Hosea's Bride

Hosea s Bride Born and raised in two vastly different worlds pastor Hosea Stevens and former prostitute Angela Warren are nevertheless drawn to one another teaching each other a strong life lesson about love and

  • Title: Hosea's Bride
  • Author: Dorothy Clark
  • ISBN: 9780373872602
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born and raised in two vastly different worlds, pastor Hosea Stevens and former prostitute Angela Warren are nevertheless drawn to one another, teaching each other a strong life lesson about love and forgiveness.

    One thought on “Hosea's Bride”

    1. Incredible book about the healing power of love and acceptance. The heroine had a terrible life before she met the hero. And instead of judging her, he opens his heart to her and makes her his bride, giving her the love and care she always needed.

    2. Best book I've read in a while! The layout was nice, there was suspense. I likes the characterization and the emotional scenes throughout the whole book. Plus the real-life problems it showed.

    3. Excellent read! Sometimes it's hard to believe God has our best interests at heart and that He'll bless us. Guilt makes us believe we've been so horrible that we don't deserve what God desires to give us. Forgiving ourselves can seem impossible.Pastor Hosea Stevens meets a young woman running away from a bad past. Six years later they meet again. For much of the story Angela tries hard to hide her past from Hosea, and she's cautious with her heart. When the past scars us, we tend to close our he [...]

    4. This book was a little cheesy, I'll admit that. But I couldn't help but love it! I got frustrated with Angela often because the solution to her problems seemed so obvious to me! But I still rooted for her to figure it out in the end. It was obvious even from the title that she and Hosea would end up together, but it was fun seeing how that happened. Leigh and Phil provided some fun comic relief. Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot for just some light reading!

    5. This was fantastic spiritually and made me see more of how God can work. The only complaint that I have is that it dragged a bit. It got a bit repetitive with the heroine's problem and I got tired of reading her inner dialog with herself after a bit. Still it was uplifting to me as I am struggling to change my life for God so it was nice to see that a pastor can struggle too!

    6. Christian fiction about a young woman whose parent are drug addicts, and is forced into prostitution to support their habit. She is then sold to a pimp (by the parents for drugs) , but manages to escape and takes refuge in a church. She is invited into the sanctuary and is compelled to go forward and give herself over to the Lord. At this point you would thinks that the story would be over but it's not. The rest of the story is a compelling essay on not just being saved, but truly accepting salv [...]

    7. A great story about mercy, forgiveness and love. I enjoyed how the author paralleled it to the biblical story of Hosea, who viewed people through a God lens of grace.

    8. Oh, I just had to read this book once I stumbled upon the summary on another site. The heroine is a former prostitute (seriously, a heroine in a Christian romance novel who isn't as pure as the driven snow - someone call the press!) who falls in love with the pastor who led her to Jesus. Except she's not quite over being a prostitute, and it takes a lot of angst for her to realize that that's all in her past.On the one hand, the heroine is definitely non-traditional. On the other hand, there's a [...]

    9. I can't decide if I like this book or not. I liked parts of it but really didn't like other parts of it. I wish that Hosea had just told Angela that he remembered who she was. It seems like Angela went through a lot of pain and suffering that could have been easily avoided if Hosea had just told her he remembered her. I didn't really see how God was saying that Hosea shouldn't tell her. I also feel like the way Angela just walked away from her friend's wedding reception without was ridiculous. T [...]

    10. I just loved this book. It is inspirational romance. The story moved along very well and it was nice to read a romance without any sex or language in it. I would really recommend this book. It even has a lot of gospel principles about reprentence in it. It is hard to explain but really eye opening. I highly recommend it

    11. Oh what a good read. Reminding us that we must forgive ourselves and what God has forgiven and cleansed is. We often hang out in our unforgiveness of ourselves or others and hold them or ourselves to the past.

    12. Patron Review:Excellent reading- a good learning-lesson experience. Good message: "Love Inspired" very enjoyable human life experiences relative.

    13. I thought the story-line was great, but the main character was a liiiitle too emotional. Not sensative, butyou know. I loved it though!

    14. A good underdog bookmeone with no reason to succeed or have a good life changes her path and gets the life she deserves.

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