Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction

Breaking Addiction A Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction Dr Dodes s approach runs directly counter to the paralyzing but standard message of powerlessness a message that reinforces the sense of helplessness that is at the root of addicts life predicaments

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  • Title: Breaking Addiction: A 7-Step Handbook for Ending Any Addiction
  • Author: Lance Dodes
  • ISBN: 9780061987397
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Dodes s approach runs directly counter to the paralyzing, but standard, message of powerlessness a message that reinforces the sense of helplessness that is at the root of addicts life predicaments Many psychiatrists recognize that this is where we must head, but Dr Dodes is one with the guts to shine a beacon in the right direction Stanton Peele, PhD, author o Dr Dodes s approach runs directly counter to the paralyzing, but standard, message of powerlessness a mes sage that reinforces the sense of helplessness that is at the root of addicts life predicaments Many psychiatrists recognize that this is where we must head, but Dr Dodes is one with the guts to shine a beacon in the right direction Stanton Peele, PhD, author of 7 Tools to Beat Addiction and The Life Process Program of Treatment The follow up to his groundbreaking volume The Heart of Addiction, Dr Lance Dodes s Breaking Addiction is a step by step guide to beating addiction of any kind from drugs and gambling to alcoholism, overeating, and sex addiction By recognizing and understanding the emotional forces underlying addictive behaviors, Dr Dodes says any dangerous, life destroying obsession can be overcome Including special bonus sections for both families and health care professionals, Breaking Addiction is the new handbook for those suffering from addiction a valuable resource that addresses addiction s root causes and serves as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and similar recovery programs.

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    1. According to Dodes:• Addictive behavior essentially amounts to indirect (and therefore, ineffective) responses to feelings of helplessness, typically stemming from formative early life events.• Episodes of addictive behavior have identifiable Key Moments i.e. definite instances (often occurring well in advance of the behavior) when the pivotal decisions to use are made. • Identifying the Feelings of Helplessness, and Key Moments associated with the addictive behavior pattern is critical to [...]

    2. Not too long ago, I finished reading and reviewing The Sober Truth, Dodes’ book about the science (or lack thereof) behind Alcoholic’s Anonymous and associated 12-step treatment. Because I enjoyed that book and thought it particularly insightful, I picked up this one by the same author. I’m sad to say it was a bit of a disappointment. The content of Breaking Addiction is unfortunately quite repetitive and overly simplified. Dodes makes sweeping generalizations about those struggling with a [...]

    3. Made addiction too simplistic. He claims the addiction surfaces when one feels powerless. That's when the gallons of ice cream come out for gorging, or the casino looks just right for a win, or alcohol is consumed to soften the blow. Maybe within all this there was a complexity that I did not come close to appreciating. I never understood how one could identify that "key moment" he claims exists when the addict could "turn it around." While feelings of rage and helplessness could make you want a [...]

    4. I recommend this book to everyone, regardless of whether or not you or someone close to you has an addiction. You may realize that you are using/doing something in an addictive way once your definition of addiction is expanded by the author. There's also great information about how to handle feelings of helplessness and suppressed rage that stem from one's psychological patterns that's useful for anyone. An accessible, helpful, enlightening read.

    5. Interesting and useful take on the mechanisms behind and treatments for addiction. The writing itself is decidedly bland, and the editing was inexcusably sloppy, but those objections mean little when bearing in mind the help this will lend those in struggle.

    6. I really enjoyed the options explored in this book, and respect the accepting, supportive tone taken throughout. Excellent read for anyone who struggles or has a family member who struggles. Particularly for those who feel that traditional options have not worked for them and are losing hope.

    7. Great read and not intellectually over head of the layman reader. I think this is a more accurate theory of combating addiction then traditional "12 step" programs or things of that nature.

    8. This is a short but fascinating book on insights into addiction and its treatment. He oversimplifies things, I believe, but his insights into the nature of addiction are fascinating.

