Tatiana and Alexander

Tatiana and Alexander The Bridge to Holy Cross is a powerful story of love and hope a passionate and epic love story from the Russian born author of The Bronze Horseman The world at war o people in love Tatiana is eighteen

  • Title: Tatiana and Alexander
  • Author: Paullina Simons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Bridge to Holy Cross is a powerful story of love and hope a passionate and epic love story from the Russian born author of The Bronze Horseman The world at war o people in love Tatiana is eighteen years old and pregnant when she miraculously escapes war torn Leningrad to the West, believing herself to be a widow Her husband, Major Alexander Belov, a decorateThe Bridge to Holy Cross is a powerful story of love and hope a passionate and epic love story from the Russian born author of The Bronze Horseman The world at war o people in love Tatiana is eighteen years old and pregnant when she miraculously escapes war torn Leningrad to the West, believing herself to be a widow Her husband, Major Alexander Belov, a decorated hero of the Soviet Union, has been arrested by Stalin s infamous secret police and is awaiting imminent death as a traitor and a spy Tatiana begins her new life in America In wartime New York City she finds work, friends and a life beyond her dreams However, her grief is inescapable and she keeps hearing Alexander calling out to her Meanwhile, Alexander faces the greatest danger he s ever known An American trapped in Russia since adolescence, he has been serving in the Red Army and posing as a Soviet citizen to protect himself For him, Russia s war is not over, and both victory and defeat will mean certain death As the Second World War moves into its final violent phase, Tatiana and Alexander are surrounded by the ghosts of their past and each other They must struggle against destiny and despair as they find themselves in the fight of their lives A master of the historical epic, Paullina Simons takes us on a journey across continents, time, and the entire breadth of human emotion, to create a heartrendingly beautiful love story that will live on long after the final page is turned.

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    1. ❝We walk alone through this world, but if we’re lucky, we have a moment of belonging to something, to someone, that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness. For an evening minute I touched him again and grew red wings and was young again in the Summer Garden, and had hope and eternal life.❞I did it again guys. I binge read 500+ pages within a few hours. XD I think I've read almost 2000 pages within a span of two days! I've been finishing each book in this series in a day and I can't s [...]

    2. 1.) The Bronze Horseman ★★★★★Buddy Read with Paloma ❤“We walk alone through this world, but if we're lucky, we have a moment of belonging to something, to someone, that sustains us through a lifetime of loneliness.”Okay, so first of all this book should have been named Tatiana OR Alexander based off the amount of time they are actually together. This book is the definition of the word angst. Heartbreaking, torturous angst. Trigger Warnings for attempted rape, graphic violence, gr [...]

    3. 10++ big beautiful stars and then someWOW!!!! This second installment of The Bronze Horseman trilogy wasBEAUTIFUL!!!!!This is truly the most EPICLOVEstory EVER told bar none. I am writing this review through the tears left over from reading this book. This book was the PERFECT sequel to The Bronze Horseman. In many ways, it not so much followed it as it did complete it. While things are still very open for book 3, I felt like this book was the second half of TBH. It was utterly BREATHTAKING!!!!! [...]

    4. If 'The Bronze Horseman' stole my heart then 'The Bridge to Holy Cross' has stolen a few weeks of my reading life. Was it worth it? Well, it still deserves 3.5 stars but I do have a few bones to pick in my review. Consider yourself warned.This book began brilliantly. I was absolutely enthralled from the opening chapter and Simons effortlessly kept up a pace and tension that rivalled 'The Bronze Horseman'. On my birthday, I was reading it on my work break and something major was happening. As my [...]

    5. A pesar de las difíciles situaciones con las que parte el libro, inicié la lectura muy esperanzada, sobre todo por la increíble entereza de Alexander. También acompañé a Tatiana en la dura tarea de encontrar su lugar en Nueva York, sin Alexander. Esta primera parte de la novela también es muy estremecedora ya que, a modo de recuerdos, se cuenta la llegada de la familia Barrington a Rusia y como, poco a poco, se van destruyendo los proyectos, las ilusiones y sus vidas.Sin embargo, cuando y [...]

    6. ➦No spoilers, people, I promise. Again, I got this second book on audio and, no surprise there, it's over 30 hours long. This is also where we see the worst of the siege of Leningrad and, I kid you not, after reading this book I've dreamed of being starved to death for multiple night in a row. I don't know, I might be too impressionable, but damn. It makes you appreciate every single thing in your fridge and make you want to stuff yourself. You know, just in case.➦This also is a book where t [...]

