Dragon's Fire

Dragon s Fire Power comes from passion Those words haunt Tiana s nights A witch with no powers Tiana is rejected and pitied by her people She lives a contented quiet existence on the edge of the Matriarchy s land

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  • Title: Dragon's Fire
  • Author: Tielle St. Clare
  • ISBN: 9781419951671
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Power comes from passion Those words haunt Tiana s nights A witch with no powers, Tiana is rejected and pitied by her people She lives a contented, quiet existence on the edge of the Matriarchy s lands until Princess Merena kidnaps Prince Rainek of Xicanth to use as a sex slave Seeing his strong, naked body chained to the wall, Tiana discovers desires and needs she nevPower comes from passion Those words haunt Tiana s nights A witch with no powers, Tiana is rejected and pitied by her people She lives a contented, quiet existence on the edge of the Matriarchy s lands until Princess Merena kidnaps Prince Rainek of Xicanth to use as a sex slave Seeing his strong, naked body chained to the wall, Tiana discovers desires and needs she never expected and the passion that flows between them has unexpected results Patience Denith, the dragon who shares Rainek s mind, has been preaching patience all his life and Rainek doesn t want to hear it any He wants the bedamned beast to pick a mate for him After thirty celibate summers, he s a frustrated, exhausted virgind now he s been captured, stripped and chained inside a dungeon by a conniving princess His situation hasn t improved But when a dainty little thing comes into the dungeon to bathe him, Rainek and Denith immediately recognize her as the one Now Rainek just has to free himself, kidnap his mate, and convince her that life with a dragon was what she always wanted Simple.

    One thought on “Dragon's Fire”

    1. If you're looking for hot dragon tongue action, gorgeous, sexy heroes with stamina, and strong women heroines.k out the Dragon series from Tielle St. Clare. This is book two and it's just as hot as book one!Rainek is tired of being a virgin! He's 30 and WWAAYYY past ready to have sex with something other than his hand!! Unfortunately, he shares his body and mind with his dragon Denith, who refuses to allow him to have real sex with anybody except his mate and Rainek has surely shown Denith every [...]

    2. It took this second read for me to catch that Spoiled Princess knew about her power. I just thought she knew Tiana hadn't experienced true passion. I mean if you were super smug about yourself and had seduced princes and kings aplenty, and had a sister that didn't know true passion, there'd be some nose rubbing. Also wonder why Rainek didn't leave the surrounding area after the 1st day of cave pleasuring was done. They shouldn't eaten and then took off, to a safer location so he could have his w [...]

    3. There is a lot of erotic dragon/human action in this book, but that is about all this book has going for it. The first book is betterthan this one. Both books seem to follow a similar formula which starts to lose it's shine by the second book. I am not sure I want to read the next two books in the seriesRainek is the half-dragon/half-man offspring of Kei and Lorran from Book 1. He inexplicably decides to go to another kingdom to search for a wife.having never had real sex, because his dragon-sel [...]

    4. This book was the second in the author's series about dragons, this time following one of the sons from the union made in the first book, Dragon's Kiss. Unfortunately, with a few differences, this book reads almost exactly the same as the first one. The changes made in the plot due to the differences between books one and two made for interesting reading, but I couldn't garner much more excitement than that. I have a feeling that books three and four will be much the same as this one, the same r [...]

    5. This second book was much like the first in a few ways1. combination of man and dragon2. determined search for mate3. furious protection of mate4. SEXyet very different because Denith has been with Rainek since birth (more mature than Nekane), and they have more of an immediate, natural, compatible relationship. (Kei spends last book resisting Nekane, but Rainek and Denith are true partners.)I love, love, love the first book and, though this second book isn't quite involved enough to earn 5 star [...]

    6. Another fun read. This is the story of Rainek - Lorran and Kei's middle son. Rainek goes looking for his mate - at 30 he's getting really tired of being a virgin There's a whole lot of hot Energizer bunny sex but it has an interesting plot, good characters and cute dialog. Warning the heroine has [oral:] sex with the hero in dragon form - if that bugs you stay away from these four.Shadow of the Dragon1. Dragon's Kiss (2004)2. Dragon's Fire (2005)3. Dragon's Rise (2005)4. Dragon's Prey (2009)

    7. This story contains dragons(duh), the word "mine", and multiple sex scenes between the heroine and the hero/dragon. The plot is interesting enough, but because of the oversexed scenes, it becomes almost inconsequential with the story. The sex scenes are just like a filler to make the story longer than it should be. The climax part is also anti-climatic, that there are no direct retributions to the villains. I also become more interested in Bren's character than this one. Anyway, this is an enter [...]

    8. Love this book! I didn't realize it was book 2 in a series and I don't feel like I missed anything jumping into the first one but now I do want to read the first one!! Sometimes the Ellora Cave books are a little too much in the constant sex and it did get a smidge repetitive but all in all, a very good book in my opinion.It was funny, sexy and smart. Hated Merena but it all worked out the in the end.

    9. I loved this crazy story. Already caught into the series by book one, I knew this would be just as goofy and good. Dragons are one of my favorite supernatural beings. I read 'dragon' books the most. So I understand a good story can easily go bad. This one stayed pretty interesting the whole way through. Definitely a good book to lay in the park with to pass a few hours away.

    10. What the hell did I just read? xDA girl having sex with a man and a dragon. 90% of the book is sex, the rest is not really interesting. I didn't really care about the characters, didn't feel connected to them. And rhe sex scenes were repetitive and boring. My opinion: grab a partner, jump to bed and have fun, it will be much better than reading this piece of crap :-)

    11. This book was only OK. I felt the writing and the story line was a bit boring. There was lots of sex, but it didn't give me any emotional connection. It was all just 'whatever'. I'm not going to bother with anymore.

    12. This series just gets weirder and weirder. One things that's completely unchanged though is the sex rule. One sex scene every two pages. And the hilarity of the situations. It's just ridiculous. Seriously. I am so not bothering to read the rest.

    13. 3.8/5Para ser el primer libro que leo de Tielle, me gustó mucho. Es "hottie" pero el hecho de meter dragones a su historia lo hace interesante. Me pareció bueno, pero me dejó con ganas de leer sobre los otros dos hermanos. >.<

    14. Book two is just as hot and naughty as book one. I actually found myself looking around and thinking "OMG, I hope no one knows what I'm reading right now". Get ready to breathe hard and fan yourselfa lot!

    15. Enchanting reading, an enchanting dragon, marvelous love story and characters that almost jump off the pages.I had a great time reading this book, and is like, the 3rd time I do so. It never gets boring.

    16. I loved this book. It had a great plot with interesting characters. I really got pulled into the relationship between Tiana and Rainek. I can't wait to read the next book to see what is in store for Kei's two other children.

    17. Erotic romance with a HEA. This book doesn't offer the story-line or background on the characters as you get in the first book. Dragon's Fire is chucked full of sex which included oral with the dragon.

    18. I'm really enjoying Tielle St. Clare's "Shadow of the Dragon" series. I enjoy the need the dragons have for their mate. These are very steamy romances.

    19. Dragon's fireThis book was ok. I don't regret reading it, but I felt that the sex kept interrupting the story and the story was very imaginative and interesting.

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