Letters of Ayn Rand

Letters of Ayn Rand Adding immeasurably to the body of Rand s work her penetrating and witty correspondence with Hollywood luminaries political writers philosophers family members artists businessmen and fans offe

  • Title: Letters of Ayn Rand
  • Author: Ayn Rand
  • ISBN: 9780525939467
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Adding immeasurably to the body of Rand s work, her penetrating and witty correspondence with Hollywood luminaries, political writers, philosophers, family members, artists, businessmen, and fans offers an unparalleled look at the life of a prominent thinker over than 50 years of her life and career.

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    1. This is a fascinating book. The letters cover Rand's personal and professional life, including her relationships, her fiction, and her philosophy. I learned much that I hadn't known about her time working as a screenwriter and the research she did for Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.Many of the letters are almost like getting a one-on-one tutorial from an amazing writer. She talks about plot, theme, developing characters. Some letters offer critiques of newer writers' works and even without [...]

    2. The collection is slanted by the editor, who is the current custodian of the cult. At least two of the correspondents were aware of how this was probably going to go, and obtained statements that basically criticized the decision to publish only Rand's sides of their correspondence. There are minimal letters to Barbara and Nathaniel Branden, referred to as Nathan Blumenthal (which is his real name, but still . . . ), and nothing at all that deals with the affair between Branden and Rand and his [...]

    3. This was so much better than a bio because it was real. for the first time, I feel that I know who Ayn was and what she thought and how she thought. anyone wanting to read any of her books for the first time should read this first. Wish I had read it many years ago. will go back yo it many times in the future .

    4. I am not reading this book in a methodical, linear fashion. It is 700 pages of letters written by an egotistical, demanding, stubborn author. I am, however, leafing idly through and reaching conclusions from the letters I do read.Firstly, she was whole-hearted about her beliefs. Reading some of the letters she sent to her nieces when they asked for money, I have discovered that she extended her belief system to encompass everyone, including family, without a shred of exception or leeway. She tol [...]

    5. Letters of Ayn Rand includes only outgoing correspondence, which is like hearing only one side of a conversation. Though this is problematic this compilation offers a unique insight into objectivism. Objectivism is a difficult philosophy to live by; it demands that every circumstance and choice be viewed analytically. Emotions are fine but they must be based upon reason and as a genuine response reality. Rand’s letters show that every day and with every relationship she lived the philosophy sh [...]

    6. One thing that impresses me about Ayn Rand is her precision of word choice. Her prose was lean and tight, even in her correspondence. This particular book is a collection of letters she wrote to friends, fans, family, and publishers. My only complaint was that the letters she was responding to were not included, so this is mostly a one-sided collection of letters. But I do enjoy reading her opinions about freedom, literature, etc. in these letters. I haven't read them all, but I like to dip into [...]

    7. Ayn Rand is candid and straightforward. Her answers to questions from readers and critics pull no punches. She gets right to the point and calls it like it is. Refreshing and enjoyable. I recommend this collection to any reader who is familiar with Ayn Rand's work. At a minimum, I recommend reading For the New Intellectual in lieu of Rand's larger works of fiction or nonfiction.

    8. I was surprised and impressed, not only by the kindness that Ayn Rand showed, but also to her refusal to compromise on principles. Wonderful collection. I have tried to live my life as close to Objectivism as possible and I will never, never regret it. And, like Ayn Rand, "And I mean it!"

    9. I don't know how you could possibly give a star rating to someone's personal correspondence, so I won't try. This book is enlightening and entertaining, if you're already a fan of the author. I only wish some of the more trivial and personal letters had been excluded.

    10. These letters sucked me in immediately. In the beginning, it was almost like reading a previously unpublished novel; on the flip side, sometimes I wondered if she'd ever shut up.

    11. I read this while holed up in snowy Denver, CO one winter. Mildly interesting letters from a warped mind.

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