What's So Amazing about Grace? Curriculum

What s So Amazing about Grace Curriculum Based on Philip Yancey s award winning book here is a complete ZondervanGroupware kit for groups of all sizes It will aid participants in exploring understanding and appreciating Christianity s grea

  • Title: What's So Amazing about Grace? Curriculum
  • Author: Philip Yancey
  • ISBN: 9780310233237
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on Philip Yancey s award winning book, here is a complete ZondervanGroupware kit for groups of all sizes It will aid participants in exploring, understanding and appreciating Christianity s greatest gift to the world, grace Includes 1 120 minute video, 1 leader s guide, 1 par

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    1. STILL one of the best books I've ever read, of ANY genre -- also one of the few I've read as many as FIVE times (so far), most recently aloud with my wife, who has long struggled with clinical depression and was deeply encouraged by this work.I've been a Christian for some forty years and have found much 'religious' writing unbearable, particularly that written over the past century (with certain notable exceptions). In an age glutted with so-called 'Christian' politics, posturing, and propagand [...]

    2. Few books reveal the core of what the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ is in its frightening, glorious, unparalled nature. Yancey comes very close to doing so in using an array of diverse, complex, beautiful, and amazing stories to illustrate the true grace of the gospel. These stories aren't cheesy, long-winded, and annoying--as many Christian books succumb to when authors seek to illustrate spiritual/Christian concepts through stories--but are transparent, beautiful, sometimes shocking, and [...]

    3. Yancey is thorough in his examples of grace. He uses his own life experiences, everything from being part of a racist church as a child to interviewing President Clinton to dissect grace. Yancey is clear, grace is the true message of Jesus and today's Christians as a whole are not doing a great job of relaying this message. Grace is the idea that God loves us--all of us--no matter what; no one has to earn God's love. Yancey presents many ways in which the world needs grace. His argument is power [...]

    4. وقتی شروع به خوندن این کتاب کردم تصوری از محتواش نداشتم. واسه همین وقتی با محتوای پیرامون دین مسیحیت مواجه شدم یکم جا خوردم. ولی هرچی بیشتر پیش رفتم به شباهت های همه ی ادیان الهی، و شباهت های رسولان این ادیان بیشتر پی بردم. نویسنده تو این کتاب بسیار تاکید کرده که فیض مختص پیروان [...]

    5. This book contains a good exploration of the concept of grace, not from a heavy theological perspective but a simpler, practical one, by presenting many modern examples of grace in action along side Biblical references. Some of these were very compelling to me and some fell kind of flat for me, just based on the kinds of stories that interest me. But overall I enjoyed the book and was inspired by it. I would not say it contains anything groundbreaking for someone not new to Christianity, but jus [...]

    6. Amazing. Grace is amazing. More thoughts soon.***UPDATE***Also posted in It's A Wonderful Bookworld.Except for work-related readings, I rarely read non-fiction books, and if I indeed find myself reading one, it would always be Christian literature. The first time I encountered Philip Yancey was through his book, Disappointment with God, and it was during one of the tumultuous moments of my life. That book did not answer the questions I had that time, but it made me feel that I was not alone in m [...]

    7. As Yancy usually does, he tackles the hard issues, especially "ungrace" among Christians. He quotes a prostitute about church, "Church! Why would I ever go there? I was already feeling terrible about myself. They'd just make me feel worse." The first section is a beautiful exposition of grace. Yancy uses "Babette's Feast" as a model of grace. C.S. Lewis overheard a debate about Christianity's unique contribution to the world and he responded, "That's easy: Grace." This book establishes the uniqu [...]

    8. This book has honestly changed my perspective on Christianity, religion, politics and my own relationship with Jesus. All too often Christians are viewed as being critical, judgmental, unforgiving, harsh, condemning and downright mean. Yet everything in Jesus' life showcased grace. If I am supposed to be living as an example of Christ to the rest of the world, why do I so often miss the boat when it comes to grace? There were very few instances in the Bible that Jesus responded to situations the [...]

    9. I got the "visual" edition of this book from Stephie right after I became a Christian in South Africa. (Later I read the full edition)So I got to dwell by myself in Africa with a Bible, this book, and an RC Sproul book.The visual pages of What's So Amazing About Grace unfolded as amazing news! Is this really true? God has pardoned dirty criminals through the death of his Son? It's free? No pre-requisites? It's just by grace? My death sentence for hating God has been paid for by another while I w [...]

    10. An easy to read book about one of my favorite words in the English language. It only took so long to read because I hid my Kindle from the GKid then forgot where. But it's the kind of book you can pick up anytime and jump back in. Yancey is a natural story teller and I felt encouraged and enlightened by his examples of grace. Four and a half stars

    11. Grace is something that is incredibly simple in theory, deeply personal and very difficult to implement in our everyday lives. Grace is the defining element of Christianity and it is beautiful. Yet, the idea that we are loved and there is nothing that we can do that will change that love is met with skepticism at best and usually suspicion. Yancey makes it clear how very beautiful and simple Grace is. But he also covers "Grace Abuse" and forgiveness. All of this was thought provoking and inspire [...]

    12. The author is, I gather, popular in evangelical Christian circles. He has some really profound things to say. He starts out by discussing the grace of God and he selects certain parables and examples to make his point that God's grace is boundless, and his forgiveness beyond anything we can imagine. Then he devotes the rest of the book to talking about how much grace--or lack of grace--Christians actually exemplify in their doctrines and lives. He grew up in the southern part of the United State [...]

