Dragon's Kiss

Dragon s Kiss First in the Shadow of the Dragon series Lorran has studied dragons for years hoping to find a way for the wild creatures and humans to live in peace She knows better than most the devastation caused

  • Title: Dragon's Kiss
  • Author: Tielle St. Clare
  • ISBN: 9781419950377
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • First in the Shadow of the Dragon series Lorran has studied dragons for years, hoping to find a way for the wild creatures and humans to live in peace She knows better than most the devastation caused by a dragon bite And when Kei the Dragonslayer appears on her doorstep, torn and bleeding, she knows he has only weeks to live Kei has been a dragon slayer all his life, bFirst in the Shadow of the Dragon series Lorran has studied dragons for years, hoping to find a way for the wild creatures and humans to live in peace She knows better than most the devastation caused by a dragon bite And when Kei the Dragonslayer appears on her doorstep, torn and bleeding, she knows he has only weeks to live Kei has been a dragon slayer all his life, but when he becomes the victim of a dragon bite, he turns to Lorran, the only woman who might be able to save him from sure death As the dragon venom flows through his body, the desire and need for Lorran s touch fill his every thought Though he doesn t understand it, he knows Lorran belongs to him As his desires grow stronger and wilder than ever before, it seems only Lorran can ease the powerful sexual urges created by the dragon s kiss.

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    1. Whew. Hot dragon loving ahead! "Shadow of the Dragon" is the first book of Tielle St Clare's dragon series and it's quite the scorcher. Scrumptious men who turn into dragons and crave sex with their 'mate'. My, my, myLorran know's firsthand the fate of men bitten by dragons--they become dragons. No one has ever found a way to come back to their human selves. It happened to her husband and the pain of his treatment afterward and death almost killed her. Now, someone has dumped Kei the Dragonslaye [...]

    2. Dragon’s Kiss was a freebie I picked up for my Kindle because sometimes I want to read porn. And I hope fervently every time that it’s good porn. Unfortunately for me, this read did not qualify. I'll admit, I hold everything I read to a very high standard, and erotica is no exception. Even if the main reason for reading is steamy sex, I want good characterization and a solid plot at the very least – world-building and a colourful cast of side characters and sub-plots are a plus. Dragon’s [...]

    3. 3.5 Not to bad. But once they had sex it was pretty much nonstop. Which then became repetitive. The best part was the ending where it seemed like there was actually a story and not just sex. I guess I just wish there was more of story line. Also the C word for a women was over used. There was sex about every other page and I lost count of how many times the C word was used. Kinda a turn off for me. But I did love the Dragon :)

    4. Not erotica its erotic romance. This series does have HEA endings and the story does offer some plot but beware its full of sex. The second book to this series offers readers a taste of what kind of sex the dragon really likes so beware you will get into some really kinky stuff.

    5. So, in reading this book, I learned that dragons really like to eat pussy. In human and dragon form. This was really heavy on sex. And I like sex in my (erotic) romances, as long as it's meaningful. I'm not saying it didn't end up being meaningful here. There was just so much of it. I think it could've been a really interesting story if the world were built further.The hero, Kei, is the king (of somewhere) and a dragon slayer. He's attempting to slay Effron, a dragon terrorizing a local village, [...]

    6. I've read this one I don't know when (a year or 2 ago) and I remember a vague storyline about a possessive dragon and lots of hot stuff going on and how I liked it.So I've read it again and woeh I think I need a cold shower. I just love dragons cause they're possessive as hell and damn hot!You want a story without much drama outside the relationship between the hero and heroine? You like an insanely possessive hero who's turning into a dragon and his main vocabulary exists of Mine, mine, mine!? [...]

    7. Fun read. Hero is a dragonslayer who gets bitten by a dragon - which in this world means he's going to turn into a dragon. His younger brother takes him to 'the woman who studies dragons' in hopes she can help King Kei wakes up and finds out he is going to turn into a dragon. He is horrified and plans to suicide - after he's set up his younger brother to take over the kingdom. Lorran talks him into staying while she studies the transition. He doesn't fight very hard because of his overwhelming o [...]

    8. I have always enjoyed Tielle St. Clare and her wolf series. This was a free read on amazon kindle and I have to say, I liked her new twist on dragons. I had a little bumpy start with chapter one but then really got into it. Was not sure how I felt about her being tongued by a dragon but the steam between Lorran and Kei and his inner dragon Nekane, wow talk about sizzle. All in all I would reread and intend to read the next in this series.

