Deception England Determined to find love Aurora Glendenning hides her wealth and status wanting a man to love her for her who will overlook her mistakes When she meets Levi Lord Greville she thinks he

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  • Title: Deception
  • Author: Jaimey Grant
  • ISBN: 9781617520037
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • England 1818 Determined to find love, Aurora Glendenning hides her wealth and status, wanting a man to love her for her who will overlook her mistakes When she meets Levi, Lord Greville, she thinks her prayers have been answered There s just one problem he needs wealth to right his wrongs Can love make everything all right in this tale with so many lies and unanEngland 1818 Determined to find love, Aurora Glendenning hides her wealth and status, wanting a man to love her for her who will overlook her mistakes When she meets Levi, Lord Greville, she thinks her prayers have been answered There s just one problem he needs wealth to right his wrongs Can love make everything all right in this tale with so many lies and unanswered questions

    One thought on “Deception”

    1. I am pleased to have the honor of helping to edit this book. The characters are compelling and personable and the storyrfect Jaimey Grant!

    2. Jaimey Grant has put together a montage of excellent, well-constructed characters in a world all her own, set in Regency London. The characters, the characters, the charactersJaimey knows how to add depth and create conflicts and pasts that are somewhat daunting when dealing with the ton. The descriptions of various settings in the book were excellent and had me there with the characters as they were experiencing whatever was going on. By the first few chapters of the story, you are friends with [...]

    3. I became a huge fan of Ms. Grants as I read her previous books, "Betrayal" and "Heartless". I enjoy her writing style and love the depth she pulls from her characters that draws the reader in and hooks one completely in the story. That is also why I was disappointed in this particular book. That depth just wasn't there. That confused me and I had to really contemplate what made it so. Here are my conclusions:First; there are so many characters introduced in the beginning of the story with the as [...]

    4. What I liked:the whole set of charactersthe humorthe length of the storythe annoying & interfering Dukethat the husband wasn't all smart but he came through anywayund some new "old" words-always a plus!What I didn't like:the heroine was a nincompoop- she could have avoided all the mess she made by simply telling her husband what was going on.A not too long fun story, even if it doesn't have too many surprises.Also reviewed/rated at:ShelfariB&NKobo

    5. While this review is long overdue, I'm honored to give five out of five stars to Jaimey Grant's Deception.Grant's characters comprise a circle of friends and relations, so it's fun to see the people from other books show up as supporting characters. This particular tale involves Levi Greville and Aurora Glendenning, neither of whom are presenting an entirely accurate picture of themselves to society at large. With intrigue, crime and yes, deception, all the way around, Grant has created an enter [...]

    6. Once again in the interest of transparency, I will note that I know the author. I will also say that Romance is something I tend to avoid because it all runs more or less the same. Man sees woman. Woman sees man. For some reason (be it mutual loathing, social systems, or some other equally dull reason) they cannot be together. Love eventually wins out and they marry. The end.This book was, very happily, nothing like that. Despite being labelled a Historical Romance, I found it more of an Adventu [...]

    7. I love all of Jaimey Grant's writings, it is hard for me to put down once I start. However, this story was a little hard for me to push through at times. Mostly because I felt the characters lacked a level of depth that helped me understand their relationship as it evolved. This story is of Levi, a character introduced in Betrayal, and a new character, Aurora, and their budding relationship. Levi must marry in order to secure his future, in ways that we don't fully understand until the middle of [...]

    8. Let's list down the reasons why I hate this one, too (though not as much as the other one, because finally, there is no rape issue with any of the main characters):1. We have a very immature heroine who is a liar and a deceiver. I understand that she wanted to marry for love so she hid her wealth. But she lied too much. I don't know what the hero saw in her that he is convinced that he is in love with her. Every bad thing that happened to her, she brought it upon herself.2. A meddling Duke. What [...]

    9. A great deal of work must have gone into this well-written Regency. I also write Regencies, so I was very aware of the language, dialogue, setting, and tone. She does an exceptional job with characterization, and her story is actually quite 'spot on' with the mores of Regency Society. Jaimey has also done a good job demonstrating the harsh injustice suffered by the women of the time. Men could do anything and still be entirely acceptable to the 'ton,' but women? Poor Aurora is the victim of men' [...]

    10. So I actually only read the first few pages of this book before I had to stop reading. I am sorry I am NOT one of those people who think keeping mistresses and fornication make a good story. Sorry, but no. Within the first few pages we are introduced to a loser, said losers mistress, said losers sister and sisters husband(who is actually said losers mistresses previous lover) Um don't need to waste any more time.Sorry if this is harsh, but if this is listed as a clean romance, even if nothing to [...]

    11. I have been fortunate to read Jaimey's books in order. Following the characters from book to book has been fun. Sometimes the themes are a bit dark for me, but I like seeing how the characters learn from their mistakes and the challenges that life gives them. Love wins out in the end and the strong group of friends emerging is fun to behold.

    12. This was a good book set in the Regency period in London. I liked all the characters and thought the plot was interesting. I would have liked a little more suspense in the romance department, but I thought the dialogue was witty and liked the book enough that I will most likely read other books by this author.

    13. This is an author I always approach with a bit of caution. Her version of a 'clean' story differs somewhat to mine. This one, though, I enjoyed. I understood the motivation of all the characters, even though at times it felt as though their was a lack if depth to them. I look forward to exploring the rest of the world created by the author.

    14. A cute regency era read. I was a bit worried that it would not be clean based on how it started out (there is a lot of reference to sex, but no description of it), but this ended up being a cute story with a little adventure thrown in.

    15. If Tess of the Duberville's and Aurora had tea together, this is what they would say: "Damned if you do, and damned if you don't." This book was like eating chocolate. Pure enjoyment!

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