Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe

Poetry for Young People Edgar Allan Poe Gr Upspacious format a wide variety of poems and colorful interpretive illustrations SLJ The format is admirable a handsome sampler of poems with a short introductory essay unfamiliar words brief

  • Title: Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe Brod Bagert Carolynn Cobleigh
  • ISBN: 9780806908205
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gr 5 Upspacious format a wide variety of poems and colorful, interpretive illustrations SLJ The format is admirable a handsome sampler of poems, with a short introductory essay, unfamiliar words briefly defined in footnotes, and a few prefatory sentences for each poem to establish context and aid interpretation 13 of Poe s accessible poems appear here Gr 5 Upspacious format a wide variety of poems and colorful, interpretive illustrations SLJ The format is admirable a handsome sampler of poems, with a short introductory essay, unfamiliar words briefly defined in footnotes, and a few prefatory sentences for each poem to establish context and aid interpretation 13 of Poe s accessible poems appear here, including The Raven, The Bells, Eldorado, and Annabel Leeludes with passages from short stories that highlight Poe s mastery of prose.Cobleigh provides atmospheric art an arresting picture of The Raven, a cadaverous ghoul in The Bells, and a depiction of the narrator of The Tell Tale Heart as a deranged Wee Willy Winky Kirkus Reviews creepy, unnerving, chilling, and fascinating Buzz Weekly 48 pages all in color , 8 1 2 x 10.

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    1. Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Brod Bagert. Sterling Publishing Company, 48 pages. Non-fiction, work of poetry. Description: A sampling of Edgar Allan Poe's poems are presented, along with adapted excerpts from some of his longer prose. The poems are illustrated and briefly annotated.Review: This collection helps young readers ease into poetry that might normally seem too difficult for them to enjoy. Dark, dreamlike illustrations accompany the texts and reflect the dark mood [...]

    2. This was a good way to revisit EAP's poetry, and ask myself what kind of antimental? morose? odd?d I must've been to have loved him when I was in elementary school. Now, I guess it provides a way to make his poems more accessible to a young audience.

    3. While Poe has some great poems, I don't know that he'd really be one of my top choices for a kids' series. The rhythm and rhyme are nice; the general despair, not so much. I liked the editor's idea of excerpting poetical passages from some of Poe's most famous stories as well, though I'm iffy about the decision to line-break them. It makes them look more like poems, but it's not done in a particularly inspired manner, and since Poe's actual poems are not remotely free verse, it feels like a jarr [...]

    4. I wasn't a particular big fan of Edgar Allan Poe, but quite a number of years ago I had a friend who was. I decided to give Poe another chance. Some of his works actually became favorites of mine. I even memorized his poem, Bells. This book rekindled my interest in Poe. I especially appreciated the introduction which gave me some insights into his life which helps me appreciate his works more.

    5. This book was ok because it was sad. The reading age would probably be 5th grade and up. Edger Allan Poe was a poor child when his dad ran away from him. His mom and wife died. There are poems including The Bells, The Lake, Alone, Annabel Lee, and The Raven. Did he live a very good life? Read the book to find out!!!

    6. This book is a good introduction to Edgrar Allan Poe's poetry. Each poem has a brief description of what the poem is about along with an illustration. I rated this book 5/5 because it is a good introduction to longer poems and it offers a short description of each.

    7. Some poems in this text might be considered deep for young kids, but there is certainly some great poems by the godfather himself. I like the fact that it includes definitions at the bottom of the pages. There is some great vocabulary, awesome book for poems and learning about Poe himself.

    8. I enjoyed reading this book but it took away because I was trying to understand everything that was happening in each poem.

    9. Poetry for Young People by Edgar Allan Poe is a book of poems by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s for young people from age 8 and up. The poems are based on a big part of Poe's’ life and it reveals his feelings about loneliness, romance and his fight with alcohol. For instance one poem called “The Hop Frog” suggests that Poe knew he had a alcohol problem and he wished that he could be sober, and the poem “Alone” gives us a glimpse into how he really felt alone since childhood. Brod Bagert (the [...]

