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  1. Hilarious. Frankly, it only made me love Pernice more. Possibly this was not was Joyce Linehan intended.I was astonished to find my tweet on page 74. Astonished and more excited than is reasonable.

  2. URL:clusterflock/2010/06/pJune 15, 2010Pernice to MeI designed this book and book jacket (with help from my friend Sarah at Third Half Studios, who designed the actual tattoo). It’s called Pernice to Me, and it’s an amusing compendium of conversational snippets between music industry veteran Joyce Linehan (@ashmont) and the artist she manages, the incomparable (and apparently irascible) singer/songwriter Joe Pernice. I am a longtime fan of Joe’s work, despite the fact that he comes from my [...]

  3. This is fun. It is the online dialog between Joe Pernice (musician, writer) and Joyce Linerions (nudger, manager, worrier). They are funny and interesting, but only if you are in on the joke (e.g you are a Pernice Brothers fan and read their Twitter/Facebook exchanges).

  4. Amusing little blips between rock star and author Joe Pernice and his manager, Joyce Linehan. Extra points for mentioning my friend Eric R. Danton, Critic of RAWK, in a snarky fashion.

  5. So my spouse bought me this for holiday as he's notorious for buying me things he secretly wants. This book made me crack up repeatedly and made me want to listen to all the records. Silly and fun. Like, I actually want to start quoting it.

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