Ancients Reminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action packed series about the nation s most secret agency the Event GroupTen thousand years before the Roman Empire

  • Title: Ancients
  • Author: David Lynn Golemon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action packed series about the nation s most secret agency the Event GroupTen thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky In the City of Light lived people who made dark pReminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action packed series about the nation s most secret agency the Event GroupTen thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very power of the planet itself As the great science of their time was brought to bear on the invading hordes, hell was set loose on Earth And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal storm of fire and water.Now history threatens to repeat itself The great weapon of the Ancients has been uncovered in the South Pacific, and it is being deciphered by men of hatred by an evil once thought banished from history Again, the black swastika of hate is rising Their plan is to attempt to control and direct the most destructive force this world has yet to see, a weapon that would make nuclear arms pale in comparison The world starts to tremble under the power of the ancient science The seas rise, the earth cracks, and entire cities crumble to dust as the evil plan mapped out thousands of years before takes shape.The Event Group, the most secret department of the United States government, staffed by the most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy, and the military, must take the lead and try to stop the power of the Ancients With a presidential mandate to discover the truth behind the myths and legends of history, the Event Group fights to ensure that mistakes from the past are never repeated Headed by Colonel Jack Collins, the Group must face its most dangerous assignment ever to find the lost trail of the Ancients and unearth the missing key before the new Reich Can the most secret federal service of the United States track down the lost trail that will lead them to the lair of this secret power Or will the world explode in a chain reaction that began than eleven thousand years ago The Event Group is the world s only hope as they search and battle for the lost power of the Ancients.Heart pounding action combines with historical adventure as the Event Group discovers that some myths never die

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    1. Golemon Gets his Series Back on Track - 4 StarsPosted toTheLiteraryLawyer It is as if the author read my mind. Questionable writing and poor character development bogged down the first two books. While I was able to overlook it in the first installment, the second was sabotaged by the glaring issues. I was prepared to let this series go if the writing did not improve. In this installment, it was as if James Rollins and Matthew Reilly edited the early drafts of the novel. If you are looking for s [...]

    2. I was originally going to give this four stars, but after reading the ending, decided to give it the five it deserved. An astounding chapter in the saga of Department 5656, or the Event Group. This time around, The Group faces off against a secret society descended from Atlantis with a plan to bring the world to its knees and take control. The boom will make you shout for joy and anger at the same time. It will keep you laughing and cheering till the end. The ending was sudden, to put it mildly. [...]

    3. The Event Group, a super-secret sect of the US government operating out of an underground bunker beneath Nellis Air Force Base, is called to action once again. This time, they face an enemy who has not only the desire to control the world, but the means to destroy it. The Juliai Coalition is a secret organization of the descendants of the City of Atlantis who have carefully preserved their bloodline while they wait for the opportunity to control the world. Now, with a device created by the ancie [...]

    4. Ancients by David Lynn Golemon is the third book in his Events Group series. (The previous two Events Group novels are Event and Legend.) This time the Events Group is fighting an organization of mysterious people who trace their ancestry back to Atlantis. This secret organization of Atlanteans has discovered an ancient secret weapon and is using it in an attempt to take over the world.If you enjoy action/adventure novels that have elements of science fiction, you are likely already reading this [...]

    5. Originally read 5 September 2011; listened to via Audible 19 February 2015; listened to via Audible 13 September 2017Atlantis is the main focus of this Event Group novel and the evil group of people who call themselves the Ancients, who seem to think they are above the law. Thankfully, Jack Collins and his team are there to show them the error of their ways.Again, I can't begin to say how much I love this series of books. The romance between Jack and Sarah continues to build in a subtle sub-plot [...]

    6. Holy Mother of…at cliffhanger!! Unbelievable, here i though Event was the best book of the series so far but Ancients just blew my mind.Neck deep in military action, a ton of breathtaking scenes and battles, awesome team work between nations and their military forces, our beloved heroes, JACK COLLINS…wow. Did i mention the cliffhanger??You know when you are Reading a book and you get one huge and exciting battle after the other to the point that you need to pause and take a deep breath? Like [...]

    7. Through most of the book I thought that this was the best book in the series so far……despite the lack in credible dialogue. Then the last 40 pages came. I almost cried at the atrocity that was the last chapter in this book. It was horrible. The last chapter was so horrible that I refuse to read the rest of this series from this point forward. Seriously…….ooting and hitting a person purposely with a ricochet? Come on. And to think that this ricochet was the most plausible part of the endi [...]

    8. This book is terrible. The writing is terrible, the plot is terrible. Everything about this thing is awful. There's so much not to like here, but I'm going to pick on one thing that drove me nuts. Apparently the author thinks the only way to show the magnitude of a situation is to put a random round number on the number of people who are impacted ("and when the wave hit 100 people died" "He took a team of 100 soldiers etc"). It's lazy writing, which I can forgive if the underlying story is real [...]

    9. did this book have an editor, or at least someone to read it before publishing? spelling and grammatical errors throughoutbeyond that it was just not fun to read. over the top "action"with ridiculous story. no thank you

    10. Good reading.These books would make a great movie series. Hope someone decides to do that. Already have chosen the actors for each character.

    11. Wow. How this author is so widely published is beyond me. The ONLY reason this book gets 2 stars is because I was able to finish it. There were so many errors in this book that it was nearly unreadable. Things like "site" being used when "sight" was meant. Words were left completely absent from sentences. And the dialog felt so cliche and choppy and uneven, that I actually began to wonder if the author was even familiar with English. Felt more like it may have been his second language rather tha [...]

