The Iron Wars

The Iron Wars The Kingdom of Hebrion has been thrown into turmoil following its release from the clutches of the Church Its capital in ruins its king in a coma Isolla Abeleyn s bride to be and Jemilla his sch

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  • Title: The Iron Wars
  • Author: Paul Kearney
  • ISBN: 9780441009176
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kingdom of Hebrion has been thrown into turmoil, following its release from the clutches of the Church Its capital in ruins, its king in a coma, Isolla, Abeleyn s bride to be, and Jemilla, his scheming mistress, step into the power vacuum Both are intent on taking control of Hebrion for themselves and a fierce power struggle ensues To further complicate things, theThe Kingdom of Hebrion has been thrown into turmoil, following its release from the clutches of the Church Its capital in ruins, its king in a coma, Isolla, Abeleyn s bride to be, and Jemilla, his scheming mistress, step into the power vacuum Both are intent on taking control of Hebrion for themselves and a fierce power struggle ensues To further complicate things, the explorer Richard Hawkwood returns to Hebrion with news of a new continent in the west and something terrible lurking in his ship s hold This third book in the series continues the acclaimed saga of politics and religion in a world rife with magic, terror and war.

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    1. The Iron Wars is full of action. There are battles being fought on a regular basis and between battles there's lots of politics and intrigue. this series improves with each book.

    2. Paul Kearney recobra el pulso después de haberlo perdido un poco (sólo un poquito) en la anterior novela. Puro entretenimiento, sin pausas, con garra y hasta pinceladas de buena literatura. El autor se defiende bien tanto en mar, como en tierra. Por un lado con magníficas descripciones de la vida a bordo y los suplicios por los que pasan los embarcados, con buen uso de términos marinos y tensión casi constante. Y por otro lado, detallando no sólo los líos de palacio sino las aventuras y d [...]

    3. A fine read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is also rightly named. Truly the Iron Wars. The book continues from where Heretic Kings left off. The wars between the Ramusian forces and the Merduk has intensified. There's no clear winner yet, even at the ending of the book. So far, this particular book has been the most violent of the series. It especially places massive emphasis on the intricacies and subtleties of military affairs, battles, assaults, skirmishes and the like. The author describ [...]

    4. Acabado el tercero de la saga, Las guerras de Hierro decae el interés para nada. En realidad son libros que continúan la historia justo donde acaba el precedente, si bien rematan algún hilo de la trama pero el tapiz continúa, algún otro hilo de hecho te deja con el corte en el punto más interesante (como cuando finaliza la temporada de una serie de TV).La tercera entrega de esta serie profundiza en los personajes que ya conocemos y añade uno nuevo que de momento no aporta mucho pero apunt [...]

    5. -Reconduciéndose, para bien.-Género. Narrativa Fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. El pontífice Himerius se pliega a los deseos de su maléfico señor, la hermana del rey de Astarac viaja a la capital de Hebrion para casarse con su rey pero este, igual que su ciudad, sufre las consecuencias de las luchas civiles que todavía no están totalmente extinguidas, mientras el destacamento fimbrio que se desplaza hacia el este para participar en la defensa frente a la ofensiva de los merduk recoge a un p [...]

    6. When I found this book at an outlet in Louisiana, coming back from a family vacation in New Orleans, I didn't now who Paul Kearney was, nor had I heard of the Monarchies of God series. In fact, I somehow managed to miss that this was the third novel in a series (thankfully, as I never would have bought it!) I immensely enjoyed it, despite coming in halfway through. The battles were epic, the stakes clearly high - the only downside of the book is its brevity. Kearney turns an excellent phrase, bu [...]

    7. Me ha encantado; para mi gusto es el mejor de los tres primeros de la saga de "las Monarquías de Dios", al dar protagonismo a Corfe y su liderazgo en la guerra entre los merduk y los torunianos. Voy a empezar ahora mismo con el cuarto: "El Segundo Imperio".

    8. 3.5 stars. I was thankful for the crib notes about what happened in the first two books, which helped me swap back in most of the context. This book mostly focused on one character only, which wasn't too bad, since he is one of the more interesting, but it also seemed to be missing something that I can't quite identify. The climax was rather brilliant, but there was no real resolution, and there are still many unanswered questions.