    9. I think I originally read this series in 2013, maybe? But I had just discovered Ellora's Cave and bought up so many books by Tielle St. Clare. I liked the naughtiness of her taking advantage of her patient. Sure he's super strong and determined to have his way with her but if she truly wanted to resist it wouldn't have happened. Also her husband was jerkface.

    10. Originally reviewed at prufreads/My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars"I need you." ~KeiHe cuddled her close and snuggled into the blankets, like a child holding his favorite toy M'k this one has been hanging out on my kindle white for who knows how long. While I do love shifter reads, dragon shifters aren't exactly at the top of my list but, since I'm full speed ahead on my operation "Clean out my kindle!" I figured, meh, I'll give a go. Can I just saywow. This book isn't for everyone. When I say there [...]

    11. This book was a fast and easy read. Most of the pages were filled with sexual tension and encounters, but the main concept of the book was interesting. Not much attention was given to the technicalities of how dragons’ behave and why they behave like that, but I guess it would be really impossible to do so because not all dragons would be the same. However, the book was filled with enough information to understand what was going on with our dragon in the story.The characters fell a little flat [...]

    12. This quickly read book features a dragon-researching heroine who is charged with looking after the king following an attempted dragon-slaying in which he was bit. Once a person has been bit in this world, they fall in to a feverish state from which they awake to a growing dragon presence within themselves. The dragon grows stronger until its consciousness overrides that of the humans and physical transformation is completed.There isn't really much else that can be said without giving away the pl [...]

    13. 5 stars? Well, yep. I'm as surprised as you are! I figured I needed to give it 5 stars based on my total involvement in this story. It seduced me into loving it! I found myself laughing, nervous, aroused, and confused. Not every book is able to do that, and I certainly didn't expect this one to. I'm discovering that I am able to enjoy a good sci-fi/fantasy erotic story more than a more "realistic" one. When I read a contemporary romance, it has to be very good for me to believe it. I tend to get [...]

    14. 2.5**Spoiler ?? **Creo que estoy siendo muy condescendiente con la puntuación, pero es más que todo porque se lo ganan la personalidad de Lorran y los dragones (valen mucho) porque si no fuera por eso, no ganarían más de 2 estrellas.Para ser honesta, me irritó sobremanera la excesiva cantidad de sexo, sobre todo el tipo de sexo que abunda este libro. Muy repetitivo. No gusté que un 60 % del libro abundara de escenas sexuales, y la excusa del dragón como máquina sexual me pareció muy rid [...]

    15. Lorran is an outcast, living on the edge of town studying dragons. When a human is bitten by a dragon he is turned into one within 3 weeks. She observes dragons trying to understand them and see if the change can be reversed after having lost her husband to a dragon slayer. While minding her own business she gets a seldom heard knock on the door and none other than the dragon slayer and king Kei is deposited in her bed after being injured by a dragon. Everyone knows her as the 'dragon whore' but [...]

    16. I wasn't 100% sure how to rate this one. Tielle is a great writer. I really enjoy the way she layers stories and the personality and banter. That said, this is not her best work. It was heavy on the sex and light on the character development. I read this series some time ago and I really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure that the story building, character development and all around plot line improves with every book and as of the second one it was more impressive. Having said that, this book wasn't ba [...]

    17. In this world of dragons, humans are turned into dragons following a dragon bite. The male host is slowly taken over by a dragon entity that shares the body until the human persona no longer exists. Lorran has studied the dragons following the loss of her husband to a dragon bite then the dragon hunter and king Kei killed him. Kei is also bitten and brought to Lorran to see if she can reverse the transition or at least hide him. Interesting world building, This is classified erotica, but the nee [...]

    18. This book, while an erotic read, was also an interesting one. It definitely had a fantasy genre feel, reminding me of years gone by where I would read that genre a lot more than I do now. There wasn't much in the way of world building in this book, but the writing made it largely unnecessary. While there was a copious amount of sex scenes in this book, it was used as a means to build upon the plot, which was engaging and entertaining. Kei and Lorran were a wonderful couple, each strong in their [...]

