Fires Of Ballian

Fires Of Ballian The Draegan Lords Book A hundred years ago the high sorcerer of Velensperia launched a swift and deadly attack against the draegans a race of dragon shapeshifters who d always lived in harmony with

  • Title: Fires Of Ballian
  • Author: M.L. Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9781602726321
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
  • The Draegan Lords, Book 3A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia launched a swift and deadly attack against the draegans a race of dragon shapeshifters who d always lived in harmony with the humans The draegans were all but destroyed, with the few who remained, scattered and in hiding But after a century of cruel repression, a group of them have united andThe Draegan Lords, Book 3A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia launched a swift and deadly attack against the draegans a race of dragon shapeshifters who d always lived in harmony with the humans The draegans were all but destroyed, with the few who remained, scattered and in hiding But after a century of cruel repression, a group of them have united and begun to fight back Their leader, Keiran Hareldson, is determined to free his people from the high sorcerer s tyranny For years he hid the secret of his heritage, knowing the truth would make him and those around him a target of the sorcerer s wrath But the time has come to fight the sorcerer in the open, and once the news spreads that Keiran is the sole surviving draegan lord, draegans and humans alike begin to flock to the draegan camp for protection.Gaige Rizik used to be the captain of the sorcerer s High Guard His last assignment was to infiltrate the draegan rebel s camp, identify the leader, and eliminate him No one, least of all him, expected him to fall in love with the very man he d sworn to kill Gaige defects to the draegans side, and he and Keiran bind themselves to one another not only by love, but by blood when they go through the true mate ritual With their blood merged, it allows Gaige to inherit the powerful magick of the draegan lords But inheriting it and using it are two different things Gaige has trouble tapping into the magick because he feels unworthy of the gift Only half draegan, he fears his human side and his past as the high sorcerer s right hand will forever tarnish his future as Keiran s mate and second in command.When Keiran is stolen by an ancient demon from the shadow world, Gaige is left with the fate of the draegan people in his hands They turn to him as their new lord, and he s torn between his duty to them, and his desperate need to find his mate Through shadow and torment, fire and darkness, Gaige and Keiran struggle to hold back the tide of the sorcerer s ever expanding war and stop the new and even deadlier evil that threatens their lands In their darkest hour, only their fierce love for one another, and Gaige s acceptance of his power, stand between them and the destruction of all they know.

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    1. Yup, I continued. Damn, I'm weird. Here's the thing, I'm too damn tried to look for other books so I just ended up continuing series I really have no interest in. Keiran Hareldson (108) wasn't really all that much in this book, as I think the focus was to get people to see that Gaige Rizik (32) was equally strong as his mate. It wasn't a bad story, but I still found myself yawning (though that is probably because I've barely slept) and I kinda just want to finish the series so I can put this one [...]

    2. Such ssssssaaaaaaaaaddddd start to a magnificent book!Ok, now it the time to see more of GaigeSo, in this third statement the spotlight will be on Gaige. Without spoiling the previous books I can tell only that I loved all the hard and terrible path Gaige start to follow, to discover himself, and to get the power to find his beloved.I loved also all the secondary characters much more active, helping Gaige. I learn more from the shifter, and unfortunately also more about the great evil, the Moh'd [...]

    3. FEB 1, 2010 nice read. Smooth intertwined romance. With nice twist and turns. Unfortunately a cliff hanger. Oh and not a little one, this writer takes you down head firstAND THE DAMN PARACHUTE WON'T OPEN!Re analyzed~Due to sequel, wait time JAN 2016 (not out yet) 1 Damn Star-this writer is damn unrealistic/unreliable !years years years OMG - SO DONE WITH WRITER! Peace out!

    4. Dropping to 3 stars due to the unfinished nature of this series, a lack of closure on the story has impacted my opinion for all 3 books, I will never re-read them since I know they're unfinished. A warning to all who would start this series, we've been waiting for book 4 for 3 years. I'm giving up hope and removing book 4 from my want to read pile. Very, VERY frustrating.

