The Dove Keeper

The Dove Keeper Thomas is a seventeen year old who doesn t want to grow up and has little aspirations for anything beyond standing outside the local liquor store and getting drunk But when he meets Bernard the old

  • Title: The Dove Keeper
  • Author: Evelyn Deshane Emily James Ray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Thomas is a seventeen year old who doesn t want to grow up and has little aspirations for anything beyond standing outside the local liquor store and getting drunk But when he meets Bernard, the old, aging, and well known fag artist, he is offered something he cannot turn down.

    One thought on “The Dove Keeper”

    1. I'm still catching my breath from finishing this book: it is long, the font is tiny, the narrative can be somewhat repetitive. That said, it is one of the most beautiful, honest, genuine stories I have read in a long time. It almost seems poetic that getting through reading the book is a struggle, because that is what the story is about: the struggle to find yourself, to hold on to love and to learn to let go.Thomas and Bernard, the main characters in this story, are so heart wrenchingly authent [...]

    2. ohmygod. This is definitely my favorite book ever.Its beautifulEveryone should read it.And the frerard version of it was awesome too.;)

    3. To summarize what I'm about to say in one short sentence: This book is life-changing.I had already read the first few chapters of this book on the internet with Gerard and Frank so I could decide whether it was going to be worth buying or not. I bought it.The thing about this book is that a lot of people don't like the idea of it because of Thomas and Bernard's age difference. This book will change your view on that. It changes your views on a lot of things. It makes you think differently, feel [...]

    4. This was originally an intensely beautiful fanfiction. I read it first on LiveJournal and was disappointed when it was taken down. I'm shocked to see it here, under the same title and description, but with different character names. My congratulations to the author for getting it published.

    5. I read the Frank/Gerard version and it was an amazing read. I thought this piece was perfect. This story has definitely left me in tears and inspired to me to get back into art. One of my favorites!

    6. It was such a wonderful book. It made me have so many emotions all at once, but I definitely taught me life lessons

    7. Takes a while to get into the story, but when I read the first discussion question, I became more focused on the stories of the 4 women. The historical background throughout the novel was a wonderful learning lesson.

    8. I listened to this book on tape. The narrators were excellent ( something you don't always find on a CD!). The story moves slowly but does not drag. As I listened to their stories unfold I was drawn to the 4 main characters and their story. It was a very compelling look into that part of our world during that time frame. I would definitely recommend.

    9. TDK, Unholyverse, and ASOTM are the holy trinity for frerard shippers. For fucks sake I read nothing but fanfics in 2012 probably and let me tell you a thing, frerard fanfics are literally the best. I tried reading other fanfics okay, I tried comparing them to frerard fics but honest to God other fanfics are utter shit. TDK is heartwarming, a bit creepy and problematic, it is a very very long fic, it'll make you uncomfortable at times, but holy mother of God it was good. If i had the time I will [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book very much. I thought it was a bit slow at the beginning, but really picked up when Frank started visiting Gerald's apartment on a regular basis. The author did a fantastic job of evoking the feelings of a seventeen year old youth. I didn't think I would be so taken with the sexual and emotional relationship between a 47 year old man and a 17 year old boy. The author actually made it quite believable. In general the whole story was quite lovely. A couple of the chapters near t [...]

    11. This truly was a work of art. The writing was so mesmerizing that I could feel the emotions practically pouring out of pages. I also believe that this work needs to especially be read by people who normally don’t read about homosexuality because it captures the kind of passion that society deems unworthy of normalcy from these kinds of relationships, but more importantly it illustrates the kinds of superficial bigotry than many people still have in our society.This was just so so beautiful, al [...]

    12. Most definitely one of the best stories I have ever read and arguably the most inspiring. The authors analogies of art in relation to life captures feelings and thoughts I had never been able to find words to describe before. This book has blown me away. I will keep this story with me forever. To the author I say thank you a thousand times.

    13. I still cry when I think about this story. I of course read the Frank/Gerard version and am begging my parents to get me the physical copy. The morals of the story is so beautiful and heart-breaking, and it really puts what love and art is in a different perspective. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I'd buy everyone a copy if I could.

    14. what an intense book with many twists and turnse character's where well developed you could not help but get absorbed in there lives and time in which they livedI highly recommend this book!

    15. I loved it. I'm normally not into romance novels, but the way this was written, it was more than just a romance. It raised questions I feel every young adult can connect to, with an amazing ending.

    16. Loved the book until the end! It could have ended more powerful than it did. But I love old/history fiction stories.

    17. I read it online, with Frank and Gerard as the characters instead of Thomas and Bernard. It made me cry, it is pure genius. I love the art references and the French aspects and wow its just amazing.

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