    7. ♥♥♥♥♥A LOVE STORY♥♥♥♥♥"What about our life has ever been easy?"Truer words were never spoken. Can these two, please, have less heartache and more happy times in Lazarevo?My emotions ran the gamut from crying to wanting to punch someone in the throat. My heart ached for both of them as they struggled to go on with life. When times were hard I relied on Alexander's words, 'I have to have faith.'Orbeli was introduced in TBH and we learn more about it in this book. Orbeli was the [...]

    8. Espléndida continuación de esa maravilla que es el Jinete de bronce, Tatiana & Alexander no es un libro fácil ni para sus personajes ni para el lector, que sufre y se desespera con lo que le ha tocado vivir a Shura, el verdadero protagonista de esta entrega, como Tatiana lo fue de la primera. Uno de los personajes masculinos más complejos, humanos y perfectos en su imperfección que he tenido el placer de leer.Como Cassie en su reseña alacamaconunlibro, encuentro muchos paralelismos ent [...]

    9. Tatiana me tuvo (y me tiene) completamente FASCINADA. Pero, sin duda, este libro es fundamental para conocer, entender y adorar a Alexander. Una vez más, todas mis emociones a flor de piel. ¡Qué maravillosa historia! ❤

    10. 4.5 ★'s After finishing The Bronze Horseman how could you not continue on with this book? We were left with Tatiana believing that Alexander was dead and she was left alone and pregnant. She struggles in deciding if she should continue on with their plan and ultimately does that, working her magic and making it to America just in time to give birth. Let me just sayd not only that but it will severely test your patience! I was desperate to find out what happened but of course, nothing could be [...]

    11. 5+ Stars!!! - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den“Where did they teach you how to live after you’d lost it all? Who taught you how to go on after you had lost everything?” ~ TatianaThis song, “My Love” by Lene Marlin (link below), is my theme song for this second book in the Tatiana and Alexander trilogy LOVE by Lene MarlinThe haunting voice and the lyrics…How my heart aches as I listen to it…Especially because every time I listen to it, now, it will forever remind me of Tat [...]

    12. 3.5 stars - I wasn't as into this book as much as The Bronze Horseman, but it was still good! The middle kind of drags, but obviously if you made it that far you need to see them reunited and the end is worth it. Alexander's POV alternated between his childhood move to Russia and his current miserable mission. A lot of scenes from The Bronze Horseman were told again through his perspective. I liked him way more in this book! He's a lot nicer seen through his own eyes. His battle scenes were pret [...]

    13. GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!My emotions are so raw from this book !!After reading The Bronze Horseman I immediately had to download book 2, Tatiana and Alexander this book takes up where TBH leaves off. It also led me to the beginning of Alexander's story and into his past how he came to Russia, and everything that happens to him and his family from the time they arrived and then everything that happens to him and Tatiana after TBH endsFollowing TBH, this book took what was left of [...]

    14. 6++++ STARSPaullina Simons stole my heart and is never giving it back. Or I'm gonna need a suppport group after this trilogyGuys. GUYS I was so nervous I was going to hate this one. Maybe it's the dreaded sophomore slump, that seemingly inevitable second book ailment most trilogies suffer that was making me a bit jittery when I started this book. The Bronze Horseman blew me away like no other romance novel before it (and I´ve been reading for a very long time), so I wondered where Paullina Simo [...]

    15. Le doy máxima puntuación porque la historia en sí lo merece. A grandes rasgos me ha gustado más que el primero. Aquí he conocido a Alexander sí porque el anterior era más de Tatiana a mi modo de ver. Y la verdad es que me ha conquistado, si bien en el primer libro no estuve de acuerdo con algunas de sus “cosas”, para mí aquí es un personaje que con sus luces y sus sombras, es maravilloso.La trama gira entorno a la desesperación por volver uno a los brazos del otro sin saber si est [...]

    16. A Universe of Heartbreaking, Poetic Stars"Once upon a time, young girls met young boys when the moon was full and the nights were dark, when there was a fire and singing and joking, when there was wine and taffeta and dancing, when the music was loud and the laughing, too, when one pair of eyes stared at another, and the girl's chest swelled and the boy came up close, and suddenly she looked up, he looked down and Once there was first love."What do you do how do you go on when your one true love [...]

