A Matter of Time Book III

A Matter of Time Book III Three years have passed since Jory Keyes was kidnapped shot and left by his lover Detective Sam Kage Jory walked through fire and came out the other side stronger He changed his name to Harcourt an

  • Title: A Matter of Time Book III
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781897532836
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • Three years have passed since Jory Keyes was kidnapped, shot, and left by his lover, Detective Sam Kage Jory walked through fire and came out the other side stronger He changed his name to Harcourt and shut the door forever on a past full of pain Jory now owns his own business, and has a life he enjoys What he doesn t have is love He s been unable to make that deep coThree years have passed since Jory Keyes was kidnapped, shot, and left by his lover, Detective Sam Kage Jory walked through fire and came out the other side stronger He changed his name to Harcourt and shut the door forever on a past full of pain Jory now owns his own business, and has a life he enjoys What he doesn t have is love He s been unable to make that deep connection with another man, the kind of connection he s only had with Sam When a chance encounter brings Sam back into his life, Jory doesn t know what to do But for Sam there s no hesitation He wants Jory back and this time he wants him for keeps When Sam is called away to a crime scene in the middle of the night, Jory realizes that his fear has nothing to do with being emotionally vulnerable Why, he wonders, is he so damned uneasy This book is no longer available at Club Lighthouse Publishing.

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    1. There are four parts of this series, and the first two got 4 of 5 stars from me. They aren't anything special, nothing that wants to teach you something or go very deep, but they are a fun read, and Jory taking you along for the ride is always entertaining.I'm reading part three now, and it's frustrating me to no end. For one they made a three year jump between #2 and #3, but that I can live with. But then there's Sam. And Aaron. And the fact that every guy Jory even considers dating is an assho [...]

    2. More of the same. No, really. More. As in Gimme More.Romance crack cocaine.Just one more hit, man, c'mon, just one more—I am—somehow—hopelessly infatuated with these ridiculous characters.

    3. ***3.5 Stars***Sam and Jory had me all kinds of dizzy in this installment!Three years have passed since the end of book 2p, you read that right, THREE FUCKING YEARS! No bueno on the time jump, Ms. Calmes bueno at all. But that's not the point, the point here is that these two ran around in circles for most of this bookd it was frustrating as hell. I get it, Jory is scared. He's afraid to give his heart to Sam again. That makes sense. You know what doesn't? Cutting the man off every fucking time [...]

    4. Written October 26, 20144.1 Stars - Undoubtedly my favorites right now .nst all better judgmentBook #3I just finished to listening to another great part in this series, book #3 as a part of the audiobook Collectionin the A Matter of Time series.These books are just annoying lengthy and tedious, yet so painfully beautiful, and so d@mn romantic. Like wonderfully addictive sweet candy for me right now. I can not stop this A Matter of Time train. ***************************************************** [...]

    5. AudibleWhat a crazy roller coaster!As Sam annoyed the hell out of me in the previous books, I wanted him to suffer here - beg, drown in his jealousy, grovel and crawl on his knees. That's what I needed. And I can't say I got it. The man in his thirties behaves more childish and unreasonable than Jory in his early twenties. The things he's put a poor guy through I can't. I just can't even!Despite all that, the first half kept me so tense that by the time things had started improving, I was exhaus [...]

    6. Casting of A Matter of Time. Written review to followJory: Mathias Lauridsen (The only guy pretty enough to make a straight man gay.) Sam: This gorgeous unknown man Or. Chris Hemsworth (Blonde,brown hair, check. Slate blue eyes, check. 6"3 inches, close enoughd hot,hot hot!!!) Dane: Hugh Jackman (Hansome, debonair and damn sexy in a tux!). Dane's expression when Jory does something stupid.

    7. DON'T READ THIS BOOK unless you're ready to read all four of the first books at once and you are ready to be really upset for awhile. Apparently the four were written as all one book but the publisher felt it was to long and cut it into four parts. I'm very angry with the publisher. These are emotionally draining.I'm going to review all of the first four together because they really are one book. I've noticed that now #1 & #2 are called Book I and #3 and #4 are Book II in some places but boo [...]

    8. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contains spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱What I had feared from the previous book, happened. Shit, I got so disappointed. Dane Harcourt got fucking married. the book fucking starts with it. And the wedding day is the only time we see Dane and that was in the first chapter. I got so annoyed. I had wanted him for Jory Harcourt (26), and Jory alone, for at least 3-4 more books and we didn't get it at all. “It's doomed to fail, Sam.”“I don't accept that.”Samuel “Sam” [...]

    9. Did-not-finish.I stop after seeing Sam-the-pathetic and his excuses for his absences and attitude toward Jory (―Jory-c‘mon…you throw temper tantrums, you second guess everything, you have no patience at all, you want things to be instantly perfect without any work, you never listen, you jump to conclusions, you create more drama than ten people put together, you drink too much, you‘re oblivious to shit that goes on around you and if things go wrong your first instinct is to run away as f [...]

    10. probably more like 2.5 stars i hated most of this book just hated it Detective Stupid left to go undercover and is gone for three years, during that time Jory is just a drunk slut. i hated how the story starts three years later and we have no idea whats going on. I did not like Dane's wedding, that all dragged on way too long when i just wanted to know what happened with Jory and Sam. I should have stopped after book two but now i have to read on for book 4. They did get back together in the end [...]