    9. Really got into this one even more than the first two. How did the author know I needed a break from what was going on in the west? Perfect timing. Loved every page.

    10. Las Guerras de Hierro me ha parecido una excelente continuación de los dos libros anteriores, siendo mejor que el segundo pero quedándose algo por detrás del primero.Al desarrollarse la novela en invierno, cuando las cosas se mueven menos, el autor ha podido centrarse en la rápida ascensión de Corfe, sus batallas (tanto en el campo como en la política) y su ascenso.Un ascenso que va parejo a la desesperada situación que vive el reino con el mayor ejército de cuantos componían las monarq [...]

    11. The most unexpectedly poignant story I have read in a very long time (possibly ever), The Iron Wars follows the lives of a small group of people who are connected to one another unawares, and whose struggles contribute to each other’s fates in small but significant ways.Written in a taut and intriguing style, the tale of ordinary people who do not know their extraordinariness tugs at you to read more, more and more, and the tone flows effortlessly from one narrative to the next.Although there [...]

    12. Another excellent installment to the Monarchies of God, book three starts off right where we were left off in book two. This time around we don’t even touch few of the major plots in the series, instead the whole book is focused on two plots that of court politics in one Kingdom and a war in another. For the first time in the series I felt frustrated, some of the characterization and plotting felt weak and lazy, the way one of the king is portrayed as dandy and the way a lady without much conn [...]

    13. Originally published on my blog here in November 1999.The third of the Kingdoms of God series is rather shorter than the first two and, like The Heretic Kings, contents itself with carrying forward the plot without resolving issues or creating new ones. It concentrates on two of the story lines, the aftermath of the civil war in Abrusio and the war in Torunna, to the virtual exclusion of the others (such as the return voyage of Captain Hawkwood). So The Iron Wars is less complex, more single-min [...]

    14. SPOILERSSo yeah, in this book (I think?) it turns out Evil Pope (they keep going back and forth on whether or not his letters are "pontificial" or "papal") is actually an agent of the Fuckwolves. (and he gets raped by the Big Bad to turn him into a Fuckwolf as well) and the Hard Survivor Man Who's fucking the Queen is winning more and more outragoeus victories, and all sorts of shit is going on.But really, while it's kind of entertaining in a military-wank kind of way, the sheer silliness and gr [...]

    15. Ein Buch über eine alternative Historie: den Konflikt zwischen Christentum und Islam. Ein Roman voller magischer Bilder, die an das gewaltige Filmepos “1492” erinnern.Krieg wütet in Normannia. Die Kirche hat ein weltliches Reich errichtet mit dem Ziel, die Ketzerkönige auszulöschen. Inmitten des Chaos kehrt Hawkwood mit der Nachricht von einem neuen Kontinent im Westen zurück. Doch was niemand ahnt: Da ist noch etwas anderes an Bord seines Schiffes, etwas aus der Neuen Welt, etwas fürc [...]

    16. Absolutamente adictivo. He tenido que incluso dejarlo de lado para no devorarlo de una sentada, en una jornada de lectura frenética que me impidiera disfrutarlo como se merece. Paso al siguiente libro con el regusto de la pólvora todavía en la garganta. Desde Malaz que no me emocionaba tanto con el desenlace de una batalla ni las veía tan claras en mi mente. Maravilloso.

    17. It is such a relief to read a fantasy series where someone actually knows a little about military strategy. The characters are interesting enough, but none of them actually carry the story for it is a story about war itself and the thousands that are destroyed by it. Pretty ambitious for a series of fives books that is shorter than a single volume in other epic fantasy series.

    18. By the divines, I'm so glad there's two more books to wrap everything up, I had been laboring under the impression I had purchased a trilogy . . on the other hand, now I have to go hunt down the other two books

    19. Very worthy next book in this very good series. There are characters to cheer for, characters to boo, and a plot that fits very well with this kind of book.I'd recommend it. But only after reading the first two in the series. Otherwise, you'd probably be confused.

    20. Great faction v faction play, with a fun system of magic and, as always with Kearney, some of the best tactical land battles you'll find in fantasy books these days. Also, typical of Kearney, very graphic.

    21. Best author of his genre. Only thing he doesn't do is write enough. I find every book and new author I read gets compared to him and pales in comparison. He's my modern age Kipling.

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