Full Blast

Full Blast There s never a dull moment for the residents of Beaumont South Carolina Lately a heat wave s spiked the Mercury and everyone s sex drive These days when newspaper editor Jamie Swift runs into myst

  • Title: Full Blast
  • Author: Janet Evanovich Charlotte Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780755301980
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s never a dull moment for the residents of Beaumont, South Carolina Lately, a heat wave s spiked the Mercury and everyone s sex drive These days, when newspaper editor Jamie Swift runs into mysterious multimillionaire Max Holt, it s all she can do not to tear his clothes off and the feeling is mutual But trouble seems to follow Max like moths to a flame, and JThere s never a dull moment for the residents of Beaumont, South Carolina Lately, a heat wave s spiked the Mercury and everyone s sex drive These days, when newspaper editor Jamie Swift runs into mysterious multimillionaire Max Holt, it s all she can do not to tear his clothes off and the feeling is mutual But trouble seems to follow Max like moths to a flame, and Jamie suspects he s all wrong for her Meanwhile, the lingerie shop is having a sale on edible underwear, while the bakery s selling aphrodisiac laced brownies and x rated birthday cakes Even Jamie s dog, Fleas, is dodging passes from the amorous French Poodle next door But when someone starts bumping off some of the town s annoying citizens, all clues lead straight to the new personals section in Jamie s newspaper Pretty soon, things are getting hot and heavy, as Max and Jamie start uncovering secrets and undressing each other

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    1. Fun light reads. Good stuff. I like the characters in these books and I think this series is the better of the non-Plum books. Read the number books first and then stray on over to these once you get a taste for the wonder and wackiness that is Janet Evanovich.

    2. This book was a effin blast! I love Jamie and Max's characters. There's a scene in the book where he whispers in Jamies ear that she will be going with him. It was just hot and I love my dominant males. Its like "yes sir, I will go home with you and you make me do whatever you want" Wait did I just say that aloud. lol. Anyways, the book was not completeley erotic but just love when Max gets that dominant side. Oh and I love me some Muffin. lol. Not that kind of Muffin but don't mind that either. [...]

    3. The Full Box is a four-book audio set. I previously listened to and reviewed Full House here on KariAnnAlysis. It was one of the first audio books I listened to. I’ll always turn to Janet Evanovich when I need a good, light read. That’s why I was thrilled when I found the rest of this series in a complete box.Here’s a short synopsis of each book:Full Tilt: Jamie Swift’s newspaper is running on fumes. If something doesn’t turn around soon, she will have to stop the presses. Her silent p [...]

    4. I'm most fond of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum mysteries and usually the "Full" series falls a bit short. This 4th installment, however, comes close with the quirky characters you grow so attached to, that Janet Evanovich is famous for.So far, Full Blast is the funniest and steamiest in the series. There's certainly a couple parts you want to be sure to read by yourself, if you're prone to blushing!A steamy romance, over-the-top characters, a car that costs 2 Million and has a talking compute [...]

    5. Fun read. . I love the characters in these books almost as more as the Plum books. Janet Evanovich is easily one of my favorite writers. She makes me laugh with her character hijinks and romance. Full Blast does not disappoint. Holt, Jamie and Max have to battle raging hormones, a heat wave, a murderous villain, and non-stop attraction for each other in a novel where it’s not just the air conditioners going full blast!

    6. I really love Janet Evanovich books. When she coauthors, like this one, the humor, the funky adventures and a certain je ne sais quoi leaked out. The identity of the perp who committed the murder was revealed (thank goodness). It was a well assembled puzzle. Overall, the read was just okay. I wanted to like it more.

    7. This was another fun quick Evanovich read. The mystery here is closer to home than in the previous book, and it looks like Max and Jamie might actually be getting more serious. Not a lot of substance here, but enough fun to keep me reading!

    8. Not as funny as she can be, and I think I would have liked it better had I read it. I didn't like the voices the reader used. I would have used different ones in my head.Ok, that made me sound a little weird. :)

    9. I like the story development between Max and Jamie. The plot line in this one is a little far-fetched, but still it's fun.This has Jamie and Max chasing after a killer that has targeted women answering a personal ad from Jamie's newspaper. There's lots of fun and quirky situations.

    10. I enjoyed the 4th in this "Full" series by Evanovich. Max Holt is sexy as always and the mystery the town was facing grabbed my attention. It was a quick read and I liked seeing the relationship between Max and Jamie Swift develop.

    11. As much as I like the Stephanie Plum series, I was not AT ALL convinced by Full Blast. I found the characters boring, the dialogue awkward and the plot predictable -- not what I would expect from Janet Evanovich!

    12. I love the Plum series and I had high expectations for this book, but it failed me. It's probably one of the cheesiest reads I've experienced.

    13. Another 'Full' book I didn't like. Call me slow because I read most of them before quiting. They are quick quick reads that you could finish while waiting for the doctor.

    14. This is rated 5 stars @ the Library however I found it to be rather boring and unbelievable. It was also listed as a comedy but it wasn't funny.

    15. Janet Evanovich has written another funny irreverent mystery that kept me guessing till the end. Her characters are so kooky and outrageous, you have to love them.

    16. With just the right amount of mystery, comedy, and romance, Full Blast kept me guessing and turning page after page for more of the adventures in Beaumont. Admittedly, the novel took off a little slow, but once the action began, the story was full speed ahead!! The culprit at the center of everything is quite surprising, to say the least. To avoid spoiling anything on the romance front, I will only say that Max and Jamie are again simultaneously infuriating and keep the reader on the edge of the [...]

    17. Max and Jamie are back together in this installment. When Jamie opens up a new column in her newspaper a string of murders start. Max rushes back to help Jamie solve them and ends up changing their relationship. I liked the story until we met a new character who has certain "abilities" and always shows up when things heat up. I still wish we heard about the main couple from book 1. Guess the author voted them off the island.

    18. As I often say about this series, I read it because it's fun. For example, meet Muffin, a 2 million dollar car designed by Max. Not your typical car especially when after talking to DeeDee, Muffin develops the symptoms of menopause! As for Max and Jamie, well of course they should be together but they have to figure that out on their own. For now they will be content working together to solve the multiple murders in Beaumont.

    19. I've been enjoying the Jamie and Max series. Now we have a new lingerie shop, something special in the brownies, and a serial killer on the lose. Also Deedee is pregnant, Jamie joins a special club, and Vera gets a new car. Almost too much going on in the book. I found it enjoyable, but it wasn't my favorite in this series.

    20. A very fun read. I wasn't expecting another Stephanie Plum book when I picked this up and I am glad it was different. The characters in this book were great. As much as I enjoy Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, I enjoy knowing that not every book written by this author is going to be a similar theme. This was fun and different.

    21. Full Blast is the 4th book in this series & each book has gotten better. Initially I felt the books were a little simplistic because I was able to figure out "who done it". I was surprised this time. The combination of these two authors has finally resulted in a fun, sexy & engaging story. I've got 2 more books to read in this series and I'm anxious to get started.

    22. Light and easy to read, and such a fun book for a summer day at the beach. If you're looking for a story with depth or meaning - this isn't for you. But it's quick and entertaining to take with you on vacation! Loved it and will definitely read the rest of them!

    23. So goodLived this one! Less typos than usual or I was so involved in the story I didn't notice.Looking forward to the next one.

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