The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan Be careful We are being watched That s the message Enola Holmes gets from her friend Lady Cecily who uses her pink fan to signal danger Enola must save Cecily who is being held prisoner in an abysma

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  • Title: The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan
  • Author: Nancy Springer
  • ISBN: 9780142415177
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Be careful We are being watched.That s the message Enola Holmes gets from her friend Lady Cecily, who uses her pink fan to signal danger Enola must save Cecily, who is being held prisoner in an abysmal orphanage If Cecily isn t rescued, she ll be forced into a miserable marriage But Enola s brother Sherlock is the only one who can help If she joins forces with SherlocBe careful We are being watched.That s the message Enola Holmes gets from her friend Lady Cecily, who uses her pink fan to signal danger Enola must save Cecily, who is being held prisoner in an abysmal orphanage If Cecily isn t rescued, she ll be forced into a miserable marriage But Enola s brother Sherlock is the only one who can help If she joins forces with Sherlock, Enola risks her freedom, but if she doesn t, Lady Cecily may be doomed

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    1. I will come right out and admit that I definitely allowed myself to picture a particular Mr. Cumberbatch throughout the Sherlock cameos in this story, which had me laughing quite heartily. I loved the scenes that Sherlock shared with Enola, the sibling relationship was humorous and tense, quite realistic given their difference in age. Again, I was impressed with how clever and thoughtful Enola was, always thoroughly thinking things through before launching off. That doesn't mean she doesn't impr [...]

    2. Another good story in the Enola Holmes series. This one has Enola to rescue, after Lady Cecily is again in grave peril! Enola is resting in the Ladie's Public Lavatory after a day of shopping when she encounters Lady Cecily (from The Case of the Left-Handed Lady). Cecily is dressed in a very curious and cumbersome gown and seems to be in the process of shopping for her trousseau. Lady Cecily manages to ask Enola for help using the language of fans before her guardians whisk he away and Enola is [...]

    3. Yet another entertaining installment in the Enola Holmes mystery series.In this, the fourth installment, Enola finds herself once again having to rescue the Left-Handed Lady, from a terrible, constricting fate.Since it had been over a year since I'd listened to the "Left-Handed Lady" I'm afraid some of the impact of her return was lost on me, and I had to rely on what was included in this book to refresh my memory. That said, I was thrilled that much of this book finally focused on Enola's relat [...]

    4. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan is another winner for Nancy Springer. If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan then you’ll enjoy the Enola Holmes Mysteries. Enola Holmes is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes who was born during her mother’s change of life, menopause. Her mother raised her not to be a lady but to be an independent woman. During Enola’s fourteen year her mother leaves her to fend for herself. Enola, spelled backwards is Alone, has the genius of her brother S [...]

    5. Not as good as the previous Enola Holmes mysteries, but the relationship between Sherlock and Enola became the main focus in this one rather than the actual mystery plot. Whether that was intentional or not, I cannot tell. For me that shows a distinct lack of polish. However, I still like it, and think these books on average smarter than the average YA novel for older elementary to middle school students.Quite liking how Sherlock makes comparisons and contrasts between his little sister and he. [...]

    6. What a rollicking good time I am having reading these books about 14 year old Enola Holmes, the very resourceful younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes whose mom ran away to join the gypsies leaving Enola with a lot of money to support herself on. Sherlock and Mycroft want to put her in a boarding school to learn to be a lady and trophy wife one day but Enola is having none of it. She is living on her own in London and helping people solve mysteries while dodging Sherlock and Mycro [...]

    7. Enola Holmes Mystery The Fourth. And considering how much time the book devotes to our dear hoyden's desires to find a friend, soul-mate or mother, there is plenty of time for a right load of swashbuckling and derring-do. She doesn't quite swing from the chandeliers but only because there wasn't one to her convenience. She really should be sliding down those bannisters on the cover - no really. Beyond the bannister surfing and the rope swinging this one really benefits from a proper generous sli [...]

    8. I think this may be my favorite of the series, for two reasons:1) Enola has a female friend and a female network of contacts that she probably would consider friends if she weren't so bad at friendship. She is allowed to have female friends. She is allowed to have fellow feeling for women. She is allowed to be female and to accept and enjoy that femininty, even while she refuses to follow the standard Victorian course for women.(view spoiler)[2) Sherlock Holmes has finally unraveled his own assu [...]

    9. "Ye gods!" "Ye reeking gods!" "Ye gods with corns and bunions!" "He limped away" p 110. And that is how narrator Enola 15 deals with suddenly meeting older brother Sherlock. Her style "I will spare the gentle reader" p 111 keeps us back in the Victorian times, when the upper class conveyed messages with fans and flowers. Lady Cecily's father has two sisters, "Lady Otelia Thoroughfinch, Viscountess of Inglethorpe" and "Baroness Merganser, Lady Aquilla", who all want her son Bramwell to marry h [...]

    10. I don't know. I guess maybe I'm over this series already. While I liked this one better than the third book, I'm still really irked by the fact that so much of Enola's success relies on chance and coincidence. She'd be a much stronger heroine if that weren't the case. Additionally, parts of this felt a little too didactic, the way the historical fiction can sometimes slip into - "and now I will educate you bluntly about life in this time period." Bleh.But, the central story is compelling enough [...]

