Tea for Three

Tea for Three Genre BBW MenageStraight gay or in between turning thirty is never easy Craig wonders just where his life heading His relationship with Jack is satisfying to say the least But deep down he sometim

  • Title: Tea for Three
  • Author: AnneDouglas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genre BBW MenageStraight, gay or in between, turning thirty is never easy.Craig wonders just where his life heading His relationship with Jack is satisfying, to say the least But deep down, he sometimes still craves the soft touches of a woman.Something s bugging Craig, and Jack knows it Some sort of pre midlife crisis that he just can t understand The sex is hot andGenre BBW MenageStraight, gay or in between, turning thirty is never easy.Craig wonders just where his life heading His relationship with Jack is satisfying, to say the least But deep down, he sometimes still craves the soft touches of a woman.Something s bugging Craig, and Jack knows it Some sort of pre midlife crisis that he just can t understand The sex is hot and demanding Their home life is comfortable without being too familiar But he just can t help feeling he might be about to lose the love of his life.Then they meet lovely, loyal and slightly broken Wren Browne It doesn t take long to realize, they might have just have found the solution to both of their problems Love isn t tidy or simple it doesn t come packaged in neat little boxes And sometimes you have to set the table with tea for three.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable m m sex practices, m m f menage.

    One thought on “Tea for Three”

    1. 3 1/2 starsI would have liked this so much more if it wasn't for the super high price tag for only a 120 page book. That being said I really loved the story of wren. She had gone through so much in her life, it was wonderful to see her struggles laying off in the end.

    2. In case you don't want to read through the massive spoilers, I'll start off saying I adored this book. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a romance with a heroine who is less model perfect and more everyday woman, without sacrificing the perfect hero(es) and the perfect romance. ***(Note: I'll remind you again before I hit real spoilers, so read on, if I captured your interest.)***There are three types of romances (from a female reader's perspective).1. Those where you slip into the heroine's [...]

    3. Jack and Craig are in love. They have been for a long time, and are completely secure in how they feel about each other and in the strength of their relationship. But since Craig's turned 30, he's begun to think a lot about "wanting it all". He seems to be yearning for something more, specifically a family. One night, while at a bar, he meets an intriguing woman who is drinking along while her girlfriends dance and flirt on the dance floor. Craig has a brief conversation with her, and is definit [...]

    4. Jack and Craig have been lovers for a long time. They love each other, and are perfect together. However, Craig sometimes miss being with a woman. They are both bisexual.One night, Craig met Wren a woman he's instantly attracted to. But she leaves when Jacks shows up. Only 3 months later, Wren enters her life again, by being a consultant to Jack's business. From this point on, they become colleagues, friends and best friends with her.Until they feel like they could take their relationship furthe [...]

    5. Two stars just for the LOLZ. Insta-lust, awkward sex scenes (maybe it was the translation I read, though, but trying to portray them in my head was like trying to play tetris. I'm awful at tetris and I hate it), little to no chemistry between characters, unbelievable reactions, insta-love, cheesiness that was /so/ over the top, writing that was mneh This book has it all. Luckily, it was short so I could finish it fast.

    6. I loved this book! The emotions between the 3 main characters kept me engrossed in the storyline. I loved the subtle twists that Anne used to make the story fresh. Her treatment of the varieties of sex was incredible and really worked for me - I hate it when anal sex or similar is treated as pain or only done for domination. This will be a reread for me!

    7. I seem to be on a m��nage kick here lately���reading about them, not having them. Craig and Jack are a couple who are deeply in love, but now that Craig has turned thirty, he realizes that there is something missing from their relationship. That something turns out to be Wren. She enters their lives as a friend and becomes very comfortable around them. Wren has some physical issues that are explained in the story���I don���t want to give too much away. Anyway, she doesn� [...]

    8. 3.5 stars Why I read it: This book was recommended to my by one of my Twitter friends when we were having a discussion about m/m/f menage stories, so I went and bought it.What worked for me (and what didn't): If there are two men and one woman in a romance, my personal preference is that it is an m/m/f rather than an m/f/m story. I have enjoyed m/f/m stories but I think they work better where there is a sexual connection between all three parties - it has something to do with my sense of equalit [...]

    9. I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn't. I loved that the heroine was not your typical sexy, perfectly portioned woman - it was refreshing to read about a real woman with a physical disability to boot. However, nothing else held my interest. There was zero chemistry between the characters. The book opens with a sex scene between Craig and Jack and it just fell flat. The relationship between Wren and the guys seemed forced and rushed. The menage scenes weren't even able to redeem t [...]

    10. Ménage books are hard to pull off, imo, because there's a feeling of imbalance of power in the relationships. In a short word count, Ms. Douglas managed to create a loving adult relationship between the 3 protagonists. Even though the reader doesn't get to see the details, the story encompasses a longer period of time. And there is lots of open communication amongst all characters! I will be seeking more books by this author.

    11. This should have been a full novel. The need to have enough sex included in the emotional development of the characters simply make the developments too fast. Both men only come alive in fragments, which makes appreciating their evolution into love for Wren rather difficult. I wanted to see more of Wren's usual life and her father. Other than that, enjoyable, and I appreciated that the heroine was disabled and with a curvy figure.

    12. “All for one, Craig.”“And three for us all.” Craig was glad his retort made Jack chuckle.This was an light read. And again I'm surprised that manage books tend to become sappy: let's marry the girl and become a big family.O.K. Everyone deserves their HEA"love can be damn easy with the right person, even if the rest of your world is a mess" Craig, Jack and Wren got more than one right person

    13. I'm a sucker for H/h who have disabilities they have to overcome and I loved Wren. Craig and Jack had an existing longstanding relationship but were restless for more and they both met Wren and felt a connection.Nobody ever looked past her scars and disabilities and it didn't matter to them, they saw her. Hot smexin'I'd like to read more from this author.

    14. I liked this book well enough. The characters were enjoyable- flawed but lovable. I would have enjoyed a little more on the possible MMF scenariosbut that's just my erotic curiosity. Overall, a good read for someone with an open mind.

    15. I truly loved the characters. The fact that Wren was not the perfect tall, thin super-model type really made this a better read for me. It was closer to real than most other novels like this. The chemistry was good and the sex was hot. I only wished it was longer.

    16. I like this book and would definitely read another by this author. The romance was sweet and the sex was hot

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