Mists of Velvet

Mists of Velvet Hidden from mortals Annwyn the Otherworld is home to shapeshifters wraiths and dragons Rhys MacDonald the mortal great grandson of a banished prince races to Annwyn to offer help when his ancient

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  • Title: Mists of Velvet
  • Author: Sophie Renwick
  • ISBN: 9780451232601
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hidden from mortals, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons Rhys MacDonald, the mortal great grandson of a banished prince races to Annwyn to offer help when his ancient homeland is threatened by a dangerous Dark Magick There he encounters a young goddess and shapeshifter, who thinks he is the mate foreseen in her dreams Bound together byHidden from mortals, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons Rhys MacDonald, the mortal great grandson of a banished prince races to Annwyn to offer help when his ancient homeland is threatened by a dangerous Dark Magick There he encounters a young goddess and shapeshifter, who thinks he is the mate foreseen in her dreams Bound together by the flames of desire, they discover that destiny and the Dark Magick has other plans for them

    One thought on “Mists of Velvet”

    1. My Review:The Plot:Rhys MacDonald is a mere mortal amongst a cache of extremely powerful immortals. Treated with disdain by most and as a nuisance by everyone else, Rhys is tired of being handled with kid gloves. Mostly he's pissed about being left out of the fight against the seeping evil that's spreading its oily tentacles into not only the otherworld of Annwyn but within the mortal realm as well. To top off Rhys's growing aggravation is the sudden and perplexing distance his Shadow Wraith has [...]

    2. Loved it! OMG the ending was so sad!!! Poor Keir. I hate what is happening to him. So there is a third book which was suppose to come out Dec 2011 but well I cant find it. That is frustrating cause I want to know whats going on. I even emailed the author and there hasn't been a response. Anyway I will keep waiting cause this series is worth waiting for.

    3. Mists of Velvet by Sophie RenwickParanormal Romance- Feb. 1st, 20114 starsMists of Velvet is the 2nd installment in a sweeping fantasy that readers of a complex and vivid landscape will be sure to enjoy. However, due to it’s complexity I would highly recommend reading the 1st book in the series (Velvet Haven) before reading this book.In this story, the lives of two men are remarkable intertwined. Both need each other. One for protection and the other for his energy. Rhys MacDonald is a mortal [...]

    4. When I read the first installment in this series I was excited to read more, but this book may have cured me of this excitement. I don't know if others will agree with me but I think this second installment contained too much information for just the SECOND book of what will probably be a long series. In this story we see the coming together of Rhys MacDonald, the mortal nephew of the King of the Sidhe and Bronwenn, the goddess of sex and fertility. Eventhough he is forbidden to enter Annwyn, Rh [...]

    5. While I found the basic premise of the story quite intriguing, I also found the sex to be so overtly explicit that it became distracting. Most definitely “hawt”, these encounters are most assuredly entertaining, unfortunately they provide very little support to the actual plot. I honestly feel that these encounters could have been much more supportive had they been a little lighter on the “visual” and a little more on the “emotional”.Now, please don’t take my previous comments to m [...]

    6. Sensuality: 3 of 5Kink: vanillaWell I was very disappointed with this book. I loved the first one and while this was ok it was not as good as the first one in terms of romance or story. I just didn't care for Bronwenn being a virgin and no contact with men but was really very forward and knowing about sex. In that world I just didn't buy it, if it had been now in present day america/earth yes a virgin could be that knowing and sexual. I liked her character but I wasn't that caring about her. I a [...]

    7. Wow!!! What a fantastic read. I thought I liked this first book in the series but this one really upped the bar. Rhys and Bronwnn's story of love was filled with so much emotion. I was rooting for them from the very beginning, I just couldn't figure out how they were to overcome their differences. But as the saying goes love prevails and it's course can't be altered. Keir and Rowan where also in this book and my heart ached for them. It's so obvious how much Keir loves Rowan and Rowan having to [...]

    8. Renwick does a great job moving the story forward, working toward solving the riddles of the prophocies and developing the characters. Love they way she keeps you on the edge of wondering who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. The books are a little shorter then I'd like, and the sex could be toned down a bit, but over all I love the plot of this series and would like to see the books come out a bit faster since they are shorter. Also didn't like the fact it was only available on Nook : [...]

    9. Okay, this book wasn't quite as good as the first one, but it was great none-the-less. I love the fact that her female characters are curvy girls with great hearts. There were some great surprises in this book. I won't give away a spoiler here, but the end of the book made me so sad and worried about what lies ahead for Annwyan. Rhy's character was charming and sexy. The shrouding ceremony was H-O-T! Renwick made the sex scenes sultry and lusty as usual. I really enjoyed this read and look forwa [...]

    10. This first book Velvet Haven was so much better and it left me screaming wanting more, so I set the bar pretty high for the second book. This one, while it's entertaining and mysterious, it lacks the chemistry between the H/h. When they were dreaming of and had vision of each other, it was super hot but when they finally met, it didn't quite works. So, in that sense, I was very disappointed. However, I still recommend this series to anyone who loves a scorching hot PNR ;)

    11. This is highly immature of me, but whenever I heard the male love interest's last name, I immediately started snickering. Did this happen to anyone else? Other than that, this book was slightly better than the first one, and I'll read the next book, just to finish the series.

    12. Rhys MacDonald ist der Inhaber von Velvet Haven. Es ist nicht irgendein Nachtlokal, sondern der heißeste zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits. Als er verbotener Weise die Grenze überschreitet, bekommt er Hilfe von der Gestaltwandlerin Bronwynn.Ich war schon von Band 1 begeistert, aber als ich merkte das nach Band 2 nicht weiter übersetzt wird. Habe ich mir wirklich sehr überlegt ob ich mir noch Band 2 holen soll. Denn ich müsste auf jeden Fall ab 3 in Englisch lesen. Trotzdem bin ich froh, das i [...]

    13. This is book 2 in the series.I would recomend that you read Velevet Haven first if you have not read it yet it sets things up for this one. I did not enjoy it as much as the first but it still has me wanting to read more. Since she has set things up for a long series. I am looking forward to the next book. Now if someone can let me know when that will be.

    14. this was a really good book for this series its all about goddesses and shapeshifters and a diffrent dimension it was a really good read. not sure if theres more to come but I'm hoping there will bejust dont know when???

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