    10. Summary:This book starts out with a great, in-depth, introduction of the life of Edgar Allan Poe. It then goes into many of the poems written by Poe. Each poem has a brief summary of what the poem is about and some poems are accompanied by a picture. Response:This book gives me a feeling of understanding. I remember when I was back in middle school and started to learn about Edgar Allan Poe. We read "The Raven". I had a feeling of confusion because the poem was so long that I did not understand [...]

    11. In honor of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday, our local library had a display of some of his books. I found this book and thought that perhaps it might be a good introduction for our girls. I knew that he had died young, but when I read the introduction, I was reminded of the fact that he died at the age of forty. Having reached that milestone recently myself, I was reminded a bit of my own mortality. Ah, the melancholy and macabre poems are getting to me! I was a little surprised at how graphic the d [...]

    12. In the Edgar Allan Poe version of Poetry For Young People everything is very dark. The pictures and the poems have a very sad and mysterious tone to them. This dark book starts off with background of Edgar Allan Poe this is even a sad story. I love that at the beginning of every poem there is a description to help the reader understand the poem. Kids can read poems all day but it is worthless if they have no idea what is going on. They might as well be reading another language so the description [...]

    13. Poetry For Young People: Edgar Allen Poe is a small collection of Poe's poems and excerpts from some of his short stories. It includes poems such as "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee" and excerpts from "The Black Cat" and "The Cask of Amontillado". If you aren't familiar with Poe's works (which I think alot of people have heard of, but not really read) then this book is a good introduction to some his most famous works and some of his lesser known works. What's better is that under the title of each [...]

    14. Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe is a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe edited by Brod Baget and Illustrated by Carolynn Cobleigh. It is intended for the age group eight through twelve. The book has some of Poe’s most famous poems. Each poem has a clear colored illustration and an introduction, so that the reader can better understand it.I am a big Edgar Allan Poe fan, so I love that there is also a book of his great works geared towards children. The illustrations are beautiful a [...]

    15. Creative works from the emotionally-tortured literary genius Edgar Allan Poe are featured in this collection of poetry and excerpts of short stories, including "The Raven", “The Bells”, and "Annabel Lee." A brief but descriptive biography of Poe's life is included in the book’s introduction. Editor’s notes help students interpret and understand Poe’s writing, as do definitions of the more difficult words. Poems are accompanied by moody illustrations that help make the study of classic [...]

    16. When in college, a professor who taught American Literature, loved Edgar Allan Poe. I confess that I wasn't drawn to his writings back then, nor am I particularly enamored today. But, I very much like the other books in the Poetry for Young People and want to read all in this series.This book does a wonderful job of providing snippets of information regarding Poe's life and works. Focusing on details of various passages, and, even if the reader doesn't particularly like his poems, Poe can be app [...]

    17. Poetry for Young People: Edgar Allan Poe was great to read as it was something I haven’t done in many years. This book provided so many poems that I was completely unaware of by Edgar Allen Poe and I ended up reading through the book in no time. There are illustrations on every page, that at first might seem to represent the name of the story, but as you go through it seems as if they represent the “thing” described or attempting to be described. My first concern with the book is it doesn [...]

    18. This book was an anthology of poems written by Edgar Allan Poe, I chose this book because I've heard a lot of great things about Poe's writing, and I wanted to read some of his work. I really enjoyed the poems in this book, I really liked the way Poe described things in his poems. Many of the poems were about love, and I enjoyed the poems because I felt like you could really understand his passion. The poems were also full of emotions. My favorite poems featured in the book are Annabel Lee, Alon [...]

    19. This is a great compilation of the works of Poe for children just being introduced to Poetry. I am very familiar with Edgar Allen Poe, and "The Raven" is still one of my favorite pieces of poetry ever written. The beginning of this book is a short biography of Poe and an explanation of the choice of Poems and works, which is good to give the reader an impression of who Edgar Allen Poe was. The first poem in the compilation is "Alone" which is in itself a perfect introduction to Edgar Allen Poe a [...]