    5. 4.5 stars. I'm a sucker for a sweet romance and an action/adventure plot. Love this series. #4 soon please?

    6. 3.5 - I have hesitated for a long time to read Fires of Ballian (book #3) as I knew it would be a long time before we got the actual conclusion. With that said, it fell perfectly in with my Bingo challenge and decided to pick it up. I also missed Gaige and Keiran. I am not sure how much I want to say for fear of spoiling. The opening pages were so powerful. Gaige was dreaming of a special time with Keiran and really, it was so present that I was actually shocked when it was all a dream. I had fo [...]

    7. Not nearly the life and death cliffie that book two left us with, but there is definitely more story. I am so thrilled and relieved that I didn't find these books until now. if I had to wait another year or two to get Circle of Ariend I might go just a bit crazier than I already am. I'm hopeful that Circle (which Ms. Rhoades has said is the last in this series) will com out before the end of the year. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a corroborating date. So, I wait along with all the o [...]

    8. There was almost non-stop action here. This is a wonderful series, the world-building is quite good. I think I liked this less than the first two books, probably because Gaige and Keiran aren't together much. I'm looking forward to book 4.

    9. Bring on whenever the hell spring/summer is up there, I say! I can't wait for the final installment in this fantastic m/m fantasy series. *g*

    10. 4 heart review for Love Bytes Reviews.A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. This review was originally posted at Love Bytes Reviews, please visit lovebytesreviews to see this and many more reviews, interviews, and giveaways!Please see my reviews of the previous two books in this series for the full details about who these amazing characters are… book #1 True of Heart, and book #2 Lords of Kellesborne. I’ll just get right to the good stuff with this one!I try to k [...]

    11. Keiran is gone (and believe dead) so as his true mate, the role of leading the draegans falls on Gaige shoulders. The draegan Lord is in fact kept prisoner in an endless nightmare in Ballian. With the help of a strange liquid given by his grandmother, Gaige manage to communicate with his mate through his dream. (Ok they do far more than just communicate….) The man decides to go a on suicidal rescue mission.Jax is still an ass and do not trust Gaige at all. That guy is seriously annoying.The ev [...]

    12. 4.5 starsOriginally reviewed for Joyfully JayAfter Moh’dredion takes his mate Kieran, Gaige vows to find him even when those around him are certain that Kieran is dead. In the meantime, Gaige takes up the position of Draegan Lord – protecting his people and continuing the stand against High Sorcerer Byram. One of his first decisions as leader is to rescue Jax, the one draegan who hates everything about Gaige, from Byram’s dungeons. After weeks of delays, he and his guards are finally able [...]

    13. ★★★☆☆½ ~ 3.5 StarsGaige and Keiran learn where Byram's magic power comes from. Unfortunately, the demon who provides escapes his portal and steals Keiran and takes him to a different plane. While Keiran is away, Gaige learns Byram's evil plans to destroy any who oppose him. Gaige has to figure out if there's any way to get Keiran back, because without Keiran, Byram's pretty unstoppable. On to Book 3

    14. With Keiran being kidnapped by Death - Gaige is left to take care of the draegans and humans under his command. With the escalating threat from Byram, the high sorcerers, Gaige tries to find a way to protect his people as well as saving his mate.Gosh, this series is just getting better and better. I read this in one sitting, cannot escape from the amazing plot smartly written by Ms. Rhodes. This story is mainly taken from Gaige's point of view, since he is now The Lord for the draegans and human [...]

    15. When last we left Gaige, Kieran and the Draegans (Do I sound like one of those hosts of the serial TV shows from the 50's?), Keiran had just been captured by Death and Gaige was freaking and doing his best as the remaining leader to move the Draegans and humans to a safe place while trying to get Keiran back. While rescuing Jax, who tried to kill them a bit ago, from the evil sorcerer, Gaige comes into his own powers and with the help of his Grandmother is able to determine Keiran's location and [...]

    16. This chapter in the series was frustratingly short. The fantasy aspects were interesting, and I would have liked to see them play out with a bit more development, but the fact that the lovers were separated actually shifted the focus more to the fantasy and a bit less to the romance, which I appreciated. The book had better closure than the last, with its own climax, but it's dismaying to see that it's been four years since this came out, and the next one in the series has been put off by two si [...]