    12. Very exciting story but not very practical for a continuing series. After all, having the world’s geography be destroyed like that doesn’t allow the next book to continue well without taking into account the large loss of area and people.Also I would have liked more on the civilization and archelogy of Atlantis. Though I loved the 2 before and after maps in the front of the HC book. And the action at the USS Arizona was very interesting.Finally, the ending? Well, can’t say much without rui [...]

    13. The best in the Event series so far, a grand adventure that will put you on the edge of your seat (bed, couch, sofa, chaise long, swimming pool etc), you go it all here! Spec ops, lost continents, action on a mega scale!

    14. An OK read. Once again, I had trouble really getting into the book, but in the end, a very interesting take on the Atlantis myth.

    15. Reminiscent of the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the latest in an action-packed series about the nation’s most secret agency---the Event Group Ten thousand years before the Roman Empire marched great legions across the known world, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. In the City of Light lived people who made dark plans to lay waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very power of the planet itself. As the great science of their t [...]

    16. I enjoyed this, though it frustrated me at times. The series seems to be moving in the same direction as James Rollins Sigma series. I like both, but with every addition to the sigma series I like Rollins' stories less. In those, like in the event group, a secret government agency has to save the world. Rollins' formula (use some trending topic like zombies/super volcano, ect. and combine it with some ancient order/artificat) has begun to wear on me a bit (perhaps I had just wished his zombie-is [...]

    17. Based on the number of action adventure/thrillers that use the myth of Atlantis as a backdrop, this topic is one that has firmly gripped the imaginations of many, many authors. And based on how many of those books I have read, it has also caught my attention. How could it not? An ancient civilization that vanished into the history books is a tantalizing mystery that is just ripe for specualtion and conjecture. Throwing his hat into that pile is David Lynn Golemon. His premise follows two faction [...]

    18. What a great book, even better than Event and Ancients Oh man, the cliffhanger, I REALLY need to read leviathan I think it’s a little confusing, too many military aspects or details, and it takes you to different places at the same time so many times. This one had a spice of funny, now it feels like you know the characters and I felt it somehow like the avengers atmosphere with funny moments, a lot of action and some anxious or sad moments.It is the best from the Event Group series so far, you [...]

    19. Well, if you want to increase sales and make readers anxious for the next installment in a series, a cliffhanger instills just that. Honestly, the climatic ending, followed by the book’s cliffhanger ending was probably the best part of the whole series to date. And while I am reading this with the knowledge that there are several more books to the series, I am definitely more curious as to how Golemon pulled his main character out of the predicament that he abandons him to at the end of this n [...]

    20. Disappointment. I usually enjoy thrillers, including the more sci fi thrillers from Crichton, Rollins, Preston etc, and there were elements that I liked. Overall, the story was fairly strong. Most of the problems I had dealt with editing and writing style. There were several simple spelling mistakes, as well as grammatical mistakes that were probably the result of the author going back and rewording a sentence and forgetting to delete part of the old. I found both these problems to be a distract [...]

    21. I'm loathe to ever write a negative critique of any book, because I know everyone has their own tastes; however, I was terribly disappointed by this book. It may well be my own frame of mind at the moment, I readily admit. I'd happened upon the title while perusing the new releases out our local library. The name caught my eye, and so I opened the cover to read the more. I'm a fan of all theories Atlantean, and am always eager to read the latest ingenious ideas for bringing the legend to life. T [...]

    22. This storyline takes the ancient legend of Atlantis and builds an interesting modern storyline based on a supposed ancient weapon. The massive amount of destruction described throughout the book seemed rather overboard to me. Was it realistic? Perhaps, perhaps not. I don't know enough of the science to determine that. The scenarios described were so extreme I found them difficult to believe and I wound up skimming over the more incredible descriptions. I would have preferred rather less bloodshe [...]

    23. NO SPOILERS: another winner from Mr. Golemon - this is the 3rd in the Event Group series. The story involves a secret society born in ancient times looking to re-work the geo-politics of the current world so they can dominate world. The story moves quickly - the science is exciting - the military action is fast-paced - the characters are people you now know because I've read Legend and Event (the first two books respectively)…and you root for them and the relationships they have with each othe [...]

    24. Secret government agency is tasked with investigating, verifying and then protecting(?) myths/urban legends: UFOs, Atlantis, etc. I like the story lines and the way the author "structured" the organization. However, sometimes I tend to "force myself" through cetain passages that stretch my imagination tooooo far. For exampleSPOILER ALERT TO EXPLAIN ANOTHER BOOK IN SERIES This group deals with A legendary city of gold just happens to be highly radioactive AND have a highly intelligent guardian fr [...]

    25. Golemon continues his series starring the Event Group, a secret government organization tasked with uncovering paranormal mysteries and events. In this book, an equally secret but ancient brotherhood has discovered an age old weapon which could, if misused (of course it will be), destroy the planet. The Event Group chase the baddies through the streets of New York to the desert dunes of Egypt to their final destination: a resurrected Atlantis. The action is pretty steady, and Goleman's George Ma [...]

    26. It's a crying shame when a decent story is so heavily marred by clunky sentence structure, overuse of commas, poor research and lack of editing. I will be the first admit that the plot of Ancients is far fetched but that's something I was pretty much able to overlook. What I had trouble overlooking was how it was written. I knew what I was getting myself into having read the first 2 books in the series but I decided to take a chance based on the reviews. I really think this book wasn't quite as [...]

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