    11. This author's talent lies in cleverly inviting us into Jory's mind and his sweet observations on the world moment by moment. He is a seductive, ingratiating narrator.She therefore does her readers a disservice by skipping ahead three years and creating a choppy, episodic feel to Jory's story.The entire third installment feels rushed. A lot of telling and not enough showing. We are so invested in Jory it's hard to imagine his three years without Sam.Also opening the book with Dane's wedding was a [...]

    12. This was sooooo frustrating!Why why why does this author shies away from giving Jory depth? He thinks the right things, he knows what his problems are. There's a feeling of self-deprecation in him coupled with a genuine generosity that would make him a wonderful guy to read and to be with in his journey, but instead of going deeper, the author always stays on the surface. Will there be a moment when he really looks himself in a mirror and instead of the gorgeous guy he sees that he is selling hi [...]

    13. It rained assholes in this one! Sam Kage, Aaron Sutter, and Brandon the lawyer. Gosh, Sam has some nerve! Walking out on Jory AFTER Jory took a bullet to save his life and not showing up for 3 years. Then he reappears and arrogantly demands they pick up where they left off. WHATTA CREEP! Aaron Sutter was the worst! insulting Jory in front of mutual friends and people they just met and expecting Jory to be thankful and come home with him? YIKES!The reaction of Dane, Evan and Dylan was perfectly r [...]

    14. My least favorite in the series so far. I wanted Sam to grovel and beg some more, instead of coming back and declaring "You belong to me, you know it", even if it was true. I'm still pissed at him:( ANd in fact, I think I need a break right now instead of heading straight to the next book as I did till now.Still, these books are great as a whole and worth reading.

    15. Im sorry, but I'm done with this series. And it has 8 books, no way in hell I'm torturing myself like that. I don't understand all the 5 star ratings and the people going crazy about it, I seriously don't.There are so many things that are wrong with these books, it pisses me off just thinking about them. The short version is: the story is repetitive, unrealistic and it gets old pretty soon. Fist book was entertaining, second one was barely ok, third one just made me wanna stomp on my kindle.Jory [...]

    16. Ok,this part annoyed me a bit. All these 1000 different characters are too much.It gets confusing :/And all this back and forth between Jory and Sam? WAY too dragged out. Didn't like itAnd honestly,why is it not over already after this part? What can possible happen in part 4 besides ANOTHER unecessary breakup between them???

    17. This was about to dip into 3-star rating because of the way 3 years suddenly went by without any indication by the author and the endless, same ol', same ol' arguing between Jory and Sam. Sam would want Jory to do something or want to do something for Jory and the latter would refuse. It could go on for an entire page - "Jory", "No.", "Jory, please?", "No.", "C'mon, Jory.", "No!" I got what the writer was doing (I think) - making me feel Sam's exasperation and yet see that Jory was trying hard t [...]

    18. 2nd read. Because I forgot how good this was. And I need me some bookcrack. Mary Calmes have always been my guilty pleasure. No regrets, though.

    19. I think this is my least favorite in the series and this is probably more of a me thing. I really don't care for the soap opera type of relationship angst - where one minute they are together and the next breath they are not. In the 3rd installment of this delicious series Jory has tried to move on with his life when he bumps into Sam (3 frigging years later) at his local hardware store. As always I enjoy the writing and character development in all of Mary Calmes books, but I couldn't quite get [...]

    20. Wow. I'm blown away by some of the 4-stars. This book is HORRIBLE!!!! Other than a few pages toward the end, this book isn't worth the paper it's written on. Shame on the writer and the publishers. There was no reason for publishing this book other than to sell another volume.I hate to be this blunt, but I'm being truthful. There is absolutely NOTHING that happens this book other than Jory going from bar to bar, hook-up to hook-up and running away from Sam. That's it! That's all that's in this b [...]

    21. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I know this is only the third part of a four part book and I still decided to read this now. It's a truly great story but it will be much, much more satisfying if the reader decides to wait and read all four parts one after another. Now, just have to wait for part 4 (the end) to come out sometime in December according to information from the publisher.

    22. 2nd read.Jory what an amazing character??? I must admit he needs someone special to keep up with him lol.After a year I still love him and Sam just as much as the first time.11/06/2015AMAZINGReview to follow at the end of the series.

    23. First off I've got to say that I fell in love with Mary Calmes storytelling in her book Change of Heart. Love - loved it. Which if course made me want to pick up everything else that she had written, leading me of course to her book A Matter of Time. Unfortunately I do have a few issues with the A Matter of Time series so far. From what I understand, the the length of the book was too long for a normal ebook publishing so they chopped up the book into four parts. Thank goodness all the books are [...]

    24. Pg 2 -- recapping what just happened at the end of book two, for anyone unfortunate enough to have picked up book 3 first. [Note: that won't work. You need to read these in order, and you need to read all of them. Fair warning.]So Jory's rambling on about what happened, he's just been kidnapped by Dominic, blah-blah-blah, when he says:"Why I had been taken was a mystery."[blinkblink] Wait, what? Jory's the one who pointed out that Dominic's house and the stuff in it were way too expensive for so [...]

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