    9. Hi, this is Laura, Dr. Rosemary Ellsworth Brown's cowriter. Being pretty unfamiliar with the addiction literature, I read this to begin to compare Dr. Brown's work to what other people are thinking and doing.I appreciate that Dodes crushes the "brain disease" model. Even before I started working with Dr. Brown, that never made sense to me when I contemplated the very broad spectrum of behaviors labeled as, and experienced as, addictive. And I found many bits of common ground with Dr. Brown's vie [...]

    10. This is the best book on addiction I've ever read. (and I've read plenty) I hope it will ultimately lead me to breaking my eating addiction - it certainly leaves me hopeful that that is possible after so many years struggling. It just makes so much sense -- in fact it seems so simple it's hard to believe I missed the main point for so many years. This book is easy to read and the examples really help in showing the authors point -- the examples mostly come from alcohol/drinking -- and at least o [...]

    11. Dr Lance Dodes does an excellent job demonstrating why people relapse into addictive behavior. He shows how using substances is an attempt to achieve a more tolerable state of mind. His extensive research on addiction is ground breaking in that it opens the readers mind to addiction having roots in a behavioral coping problem, rather than a disease.I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with addictive tendencies, as well as treatment providers who treat clients struggling with addicti [...]

    12. Exceedingly insightful!Helps with any go-to behaviour, ultimately destructive albeit defensively implemented as the author illustrates. Shows how vital it is to discover why and when these behaviours are practised, helps with unearthing one's own whys and whens, and provides great tools to stamp out their inceptive points.

    13. Definitely have mixed feelings about this book. There is a lot of good stuff in here about understanding addiction from different perspectives (as one suffering from addiction, the loved one of someone suffering from addiction, or as someone treating people with addictions). Dodes does a lot of work arguing against common myths and perceptions around addiction as well, which is definitely positive. He also challenges the model of treatment which attempts to separate drug treatment from mental he [...]

    14. I skipped the last chapter based on the author's permission! :)The book is very actionable. My biggest takeaway from this book is how important is our internal emotional life. The way Dr. Lance views addiction is certainly true. It makes sense that addiction levels are higher in low income countries where frustration and helplessness are way too often found. Although his other book was more enjoyable since it was about theory and pure psychology, this book holds more value as it helps you to see [...]

    15. This is more of an outline than a complete guide. The outline is helpful, but it requires the reader to do some heavy lifting and introspection in order to break their addiction. I can understand how this would be frustrating for readers. My advice is to make an outline from the steps on the book and to develop it into a workbook for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for breaking addiction.

    16. I thought this was a very well-written book. Dodes is clearly a thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate psychoanalyst. I liked that he argued that people with addictions shouldn't be viewed as somehow abnormal. Addictions are compulsive behaviors, and most of us likely suffer from some compulsive behaviors. The only thing that bothered me about his approach (which probably shouldn't have, given the fact that he's a psychoanalyst) is his insistence that they only way to uproot the addiction su [...]

    17. What a great book. This book describes perfectly the cycle of addiction. It is easy to read and the examples really help in understanding how to tackle any addiction or dependency. The book won't resolve the addiction by magic, however it will give good hints about where to go. It should be a must for anyone, even though there is not a dependency or addiction to address. As a parent it is good to know in advance about this topic because you never know when you would need that knowledge to help a [...]

    18. Dodes provides an interesting alternate theory to the disease model of addiction. He feels that addiction is a behavioral response to feeling helpless, and regardless of the outlet used (drugs, sex, food) is simply a way to reassert control. This seems overly simplistic, and ignores the reality of physical addiction, but it does make sense, and might compliment other theories.

    19. I read the translated book. I think i need to re-read it in English to further understand some ideas. Good book to figure out how to deal with any compulsive behavior you want to stop. As im a dietician i think it will assist me helping patients i see and counsel.

    20. This is an amazing book not just to fight addiction but also to learn about yourself and the reasons for your inner demons.I just wish I had found this book earlier.

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