    19. Lorran has studied dragons for years after her husband was bitten and transformed. When Kei the dragonslayer and King is brought to her door, torn and bleeding, she knows he has only weeks to live.Kei has been a dragonslayer all his life. When he is bitten by a dragon, he turns to Lorran, the one woman who might be able to save him from a sure death. As dragon venom flows through his body, the desire and need for Lorran's touch fills his every thought. He doesn't understand it but he knows Lorra [...]

    20. It would have been good but it was an over-load with the sex it was like a porno book without pictures. great writing but not my style theres just nothing to it EDITI decided the other day to retry this book, why you might ask?Because it came up as a book I might enjoy and when I looked at it I had realized I already tried to read it once. The second time was alot better, maybe I have grown up or maybe finishing the book helped but either way the story was fabulous. Still lots of sex but now a [...]

    21. Very in-your-face erotica. It's a wonder the story unfolded with all the intense sex going on, but it was a wonderful story. I liked the turmoil inside each of the characters; Kei, struggling with the dragon about to emerge from him and Lorran, struggling (with how she should handle Kei's torment)with her emotions that are erupting for the man (and the dragon Nekane)she is trying to study as well as comfort through his transition. Read, if you dare, to find out what the triad of burning desires [...]

    22. I stumbled on Tielle St. Clare's Dragon's Kiss this week as a free Kindle download (it may still be) that someone mentioned on Twitter and because it was the first book in the erotica fantasy series, I grabbed a copy to see if I'd be interested in reading more. There are some things I didn't like about pacing that I still need to figure out. I felt like the story had potential but the pacing held it back at the beginning. And when it finally picked up, the pacing hurtled off a cliff and then see [...]

    23. Considering this is an "Ellora's Cave" novel, it's not exactly surprising the absurd amount of sex in this. Or maybe I should say it wasn't supposed to surprise me. It did. Seriously. There's a sex scene every two pages. I'm actually feeling kind of nasty after reading such filth. The plot is actually not bad, it's creative and new and captivating but one gets so sidetracked with so much sexIt's very difficult to even remember anything else. I think about 75% of the sex was pretty much unnecessa [...]

    24. I somehow enjoyed this book. It contains a lot of sex scenes, that the others are not really needed to address the point that Kei needed Lorran physically close to him. But this scenes can be tolerated. The climax part is somehow shorter than what would I hope for, and I'm aggravated that the word "Mine" is used so many times. I wish there are some resolution to the issue of Kafe (Kei's brother) and not just left him in the book without some poetic justice. The author should not fast-forward the [...]

    25. This book is about a woman, Lorran, who is interested in dragon studies. She lost her husband because he turned dragon and has lived alone for a long time or so. Until, a solider brings a good looking man to her door hoping she can stop the transformation of his brother turning into a dragon. He is a famous dragon slayer but also the king. He agrees to let her study him through the transition of turning into a dragon since no one has ever been this close. But the real question is who is really s [...]

    26. I love this book. Quite simply, I'm in love with it. It has leapt up my *long* ladder of Books Already Read and plopped into the pool of my top 10 favorite books of all time.I can't get enough. I bought the ebook, and will now definitely be buying the physical copy. I love the characters, the premise, the world, the steam (ahem), the marvelously surprising endingeverything. I'd love to recommend this to you, but I haven't got the time; I'm going back to re-read it now.

    27. Picked this up because I was curious over at Dear Author some sage commenters remarked that it had too much sex.Well why.s, YES, it did. Not only that but I'm not a fan of making whoopee with one person as a human and the other in dragon/beast form. Yeah. NO. Ick times 100.So, in conclusion, I am SO sorry for being a doubting thomas, and will listen more carefully next time to my fellow readers.

    28. This is a menage of sorts between Kei (dragon slayer man) who is also a dragon (Nekane) and Lorran. Kei is bitten by a dragon. The dragon's bite means certain death because the stronger dragon will eventually overwhelm the man. No one has ever turned back to man after converting to a dragon. Lorran is the town's outkast. She is fiercely independent and a dragon whisperer.This is a short erotic romance and really fun to read.

    29. Wow, probably the best book I have read in a long time. I came across this book by accident and I am so glad that I took a chance on it. This book is sort of an historical fiction but set in a world where dragons exist. This book is the first in a series that shows a growth of knowledge in a world were not much is known about dragons. I loved everything about this book. I ended up staying up til three to read it. It was just that good.

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