Angelina on Stage

Angelina on Stage In Angelina on Stage Angelina has a part in a grown ups ballet and so does her cousin Henry But Angelina s excitement turns to jealousy during rehearsals when Henry becomes the favorite Will Angelin

  • Title: Angelina on Stage
  • Author: Katharine Holabird Helen Craig
  • ISBN: 9780670060580
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Angelina on Stage, Angelina has a part in a grown ups ballet, and so does her cousin Henry But Angelina s excitement turns to jealousy during rehearsals when Henry becomes the favorite Will Angelina and Henry still be friends after the performance

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    1. Summary: Angelina On Stage begins with Angelina and her little cousin Henry in ballet class. They are both offered a special part in a “grown up” ballet, and the two could not be more excited. Angelina is the more talented dancer and constantly has to help Henry keep up. However, Henry immediately becomes the center of attention, and Angelina becomes very jealous. As the story progresses, Angelina must decide whether to help Henry when he needs it most or let her jealousy control the show. M [...]

    2. Angelina On Stage is another charming story by Katharine Holabird. In this story, Angelina loves helping little Henry since she is a very skilled dancer. She receives a huge honor by being asked to be a fairy in a big performance, but is not too happy when she finds out that Henry also has a role in the play. Angelina's jealousy comes into play when all of the cast loves and adores Henry even though he is messing up all of the time. Henry gets so nervous during the performance and forgets his pa [...]

    3. Title: Angelina On StageGrade Level: Pre K and upSummary: This book is about a mouse named Angelina and her cousin Henry. Henry and Angelina got asked to be in a professional ballet, and Angelina hopes that Henry doesn 19t mess it up. Angelina gets very upset when Henry gets a line to say in the show and she doesn 19t, but in the end everything works out.Review: This book is a great book for kids. The illustrations are fun and draw the reader 19s attention. The illustrations also help the reader [...]

    4. Angelina is a good dancer. Henry is not so good. They are both chosen to be in a big production and in a round-about way Angelina learns how each part is important and how she can help Henry. Caution: Angelina's attitude is portrayed with a slighty/not so slightly selfish twist which I wanted to address with my kids.

    5. The Angelina series appears to be a great series of how people are suppose to act. They talk about feelings and reactions people have to situations. This series of books would be great to be used as ice breakers to deeper classroom disscusion about feelings of others.

    6. Angelina and Henry are asked to perform in one of Mr. Zopoff's ballets. Angelina is a fairy (on a wire -- which goes counter grain to the cartoon) and Henry is an elf with stage fright and no sense of direction.

    7. Angelina and her little cousin Henry are asked to be in a grown up play. She gets jealous that everyone thinks Henry is cute and does a good job, even when he is always messing up. But Henry gets stage fright on the night of the performance. Will Angelina now be the star of the play?

    8. Angelina learned a sweet lesson in this charming story. We loved meeting her cousin Henry and the opportunity they each were given.

    9. This book was not one of my favorites because I thought it was a little boring. I probably would not use this book in a classroom unless I wanted to discuss the illustrations or theater work.

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