    13. I believe this is my third time reading this book. I read it when it first came out in 1997. At that time, it totally rocked me. Caused me to look at my faith and grace in a much different way. Soon thereafter, I read it again, desiring to internalize these truths. This must be the first time I have read it in over a decade and I am glad to say, all it did now was confirm and solidify my beliefs and understanding of Christ. So, so much I could say about how this book, written from a very intelle [...]

    14. I enjoyed this fresh look at grace. Some of my favorite quotes include:In my experience, rejoicing and gladness are not the first images that come to mind when people think of the church. They think of holier-than-thous. They think of church as a place to go after you have cleaned up your act, not before. They think of morality, not grace. "Church!" said the prostitute, "Why would I ever go there? I was already feeling terrible about myself. They'd just make me feel worse."I rejected the church [...]

    15. النعمة: الهبة التي تكلف واهبها كل شئ ولا تكلف المستفيد منها شيئاً فالنعمة ايها الاصدقاء لا تطلب منا شيئاً سوي ان ننتظرها بثقة ونتعرف بها ونقدر وجودها ٢٦بالنسبة الي الكثيرين ، الحب الرومانسي هو التعبير الاسمي عن النعمة الصافية اخيراً ، وجدت من يحسبني اكثر رجل علي وجه الارض جا [...]

    16. This is one of the most important books I have read about Christian spirituality. Yancey digs back to the heart of the Christian gospel: that grace is a gift freely given by God and needed by all of us. While reading this book I cried from sorrow about my own depravity and from joy because my life can be made new. As a Christian, my purpose is not to judge or damn the world, but view it through "grace tinted lenses". Very good book. Very life-changing.

    17. Yancey's just slightly ahead of his time. In 1997 he realizes there's a sickness at the heart of American Fundamentalism's soul, even if he misdiagnoses a vicious pneumonia as a cold. Unlike Gabe Lyons (unChristian) writing several years later, Yancey's honest enough to know that what the cult needs is more than a better PR job. He is even honest enough to allow that Fundamentalism's approach to belief may not be perfect, a difficult assertion for a member of a movement that values obedience to [...]

    18. I read this book for a book club and strongly disliked it. To me, it was a testimony as to why a journalist should not write theology. I found his thinking to be sloppy, uninformed, and lacking Biblical basis. All of this said, I cannot deny that it fostered a great deal of conversation, and that some of his thoughts were challenging. Just make sure you read a good dose of your Bible before you read Yancy's anecdotes.Oftentimes, when I write a review like this, the post modern challenge is: "Do [...]

    19. This is one of the books that I both like and hate. I agree to how Philip Yancey portrays the "Christians" he has encountered. Many of those who call themselves Christians seem to have an attitude of hate rather than love; who are bent on making rules and making sure everybody follows it, an "modern day pharisee". Then again I disagree with the general definition of grace in the book. Instead of the true essence of grace, it was defined as license, a point exemplified with the story of when the [...]

    20. I have had this book for a couple years, started it a few times but never finished it until now. I'm so glad I finally read it. It's very thought-provoking but more than that it is moving. Grace, we are shown, really is amazing! It is illogical, shocking and wonderful! Furthermore it applies to individuals, families, churches, even countries.This made me take stock of my own life, and that I think is why this book is worth the read. It is so much more than an intellectual exercise. This book rei [...]

    21. Philip Yancey is one of my very favorite Christian authors. I loved his book "Prayer" and now this one. I can't wait to read the rest. This book has so many great things to say - such as:God dispenses gifts, not wages.In the realm of grace, the word DESERVE does no even apply.The only thing harder than forgiveness is the alternative.Believers who are most desperate about themselves are the ones who express most forcefully their confidence in grace.And so on. Oh, read it. It's just wonderful!

    22. Definitely one of the most moving, and thoughtful books I've read. The author, Philip Yancey, writes in a very down to earth, easy to follow manner about what grace truly is. Using stories, and examples of situations that happened in his and other peoples lives, he is able to paint us a picture of how truly awesome the power of grace is. One that I think many of us can easily relate to, as we learn how lucky we are to have the opportunity of Grace.It is a truly humbling read, and I'd recommend i [...]

    23. THE GOOD: Not muchE BAD: Does not clearly define grace and it just seemed to me like he was constantly walking around the subject the whole time. Was not very interesting, although occasionally inspirational. Would not particularly recommendE UGLY: Almost did not finish reading this book. Don't waste your time.

    24. ~ “Disa prej nesh, kemi frike kaq shume nga ferri, saqe harrojme te gezojme udhetimin tone drejte parajses.”~ “Falja => te clirosh, te flakesh tej, te lirosh veten.”~ “Bota eshte e etur per hir. Kur hiri zbret, bota bie ne heshtje perpara tij.”C’TE MIRE KA NJE RRUGE, E CILA NUK TE CON NE NJE KISHE?

    25. Yancey is my favorite Christian writer. This book explains grace and how there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more or less. He simply loves us, regardless of anything. From his grace towards us, we can then learn to be graceful to others - become less judgemental, more forgiving, and significantly more at peace with life.

    26. Grace is such an overlooked word in the modern english language but it is the peculiar distinction that separates the Christian faith apart from all other religions. When Christians stop and actually investigate the Bible, we find that the Bible is littered with grace, beginning all the way in Genesis!

    27. yancey is one of those guys that is a closet liberal that writes to a conservative right-wing audience. i'm glad that he's stayed a part of the ccm movement in order to influence it with his experiences and perspectives. i also enjoyed his reflective, pseudo-contemplative style throughout this book (making it a post-modern hit).

    28. I never really "got" grace until reading this. It's a faith altering concept that challenged and changed the very core of what I believed. 2009 Note: Read this again with a bible study group. Still a great book and led to lots of intense discussion.

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