The Third Form at St. Clare's

The Third Form at St Clare s Based upon and continuing Enid Blyton s St Clare s series The holidays are over and twins Pat and Isabel O Sullivan are dying to get back to school The big question on everybody s lips is who will b

  • Title: The Third Form at St. Clare's
  • Author: Pamela Cox
  • ISBN: 9781405219822
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based upon, and continuing Enid Blyton s St Clare s series The holidays are over and twins Pat and Isabel O Sullivan are dying to get back to school The big question on everybody s lips is, who will be head girl But a terrible accident and an hilarious school play show the true leaders in the third form, but they also show up the cheats and cowards.

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    1. The Third Form at St. Clare's (St. Clare's, #5), Enid Blytonعنوان: سومی ها در سنت کلر جلد 5؛ نویسنده: انید بلایتون؛ مترجم: ایلونا جودمردی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، شهر کتاب، هرمس (کیمیا)، 1382، در 191 ص، شابک: 9643632091؛ جلد 5 از مجموعه سنت کلر

    2. This is the first time I've read an Enid Blyton authored by someone else. I must admit to a certain reluctance-reading the first few pages alone, any avid Blyton fan would know that this was not a genuine product. Later, however, the pace picked up and I quite enjoyed the book. You can, of course, spot the differences, as for example, there is very little reference to lessons or the schoolroom-most of the action is centred on the pranks devised by the second and third formers. But all in all, no [...]

    3. Awesome children's bookOne of my best friend Sanil Khanna gave me to read itI was quite surprised that he was reading a children's book at the age of 23 but when I started to read itI finished it in just a day!!! Girls have always been the way they are at any age!Jealously and companionship are two elements of any friendship a girl has. Interesting story.

    4. وای که من چقدررررررر دلم برای این مدارس شبانه روزی تنگ شده بودجشن های شبانه٫ کلک های بوبی و جانت و دوریس در کلاس مادموازل! :))تازه واردها! قهر و آشتی ها! آدمای دوست داشتنی :) همه اش خوب بود خیلی خیلی!! حتی نمیدونم این چندمین باری بود که میخوندمش! فقط میتونم بگم خـــــیـــــلــــی ل [...]

    5. Even though this isn't actually by Enid Blyton I really enjoyed it. It might even be one of my favourites from the series! Great story with some new characters along the way.

    6. WARNING, THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!This book was enjoyable, however the beginning was extremely boring for me. There were more exciting events and I certainly hope that it keeps getting better in the following books. As you may have seen in my last review I sincerely thought Alice was going to change and be mature. However, as I’ve seen in this book, she continues to be the same old Alice, which deeply disappointed me. It seems like in this series people only change once, some not even [...]

    7. the story is extremely good and i really feel happy that i have read the book. the contents have extremely good events and i think they are greats about a boarding schoold friends over theres a typical friendship kind of story.

    8. Ten Second Synopsis:A new year means a new head girl, while some new students rock the boat vying for Alison's friendship. Can the girls overcome their differences long enough to put on a spectacular play for the end of term?Sounds like a typical Enid Blyton adventure, right? Well, my friend, I thought so too. But herein lies the confusion. This title is, in fact, NOT part of the original series, but an add-on penned by Pamela Cox as a way to flesh out the original Blyton series.Shocked?So was I [...]

    9. This book is about a boarding school in England a long time ago, and about the lives of the girls there. I read this when I was younger, and I just wanted to reread it, so I did. The thing I really like about this book is that it makes me want to go to a boarding school in England. Things are much different than they are here, and school seems a lot more interesting and exciting there than it is here. The other thing I liked about the book is that it makes you really feel like you go to the same [...]

    10. This book has got to be my favourite so far. Simply because it is a gripping book. I couldn't put it down! The 2 new girls Libby and Fern - cousins are complete opposites. Libby is kind, friendly and warm - hearted, whereas Fern is a spiteful person. I severly dislike Fern because she turns against Carlotta and Rachel. Rachel is a new girl too! Fern wrecks the costumes for the third formers play, blames Carlotta on it and Carlotta gets knocked unconcious because of Fern. Fern and Libby both leav [...]

    11. I promised myself I wouldn't be that fan. Someone writing again for St. Clare's is awesome, no matter the quality. I would give Pamela Cox a chance.But she blew it: she dropped everything that made St. Clares St. Clares, including throwing in Day students, Carlotta being allowed out of the school to go horse riding, changing people's characters, the wrong girls chosen as Head Girls, the typical language, and even a boy.I was still trying to give them a chance, but it became harder and harder, as [...]

    12. Well - it is reasonably like the usual St. Clares story though of course no one can really recreate the feel. This book really tries hard to remain consistent with the rest of the series. But somehow one can clearly feel that Pamela Cox is from a different age. She can not get into Enid Blyton's shoes and think from the age when Enid Blyton used to live. So sometimes one finds a dis synchrony - an ideas from one age introduced in a different age.

    13. I really loved this book because it is funny, with excitement and drama. This book is about all the third-form girls at St. Clare's, and how they get through plays, tricks, flu, injuries, and horrible girls, and all the fun that comes with it. I highly recommend this book to those who have read the beginning of the series.

    14. This is a great book.The missing two stars are due to it not fitting in with the rest of the series so well.The biggest issue I had were the two day girls in the original series there is never a mention of day girls also I always had the feeling it wouldn't fit into the concept of the school.

    15. Out of all of the St. Clare's books, I thought that this one gave the most insight on the boarding school. The change in authors was executed well and I had found myself excited for the rest of the books.

    16. Not a bad book, though lacks the charm of the original series. Still, an interesting fill-in of one of the missing years.

    17. Such fun, makes me want to go to boarding school & have midnight feasts, even though I'm 40 & a mum myself.

    18. The Pamela Cox books aren't quite the same, but they're still fun and enjoyable. Third form is fun and the sharing with the second form disaster is very believable!

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