    17. Fires of Ballian continues the saga of Gaige and Feiran with interesting twists. Gaige struggles with accepting the news of his birth and familial history. He also cannot envision his place besides Keiran, his mate, and as one of the Draegan Lords.The author maintains the continuity from previous books in the series, focusing on developing the character, Gaige Rizik, who learns more about his heritage. The information is good. He’s more than just the former captain of Byram’s High Guard. Yet [...]

    18. 3.5 out of 5 Book three in the fantasy series Draegan Lords is intense and action packed from beginning to end. In this story Keiran, the draegan leader, has been taken by a demon and Gaige, Keiran's mate, is left to lead and protect their people while at the same time trying desperately to find and rescue Keiran.Just like the previous two books this story is well written, the world building is good and the characters, from the main protagonists on down, are interesting and well developed. There [...]

    19. Opened with a bittersweet scene, Gaige recollection of his time with Keiran before he kidnapped kinda broke my heart. This time around, it's more Gaige spot-on. Keiran didn't take much part in this, and even we rarely hear his thought like the prequels, but we got a bunch of Gaige. It's kind like watching Gaige grew, despite his age that maybe impossible to any kind of grow beside mental growth. But it's fun to read. I was kinda dissapointed with the resolution of Keiran's case. I need more of t [...]

    20. This is the third book in The Draegan Lords series. We don't see much of Keiran in this one. In this book the story is on Gaige and his continued growth as a Draegan Lord. He has a lot of confidence and belief to gain. As Gaige grows Keiran is in a dream world suffering. Gaige must have confidence in himself, his people, and his love in order to save Keiran from Death. The characters grow and we see more and more of the other characters and how they are developing here. The interaction of all th [...]

    21. I wish I'd discovered this series once it was complete! I get very impatient waiting for the next installment and then lose interest. It has taken me over a year to get around to reading this.I thought this was the conclusion to the series, but there is at least one more "Circle of Ariend" which was coming soon when "Fires of Ballian" was published last January. I can't find any mention of it here or at Amber Allure.In this part Gaige gets Keiran back, eventually, and the Draegans are slowly gat [...]

    22. I really like The Draegan Lords series . It was a nice book I guess. However , I definitely liked the first two books more. It is just that the problem here is solved so quickly it is not even . I mean we were very anxious to see what would happen after the first book ended with (view spoiler)[Keiran's "kidnapping"(hide spoiler)] and all . It was such a big deal and everything and here it was solved with a day or so of brainstorming and another day or two to tie knots. Overall the book was a goo [...]

    23. This book was first released in 2010 and a sequel isn't in sight. A little venting here: I understand that authors have creative minds and that writing is an art, not a science. If they don't feel it, they can't write it. However, I also understand that, if a series is going to be written, there should be either a resolution at the end of each book or all books should be written and scheduled before the first one is released. I love this author's writing but wish I had never started this series. [...]

    24. The only reason I delayed in reading this one so long is because I found out that there wasn't really anything after this one. Disappointed I just put it off, but I guess some things you can't let stand forever. I love this world, the characters, and the plot is intriguing. My only wish is that it was longer. Oh, and that there was a next book to read that wasn't the current fillers. Though I completely understand I need to read the other books in order for the next to make sense. Sigh, more wai [...]

    25. In this installment of the "Lords of Draegan" series, we see the character arc for Gaige develop exponentially. There is, as always, incredible depth and intensity of feeling between the MCs. The plot starts to unravel and the reader can intuit some of what is coming next. Cannot wait for Circle of Ariend, the next in the series.

    26. This book was very nice and I really enjoyed it. (view spoiler)[ The best about it was, that the story was actually really interesting cause it wasn´t just about Keiran and Gaige. As with the former book I thought that the end was a litte bit hurried and unexplained in comparisson to the rest of the plot.(hide spoiler)]Slowly the characters are growing to my heart and that´s what I liked most about reading that novel.

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