Secrets of the Gnomes

Secrets of the Gnomes An account of the life and work of gnomes based on first hand observations by the author and artist who themselves turned into gnomes visited with gnomes in Lapland and Siberia

  • Title: Secrets of the Gnomes
  • Author: Rien Poortvliet Wil Huygen
  • ISBN: 9780810916142
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An account of the life and work of gnomes, based on first hand observations by the author and artist, who, themselves turned into gnomes, visited with gnomes in Lapland and Siberia.

    One thought on “Secrets of the Gnomes”

    1. These little gnomes are quite similar to British gnomes and brownies, however, they are more industrious and helpful. These are excellent books for children; (and definitely the kind you'd keep into adulthood). Inbetween little folktales and self-made-up stories about the fey folk, the authors pop in some general knowledge stuff, like for instance botany, biology and geology and little projects of things the gnomes make to try out yourself (especially if you're a children), with snippets of know [...]

    2. Gnomes are so much cooler than trolls. They are resourceful, inventive, compassionate, loving, creative, and fun. They can communicate with animals, hitch rides on their backs, help them in times of need, and occasionally even playfully outwit them. Mostly, though, they're friends.Trolls, on the other hand, are no friends of the gnomes. From birth, these near-monosyllabic, cretinous creatures "start kicking around blindly," solely capable of "discerning things they can pester." As the secret boo [...]

    3. Again I loved the drawings in this book. The text too, but to me that was not the most important. At the time that I read it, this book openened new worlds to me, not only the gnome world, but also worlds as in other countries.I was very scared by the very realistic drawings of the trolls, but the interesting things: how gnomes live, what they do, how they dress, differences between gnomes in different parts of the world made that less. And, after reading it many times, I already knew when the t [...]

    4. E' ormai perso in qualche meandro di casa dei miei, in attesa di tornare alla luce quando meno lo si aspetta. Letto ormai parecchi anni fa me lo ricordo comunque come una lettura piacevolissima: �� l'avventura di due uomini tramutatisi in gnomi che studiano da vicino le abitudini, i costumi e gli strumenti di questo curioso popolo, compilando una sorta di vademecum. Il finale forse �� un po' troppo moraleggiante, ma ci si pu�� passare sopra. Molto belle le immagini, un libro consigli [...]

    5. A wonderful book for anyone interested in Gnomes and how they work. The book is worth reading for the art alone. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The reason I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 is that some of the art shows nudity which makes it questionable for little kids though the story would be loved by them otherwise.

    6. This book is really cool in many ways. The illustrations are the best thing about it, although some of them are really creepy. It reads like a nature journal/ diary of events and is about two human men who are able to enter the world of the gnomes and some magic allows them to become gnomes themselves for a period of time so they can observe gnomes in their natural habitat and bring information back to humanity. This is the second book, and I never read the first. I don’t think you need to, bu [...]

    7. Ofschoon het boek voor kinderen lijkt te zijn bedoeld komt ook bij volwassen de boodschap over die kabouters voor de mensheid hebben. Dat is feitelijk de opdracht die de beide samenstellers van het boek van de kabouters meekrijgen, de serieus bedoelde Oproep dus vanuit de kabouterwereld. Stop milieuvervuiling en natuurvernietiging en ga leven op een duurzame manier! De menselijk levenswijze waarbij veel grondstoffen en energie wordt verspild moet zo snel mogelijk werden ingeruild voor een milieu [...]

    8. This was a fun book. Anyone who appreciates being cozy and loves going on little adventures will love this one. And of course any gnome lover will be thrilled at all the gnome info gathered on its pages.

    9. Very breathtaking illustrations! I don't really into the story, there are so many facts about animals, surviving in nature, and magical creatures beside gnomes! I want to collect All of the Rien Poortvliet works!

    10. The art is really nice and the story, for the most part, enjoyable. I was thrown off by the random references to Christian lore.

    11. Prachtige, sfeervolle tekeningen en schilderingen van het poolgebied en een (helaas) nog steeds relevante oproep om zuinig te zijn op de wereld. De schrijfstijl doet wat gedateerd aan.Grappig detail: de 'etnografische' beschrijving van andere kabouterculturen: kabouterversies van cliché's die nu echt niet meer kunnen.

    12. Hooray for Gnome tits.Hooray!!!I just can't get enough Gnome tits and this thing is just chock full of them!This is supposed to be a sequel to the original 'Gnomes' book by the original author but it really falls short and just doesn't have that same magicbut hey's got Gnome tits!

    13. It's a good story and the images by Rien Poortvliet are amazing. The most disturbing thing about this book, is that it is a sequel to the book 'Gnomes' by the same author, Wil Huygen, but contradicts the first book in some ways. Therefor my rating is only two stars: it was OK.

    14. Ik heb een paar boeken van Poortvliet, van de trollen en het leven van de kabouters. Absoluut adorable, heerlijk om in weg te duiken op een regenachtig weekend, prachtige illustraties, uitleg en wat mij betreft, Kabouters bestaan!

    15. Gnomes are friendly with animals and know all the plants. This quality reminds me of my oldest daughter. The book has a wonderful story quality because of its illustrations.

    16. Gnomes are mythical creature found in yards and on one travel website. With easy to read information and colorful illustrations, the author dwells into the creatures habits and lifestyle.

    17. I loved this book. The illustrations are amazing, if a bit dated. And who knew there'd be a takeaway message at the end?

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