Carl's Afternoon in the Park

Carl s Afternoon in the Park Carl the baby and a new puppy spend an eventful afternoon in the park riding on a carousel romping in the flowers and visiting a children s zoo A contribution from the proceeds benefits the Ameri

  • Title: Carl's Afternoon in the Park
  • Author: Alexandra Day
  • ISBN: 9780374311094
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carl, the baby, and a new puppy spend an eventful afternoon in the park, riding on a carousel, romping in the flowers, and visiting a children s zoo.A contribution from the proceeds benefits the American Humane Association.

    One thought on “Carl's Afternoon in the Park”

    1. This one I read while I was waiting for the Offspring to finish browsing. Carl is adorable. I enjoy the adventures he and the babies get up to when no one is looking.Library copy.

    2. This is a very amusing book and many children would love to look through this, with Carl, the baby and this time, a puppy as well. The puppy looks exactly like Carl but smaller. They are in the park and the mom runs into a friend that she knows and they decide to go and get some tea. The mom tells Carl to watch the baby and the puppy. The three of the run around the park causing all kind of messes, the reader really has to pay attention to the illustrations to notice what the three of them get i [...]

    3. A very nicely illustrated wordless book (one of a series) about a dog named Carl who accompanies a baby to the park with a puppy and the child's mother. There the mother leaves the dog to take care of the baby and puppy. They engage in all the quintessentially enjoyable activities for children: ride on a train, eat ice cream, play on a playground, visit a petting zoo, look through binoculars, and so on. The adventures are engagingly portrayed in wordless format, with gentle and child-level humor [...]

    4. Carl is a large, very smart do who is put in charge of watching the baby. Carl, the baby, and a young puppy spend the day in the park exploring the playground, art, the gardens and many other things. This all happens while the mother is having tea with one of her friends.This book has very few words. In fact, the only words are at the very beginning and the very end where the mother is talking. Since the baby and the dogs can't talk, the rest of the story is told by the pictures. This book is si [...]

    5. I had this book when I was a baby and still have it now (I am an 18 year old college student don't judge me!). It was always one of my favorites and I really enjoy showing it to kids now. The fact that there are no words only pictures always seems to really excite kids because they can "read" it just as well as adults can, if not better. Some parents get upset over the fact that the "idiot mom" leaves her kid alone with only a dog to watch her, but it's a book so please get over it. It is not [...]

    6. As with all Carl stories, the author knows just how to make a story move through pictures alone. It seems each character has its own narrative for the reader to cultivate. The story changes to meet the needs of the reader. There, also, seems an ethereal calm to the chaos that surrounds our friend Carl. In this installment, Carl is left alone to care not only for the baby, but for a Rottweiler puppy at the park. They embark on a carousel ride, step into a painting class and experience a petting z [...]

    7. This a a colorful and engaging book for children. It begins with words only on the first page and ends with words only on the last page. A Mom and her friend decide to get tea and leave the baby and puppy with the older dog for the day. They go on lots of adventures and visit many different places. The book at this point only uses pictures which makes it a great book for children to describe, predict, and sequence. The illustrations are also very realistic.

    8. This is a wonderful picture book. With only words on the first and last pages it is a perfect book for my 2 year old to read herself. And I just have to add for those outraged about a book where a dog takes care of a baby It is just a book. It's fantasy Do you also object to books with talking bears? Or dancing cats? Or Peter Pan? Use it as a tool to teach your child the difference between fiction and reality.

    9. I hate this book. More than the first Carl book. I didn't even realize I had reserved it at the library until my son pulled it out of the bag. I don't care how good the art is, the notion that a mother would leave her baby in the care of a dog and puppy in a PUBLIC place (the park/zoo) so that she could have tea with her friend is insane. I could not get past my irritation and then found it compounded by the antics of the puppy. Ugh.

    10. Alexandra Day´s illustrations are beautifully detailed. The first page and the last page of the book have text; so, the viewer interprets the middle of the book from viewing the page by page action. Mother, baby and Carl the dog meet another lady with her puppy in the park. The ladies decide to go to tea and leave Carl the dog in charge of caring for the baby and the puppy. The 3 get into all kinds of fun until the ladies return.

    11. I enjoyed all of the Carl books . There are usually words on the first page like " we are going shopping Carl, take good care of the baby" and the adventure begins. The picture are beautifully drawn with lots of details. It give your child lots of room to find their own story. Great book for getting your child involved in the story and make it their own.

    12. My all time favorite childrens booksCarl and his many adventures. there are no words in these books except the first and last pages to introduce and end each book so, every time you "read" it it is a different story! kids love to make up words and story lines. The art work & pictures are beautifully done as well

    13. I read this book frequently to my son when he was a toddler. It was a book we both found delightful. Since the story relies on the pictures, not words, there was leeway for some creativity in its reading and freedom for a 2 year old to read it for himself. And the pictures are lovely. Carl is the perfect pet for a New York City apartment.

    14. This is my favorite of the series because it has Carl's junior and no, I don't mean the hamburger joint. (is this thing on?) Again we join wordless Carl, this time on a jaunt to the park and it is magical.

    15. I enjoyed looking at the pictues in this book with no words. This pictue book with realistic paintings only has words on the first and last page of this book. This book would be great to get students to describe what they see,and predict what will happen next.

    16. Audience- boys and girls, primary, wordless, animal lovesAppeal- good illustrations, happy, colorfulApplication- Have students tell or write a story for what is happening in the pictures. Use when talking about pets or animals. Awards- none

    17. In this adventure, Carl has to care for the baby and a puppy. The puppy gets a balloon and nearly floats off, Carl ruins part of a flower bed, but in the end, Carl, baby and puppy are all fine. These nearly wordless books could be great inspiration for student writing.

    18. Oh, how Jordan loves Carl! She loves to narrate the wordless pages, I love to hear her storytelling. Always a win-win.

    19. "read" is a bit of a misnomer. With text only at the beginning and end, there are limitless opportunities to create the backstory for this cute book.

    20. I think the mother in this book is extremely irresponsible. Thank goodness for the dog, or who knows what would have happened to that baby!

    21. My son borrowed this one from his preschool. At the time I had trouble wrapping my head around a wordless picture book.

    22. This was another picture book that Wesley enjoyed. He really likes explaining what happened on each page!

    23. Enjoyed this book with my kiddo but had heartache after reading about how Alexandra Day lost one of her "Carl" dogs during the creation of this book, loved the puppy being included!

    24. The pictures in this book let the reader create their own story of Carl's adventures in the park one afternoon.

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