heady days when everyone was debuting a new many a series every five minutes and companies like Tokyopop started turning to home-grown talent. Storyline is fairly standard and the art is pretty good, though confusing at times. Overall, not bad but not different enough to really stand out from the crowd. We'll see if things improve with Volume 2

    10. In this book there is a boy how acts like a baby.His dad gets mad when he plays whith his metals.Then his dad has a heart attack his dad went to the hospital and the kid said it was all his fault.Then some voices told him that he had to find the sugar stone to help his dad and save there wold.

    11. I thought this book was really good and for some reason I read it 3 or 4 times in a row! It was pretty addicting and I wanted to get the second one. Unfortunately, I let my friend borrow it and he lost it at school I would recommend this to a'lot of people because its just that good! Don't want to spoil anything, SO I SAY NO MORE!

    12. I think it's a cool book, was surprised at the end, how Sama didn't actually get the stone or to leave undertown. I was really pulling for him. Is The Cloud really dead? How was the girl the Cloud? Im still confused!

    13. A not-bad standard storyline. about the art: maybe I just don't like this teddy bear and "furmen" stuff, but I do appreciate the art itself very much! and the details are amazing!

    14. I like it. It's cute. Its a war between insects and the fur men. The rats have a brotherhood adn the lizards live in the desert. It was pretty good.

    15. I enjoyed the artwork, but the storyline was not my cup of tea. Middle school students, especially, will probably enjoy this.

    16. The story is a bit kid-ish but the artI was clipping peices of this from the newspaper before buying this bookJoey P Phehehe.I prolly shouldn't have said anything.

    17. I really liked this book. The main character was wimpy but there were some really cool characters. Never would have thought what would happen would happen in the end!

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