    17. Another beautifully written read! The second installment in TBH series did not disappoint. Granted, much of it was filled with struggle, heartache, and tension, but it did not lack the eternal love and persistent hope generated in the first book. The character development was huge, especially in Tatiana's case. She showed a remarkable growth in maturity; so much that, at times, I missed the former, more carefree Tania. I found it difficult to see Tatiana in such a massive state of longing for a [...]

    18. //RELECTURA// Por muchos corazoncitos que ponga y muchos emojis llorones que añada jamás podré plasmar lo que siento con la historia de Tatiana y Alexander. Este libro era el único que no había releído porque fue mucho sufrimiento la primera lectura, ¡como para repetirlo! Y qué gran acierto ha sido volverlo a leer. He sufrido y mucho pero he disfrutado muchísimo más que la primera vez. He sido capaz de entender mucho más a Shura, de comprender los motivos que le llevan a actuar de det [...]

    19. Qué puedo decir que no haya dicho ya sobre este libro? Que me parte el corazón, que no lo supero, que sufro con Tatiana y Alexander lo inimaginable, pero que volvería a leerlo infinitas veces más. Es la historia de amor más grande con la que me he encontrado a lo largo de mis años como lectora.

    20. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE BRONZE HORSEMAN4.5 STARS"Love is so short, forgetting is so long."-Tonight I Can WriteI couldn't possibly choose a passage from this book that best encapsulates the theme of Tatiana and Alexander's continuing battle against the odds of World War II. So I'm nicking something from Neruda which I find fitting because Shura, for the most part of this book, sounds like a hybrid between a South American poet and well, Chuck Norris. In fact, try reading that poem and you'd get a [...]

    21. *** 5++++ INFINITE, HEARTBREAKING, UNFORGETTABLE AND ALL CONSUMING STARS *** I just can't get over how much IN LOVE I am with these bookswith this EPIC and TIMELESS storywith Tatiana and AlexanderIt truly is the most consuming and beautiful love story I ever read! Full of devotion, ache, longing, angst, despair and above all hope. If they were lucky to find each other, they will always find away towards each other. They can't conceive a world without the other in it!So there are love stories and [...]

    22. Straight out the gate I am going to tell you this one was not as good as the first. Though I did enjoy catching up with old friends, I did not enjoy hearing every stinkin' detail of where they had been and what they had been up to. I especially did not want to hear about every damn random thought that flickered through their minds. If this had been a meet a friend at a restaurant to catch up on life situation, I would have been falling out of my chair screaming, “CHECK PLEASE!!”Now don’t g [...]

    23. Qué bonito escribe Paullina Simons y qué libro más hermoso ♥ Ha sido un no parar de emociones, como hacer un viaje alucinante en el que vas descubriendo algo nuevo a cada paso, una experiencia buenísima. No tengo claro si iré por el tercero porque el final me ha parecido estupendo; aunque es posible que mi curiosidad me gane la partida, pero eso será más adelante, por ahora me quedo con la sensación tan bonita que me ha dejado esta historia hasta aquí.

    24. Nada me preparo para Tatiana y Alexander. Este libro representa demasiado. Demasiado sufrimiento. Demasiada intensidad. Demasiada angustia. Demasiada hermosura. Demasiada perfección. Juro que me pase toda la lectura llorando. Sin duda, lo ame.

    25. The Bronze Horseman was a beautiful love story set in war torn Russia.    Paulina Simons ended book one on a note of young love rudely interrupted by war,  their lives ripped apart.    This almost guaranteed readers would be desperate to see Tatiana and Alexander reuinited.  I know I was.    The second instalment of the trilogy, Tatiana and Alexander (or The Bridge To Holy Cross as it's also known) was that story.Tatiana had escaped to America where their son Anthony was born.   Mea [...]

    26. An infinity amount of stars.While reading this, my heart was broken in a million pieces but at the same time, swelling to take up my entire chest. It caused too many feelings, my heart almost couldn't handle it. My love for this book is forever. It can't be put into worlds how deep it runs. Tatiana and Alexander takes us on a journey of joy-faith-heartbreak and everlasting love. I have never, and will never love two characters with the same, deep, passion, as I love Tatiana and Alexander.I am fo [...]

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