Spanking Watson

Spanking Watson Just as every dog must have its day every Holmes should have his Watson and so the indomitable foul mouthed private eye Kinky Friedman embarks on a plan to determine which of his dependable village

  • Title: Spanking Watson
  • Author: Kinky Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780571201679
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just as every dog must have its day, every Holmes should have his Watson, and so the indomitable, foul mouthed private eye Kinky Friedman embarks on a plan to determine which of his dependable village irregulars will make the best sidekick.

    One thought on “Spanking Watson”

    1. The back has snippets of people comparing Kinky Friedman to other people under the heading "Comparing the Incomparable".I happen to think it's quite easy to compare him.I enjoyed the book for what it was - a smartass yet intelligently written piece of fluff, more about dialog than plot. Of course, I'm lumping all of the narrator's asides and conversations with his cat with actual dialog.Still.I thought it was like reading Douglas Adams, only without the scifi. And with more lesbian and fart joke [...]

    2. Here's my review of "Spanking Watson" that appeared in "Texas Books in Review"For adherents of "literature," reading a Kinky Friedman novel is like walking into a public restroom and seeing someone taking a Nixon in the sink. At first you're merely disgusted, but after a while, you can't help but wonder if maybe there was a tinge of performance to it after all. Spanking Watson is my first Kinky Friedman book. I've always been a bit curious about him, since many of the former Gonzo C&W singer [...]

    3. Read this for my mystery bookclub. Hated it. Some of the puns were clever and there were some funny bits but it was not worth the time and the story was nonexistent.

    4. The ridiculous story is merely a backdrop for the colourful characters, who let the inane events unfold before them, too helpless to change the situation, or perhaps just too drunk to care. But I was generally entertained by Friedman's use of absurd low-comedy, politically incorrect yet well-meaning diatribes, anti-establishment references, subversive leanings, and his pretty hilarious one-liners. ("'You're in America!' I said. 'Speak Spanish.'")Throw everything into a pot, and this might come o [...]

    5. Private detective lite, The Kinkster is Kinky Friedman, who in the late 60's was frontman for Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. Last year, he ran for governor of Texas, and lost. He also has a series of PI books (this is one), with tongue in cheek jokes, sarcasm, a death threat, and the humor of someone who doesn't take it all too seriously. Many of his asides and observations about life are made as he talks to his cat, who is always non-plussed.

    6. "I wish those guys could've gotten together and been friends during the flying hours of their madness. Perhaps they did. But like a sleeping cat, the world let them slip away to the stars.""Jesus speaks regularly to only one group of people. They are the people in mental hospitals. They try to tell us, but we never believe them."

    7. This is an odd book because there really isn't a mystery at the start for Kinky to solve so the first part of the book is just about Kinky's relationships with his friends. As ever Kinky Friedman is an amusing writer and so long as you just go with the flow this is an amusing read.

    8. not the best of his books it' starts slow it gains a momentum, had its fine phrases here and there but in the end it is truly a Kinky novel again. only for the true fan who cannot live without a Kinky Friedman novel as me.

    9. The story is basic, but the writing style is very entertaining. If you want relaxing fun read this book. It's also great for all of the pop culture references. You will learn something from this book. I'll read moreFrom this author

    10. This is a hard book to rate. I love the demented humour but it's not really a book, certainly not a cohesive book. Four * humour; one * writing.

    11. Enjoy his music, his articles in Texas Monthly and his persona but just could not get into this book. Truth be told, I didn't even finish it which is rare for me.

    12. A total POS, which if you're familiar with the Kinkster's style of writing is a compliment :-) This one got me thru a few bus rides for which I remain indebted to Mr. Friedman.

    13. This guy is just nuts. He's got his own thing going on all over the place and you can try to get it. Hes funny and wierd. Good one.

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