    11. It took me a good 70 pages before I really got into this one and wanted to keep reading it. After that though, it actually turned into one of my favorites of the series and makes me want to go read some more Sherlock Holmes books to find out more of his personality and see how well it matches with these books. Which is kind of weird really that reading a historical fiction based around a historically fictitious character makes you want to go learn more about this fictitious guy.

    12. Sherlock Holmes stories and novels by Conan Doyle are among those "classics" that one never wearies of re-reading. But once a year is enough. What are we Sherlockians to do with the other 50 weeks of the year?We read pastiches, and among the most charming of those is a series of children's books by Nancy Springer starring Sherlock and Mycroft's much younger sister, Enola. Particularly clever is the donee, as Henry James would put it (if he were a Holmes fan - I wonder if he read Conan Doyle.) Th [...]

    13. Confound! and blast!I'm done reading the 4th book in the Enola Holmes Mystery series, The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan by Nancy Springer. By this fourth book, the characters (and the characterization of those main players in the drama) have become familiar friends and backdoor visitors in my literary world. I'm even beginning to speak like Enola--at times. I've mentioned before in other reviews of the series how much I admire Springer's use of an elevated vocabulary, in recreating authentically [...]

    14. SynopsisSherlock Holmes' younger sister, Enola Holmes, must use all her cunning to evade her brothers who wish to take her home and make her conform to Victorian ideals of femininity. However, this self-reliant daughter of a suffragette is able to maintain her independence while solving mysteries and aiding another young woman to avoid a forced marriage.ReviewThe author set out to marry her love of Sherlock Holmes with a feminist character. And while that's not intrinsically a bad thing, the age [...]

    15. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan is the fourth book in the Enola Holmes Mystery series. 14-year old Enola Holmes is the younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes who, like her brothers, has a talent for solving mysteries. With both of her parents out of the picture, Enola is left in the care of her two brothers, who think that their sister should act like a proper Victorian lady. But Enola, a smart, spunky, and self sufficient young lady, has run away from her brothers to start her own busi [...]

    16. Enola was raised a idiosyncratically in an isolated manor house by her mother. When her mother decamped to live her own life, Enola discovered that she too could lead an independent life--but she nevertheless misses her mother terribly. Their only communication since her mother's disappearance is through cyphered messages left in newspapers, but this is enough to buck up Enola's spirits and confidence. Under a variety of disguises she sets herself up as a finder of lost persons. Her latest case: [...]

    17. Number #4 in the Enola Holmes series is my favorite so far! Sixteen year old Lady Cecily, who once again finds herself in trouble, manages to communicate her desperate distress to the quick-thinking, sleuth Enola Holmes, the much younger teen sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The search for Lady Cecily is afoot. Where to begin? The only clue Enola has is a cheap pink fan.Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Enola, Lady Cecily's mother has engaged Sherlock to help find her daughter. Voila! The [...]

    18. These books are just so fun. They have a fabulous protagonist in the freedom-seeking Enola Holmes, decent mysteries, a dash of feminism, a little Sherlock Holmes, and enough angst to keep you wanting to read more. Also, I listen to them on audiobook and the narrator is fabulous. Every time I'm not sure what to listen to next, or am feeling in an audiobook rut, or am waiting on an audiobook hold at the library, I listen to the next one in the series. I need to remember them for booktalking next y [...]

    19. When I was young my friend and I listened to these books on tape. We listened to them so many time we could recite this whole book! We would also play Enola Holmes. These books are a great introduction to the classic Sherlock Holmes books! They teach 10 year old girls about Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood and make them want to read more!!

    20. I always make a point to ready any books that my daughter picks out at the library. I actually enjoyed this book! It was very well written, had a good story, and great character development. Such a breath of fresh air for children/juevenile books. It might be a bit advanced reading level wise for my daughter, (she is 8)but definitely a good book. I recommend it for any aspiring young reader.

    21. I enjoyed this as much as all the others. Very entertaining, clever use of old characters, and in general a lot of fun. Enola Holmes is awesome.

    22. Book number four in this series is another fun mystery to be solved with the formidable 14 year old Enola Holmes

    23. Enola stumbles onto Lady Cecily in a public lady's restroom and sees that she is in distress. Lady Cecily uses her pink fan - which doesn't at all match her trendy outfit - to send Enola a plea for help. However, before Enola can follow her, she runs into her brother Mycroft - literally, runs into him. She manages to escape him but loses track of Lady Cecily and is at a loss as to how to find her and help her.Lady Cecily has managed to leave the fan with Enola who deciphers a clue written in cod [...]

    24. Enola's fleeting encounter with a familiar face (from Bk2) leaves her with a certainty that something is very wrong and little more than a peculiar pink fan for a clue. Social climbers and society pages. Meaty mastiffs and matrimonial prospects. Bell skirts and bad falls. Temporary truces and truancy. Another pleasingly puzzling caper. I shared Enola's skittish delight over meeting her brother Sherlock. How can she trust him? (His "duty" goes against everything she wants for herself.) Yet she cl [...]

    25. I continue to enjoy this series of mysteries. Enola is plucky, independent, and courageous, and it's fun to see her outwit older brothers Sherlock and Mycroft. This story stretched the limits of plausibility at times a bit more than the others have, but I had fun reading it.

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