    20. This book includes a small amount of Edgar Allan Poe's work. It is a great introduction to some of his most known work. I enjoy the illustrations that are presented with the text. They allow the reader to make meaning of the text. It is a very kid friendly book, however still presents Poe's dark moods and tones throughout his work. While reading through the text and studying the images, I gained a new understanding of his writing. The emotions are presented clearly in both the text and the illus [...]

    21. Poe, Edgar Allan. Poetry for Young People Edgar Allan Poe. Edited by Bagert, Brod, II. Illustrated by Cobleigh, Carolynn (1995). This is a collection of Poe’s poetry and prose and are taken from his collection of short stories. Some poems are from; “The Masque of the Red Death, The Cask of Amontillado, and The Black Cat.” The majority of the poems are dark, as much as Poe’s work is, and this collection would be an excellent choice during the month of October. The illustrations are bright [...]

    22. This may be a shocking revelation, but putting a pretty picture beside a poem doesn't necessarily give it kid appeal. Frankly, I think this volume was doomed before it began. If there is any poet in existence whose work is unlikely to be enjoyed by children, that person is Edgar Allen Poe. You simply cannot take a poem about longing for lost love and expect it to appeal to a broad range of cootie-obsessed elementary students--no matter how cool the picture is. Personally, I think this book misse [...]

    23. This book was interesting to read. First of all, I had already read a few of these poems before so I knew what I was getting in to. Although, reading these poems before didn't help much, because I was still confused about a few of the poems. This book helped so much because it had summaries of what each poem was about. This allows children, and me, to clearly understand what they are reading. There are also a bunch of words in Edgar Allen Poe's poetry that kinds might not understand. In this boo [...]

    24. I have always been an Edgar Allan Poe fan, since I was a little Edgar Allan Poe's story entranced me, I enjoyed the spooky fiction that Edgar Allan Poe delivered, and ever since I have read and memorized many of the poems that take place in this book. One of the things I can say I disliked about this book is that they cut almost the WHOLE story just for little stanzas, which made the stories confusing. However because Edgar Allan Poe's stories are very long and wordy so it makes sense why they w [...]

    25. Bagert adds an introduction to the book with info about the Poe and some of his poems. There is also a note to parents that the last eight poems are passages from other works by Poe. Also, with each poem there is an explanation or background information about that particular poem. Bagert includes classics from Poe: Alone, The Raven, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Cask of Amontillado”. With each poem there is at least one illustration that relates to the meaning. Cobleigh’s illu [...]

    26. I have always enjoyed the works by Edgar Allan Poe. This is a collection of more than twenty examples of Poe's work that has been assembled along with explanations/definitions for easier understanding. Poe's writings are presented to introduce young readers to his work. The illustrations are as colorful and complex as Poe's writing. What child wouldn't appreciate the tormenting tale of "The Raven"?I also enjoyed the introduction that provided insight into the complexity that was Edgar Allan Poe. [...]

    27. Title: Poetry for young people:Edgar Allan PoeAuthor: Edgar Allan PoeType of text: poetryI liked most of the poems in the book. My favourite one was called “Annabel Lee” which is happy at first but turns very sad in the end. I think the author wrote the poem when he was in a really sad mood. Even though it is a tragic poem, I liked it the most.I would recommend this book because it has lots of different poetries and all of them are very different and interesting.

    28. Excellent. Most of the poems it gives just a portion of the poem except the Bells and The Raven and a few short poems. The illustrations are well done. It gives definitions to big words and a summary of what the piece is about. All that said, this isn't for sensitive childrenwho are easily scared as Poe can be mysterious & scary. My kids ages 6-20 enjoyed this. I found a reader on YouTube for the Bells and it made it more fun.

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