Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Geoff Radcliffe is having a mid life crisis just in time for the holidays He goes into a tailspin after hearing from his first love picks up a stranger who locks him out of the house in nothing but h

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  • Title: Silver and Gold
  • Author: Devon Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9781615813384
  • Page: 318
  • Format: ebook
  • Geoff Radcliffe is having a mid life crisis just in time for the holidays He goes into a tailspin after hearing from his first love, picks up a stranger who locks him out of the house in nothing but his pants, and then he gets up the courage to go get rid of his grey, and the colorist refuses to do Geoff s hair But Abe Golden, thrilled that the hunky silver tipped guy hGeoff Radcliffe is having a mid life crisis just in time for the holidays He goes into a tailspin after hearing from his first love, picks up a stranger who locks him out of the house in nothing but his pants, and then he gets up the courage to go get rid of his grey, and the colorist refuses to do Geoff s hair But Abe Golden, thrilled that the hunky silver tipped guy has admitted he s gay, does do him, taking him home for the hottest night of Geoff s life After three heavenly days of smoking hot sex, Abe has done the unimaginable he s fallen in love And when he finds out that Geoff has been using him to practice for another man, Abe is at first heartbroken and then he plots how to show Geoff the value of combining silver and gold.

    One thought on “Silver and Gold”

    1. Silver and Gold is the first book I've read written by Devon Rhodes, and it definitely won't be my last! Although there were times I wanted to strangle Geoff with his shoelaces, I still liked him, and in the end, I really liked Geoff and Abe together.Geoff is a middle aged man who is really just starting to open himself up to his homosexual feelings. I did understand why he was nervous and excited to try to rekindle a relationship with his old friend, but once he met Abe I kept wondering why in [...]

    2. I really liked this story about an older man, Geoff, who has recently gone through a divorce when he hears from his first love, Jesse. They arrange to meet up in their hometown for a weekend.Geoff finds himself wanting to return to his youth - and Jesse, even though the other man left him for a woman twenty years ago. Geoff wants to look his best and attempts to get the gray in his hair touched up. The colorist, Abe, refuses and asks Geoff out instead. Abe quickly falls for Geoff but is bitterly [...]

    3. 4.5 stars ~ Wonderful story with heart, laughter and even tears. But it is, most of all, a coming-of-age tale as well as a beautiful romance. I would love to see more of Abe and Geoff and Kimberly, what a riot she is!Ms. Rhodes you've done it again!

    4. 3.5/5.0Silver and Gold had the feel of a May/December story but Geoff is just 40 and Abe is 30. Geoff is a bisexual man that has recently gone through a divorce. His first love, Jesse is also divorced now and has contacted him. It has been decades since they have seen one another. The way the relationship ended when they were young was heartbreaking for Geoff, yet he still want to see Jesse. They agree to meet when they are both home for Christmas. In the mean time Geoff decides to seek out some [...]

    5. OMG, Devon Rhodes is my new favorite author! I loved Silver and Gold! And the cover is just too hot. I want a poster!I have to go read this one again!

    6. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5.0Geoff Radcliffe is a successful businessman who is recently divorced. His first love - and the only male lover Geoff has ever had - recently emailed asking to see him over the holidays. Geoff's life is a little haywire: he's in the midst of a mid-life crisis, he picks up a stranger who locks him out of the house in nothing but his pants, and his sexy colorist (Abe) refuses to color his grey hair. Abe Golden is a 30-year-old successful salon owner. He's attracted to the [...]

    7. I struggled a little with this at first. I just wasn't feeling it, but I kept going in hope and I wasn't disappointed.Geoff was sweet and I understood his want to go back in time.Abe was cute and fun.Geoff and Abe together were when things really picked up for me. The emotions when Abe overheard the phone call had me reaching for the tissues and after that it was a race to get to my HEA.Slow start but worth the wait.

    8. I didn't go into this book with very high expectations, which always helps, I suppose, and I found myself absolutely charmed. I loved it, loved the writing style, loved the characters. I pretty much just wish it had been longer. It was my first read by this author, and I guarantee it won't be my last.

    9. I liked Abe a lot. I didn't like Geoff. I thought Abe deserved better than he got with Geoff. Maybe if the author writes a sequel, I'll become happier with their relationship. I did like the author's style, and I do plan on reading more from her in the future.

    10. Just No! The quick fall into love, the almost unhinged response to the false perception that one MC didn't live the other makes me wonder about tha Author.This just

    11. I was teased by the cover of this book since I like some Silver Romance here and there, and also a good and nice May/December relationship. And so the story of the older businessman who enters an hairdresser saloon to have his grey hair touched up, and instead finds himself in bed with the young hairdresser was really a good teasing. After reading it, I can say that the story is good and nice, perfectly in theme with the season, but it’s not either a Silver Romance or a May/December one. Geoff [...]

    12. Geoff has recently gone through a divorce and is surprised when he hears from Jesse, his first love. Years ago, Jesse left him for someone else, and since then, Geoff hasn't been with another man. Now, with this renewed contact, Geoff worries about seeing Jesse again now that he's older. Abe Golden, a colorist, refuses to dye Geoff's silver-tipped hair. Instead, he asks Geoff out, and the two begin a tentative relationship. Geoff will have to decide whether he wants to return to his past or make [...]

    13. The premise was cute, but I wasn't too fond of a couple of characterizations. Geoff is anticipating a Christmas meeting up with his teenage love, Jesse. Worried he's not going to make a good impression he sets about brushing up.Abe is the charming colorist who convinces Geoff that erasing the gray he's sporting is a very bad idea.There are some missteps along the way and a few embarrassing moments for Geoff that his executive assistant Kim seems to be blessed to witness. That said, she comes acr [...]

    14. I confess I was a bit cautious about this book, I wasn´t sure the age difference was going to work.Well, it works perfectly. It just flows, is not something that the characters take hugely into consideration so there is no drama over it. Yes Geoff stops and thinks about if for like 5 minutes but he moves pass it.I had mixed feelings over Jesse and Geoff reunion One moment I was thinking "Yes, just go do it and see what you were missing" and two seconds later I was all "Don´t, don´t do it! Do [...]

    15. OK, I will admit that the cover was what caught my attention! I love to read about mature men finding true love later in life although, Geoff was pretty much only mature in years, he had some major growing up to do and issues from his youth to deal with! In this story, the somewhat younger guy, Abe, was the mature, adult male! Yes, things moved quickly! Yes, things got confusing! And, yes, we all wanted to kick Geoff in the butt for not seeing what was right in front of him! But, good news all e [...]

    16. Silver and Gold is cute story about a bi-guy, Geoff, who meets a hairdresser, Abe, and they clumsily attempt to form a loving relationship. This is the first book by Ms. Rhodes that I've read and I like her clean writing style. The characters are flushed out, but I didn't care too much for Geoff. He struck me as someone that I wouldn't trust. I think Abe could have done better. I give Silver and Gold four stars.

    17. Sweet story. Would have giving it 4 stars but the insta-love was unrealistic. But a nice, light and fluffy read, which was what I was after.

    18. A nice holiday short with a play on the older/younger theme. A heavy dose of insta-love and a rushed story took away much of the romance for me though.

    19. Enjoyable holiday m/m romance about a guy in his 40s whose first love wants to get together with him, at the same time he meets a younger man he really clicks with.

    20. An interesting fun read. Abe was quite lovable.Geoff grated on my nerves a bit although I did pity him for being thrown out with missing clothes twice.

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