Finn Family Moomintroll

Finn Family Moomintroll Poor little chap He had been turned into a very strange animal indeedAlthough they re small fat and shy creatures Moomins have the most amazing adventures It all begins when Moominpappa tries on a m

  • Title: Finn Family Moomintroll
  • Author: Tove Jansson Elizabeth Portch
  • ISBN: 9780140301502
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poor little chap He had been turned into a very strange animal indeedAlthough they re small, fat and shy creatures, Moomins have the most amazing adventures It all begins when Moominpappa tries on a magic hat that makes exciting and funny things happen .

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    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. A charming return to the land of Moomin Valley, in which Moomintroll and his friends discover a Hobgoblin's magical top hat. Delightful mayhem ensues.

    2. This book is the reason I learned to read.My mother read it aloud to me once and then refused to read it again. In fact, she washed her hands of the whole series on the grounds that it was "creepy". I was forced - forced! - to teach myself to read, if I wanted any more Moomins, ever. I got my revenge, however: I read this book out loud to HER while she was working in the kitchen and couldn't get away.

    3. I liked, but didn't love Comet in Moominland. Finn Family Moomintroll though really captures the same wonderfulness that the Moomin comic strips do. This book is a bit more episodic than Comet, but it feels more cohesive. Maybe the Moomintroll is best when he isn't on long adventures with his friends, short adventures serve them nicely when they can return home to rest and enjoy the simple pleasures of Moominvalley. If I had kids I would read this to them, if they didn't like it, I'd drive them [...]

    4. I absolutely adore Tove Jansson's Moomintrolls and their exploits, and the 1970s German language translations by Vivica and Kurt Bandler were favourites of my childhood (and are still considered sweet and nostalgic gems to be reread over and over again, although my copies are falling apart and I now need to find replacements). And with this fact in mind, when the Children's Literature Group decided to read Elizabeth Portch's English language translation of the third Moomintroll book, of Trollkar [...]

    5. I feel sacrilegious in rating this book with just 2 stars. I almost “graded” it higher.I apologize to everyone who loves this book. I’ve gotten over it now, but for years I was extremely perturbed when others I knew didn’t love A Wrinkle in Time and some of my other favorites.I apologize to The Muskrat (who is a real hoot) and to Moominmamma (because she really is a great character) and some of the other characters too. I apologize to the author because there were glimmers and glimpses t [...]

    6. I guess I am fiscally conservative but liberal in most other things. You want to marry the same gender; you should. It’s none of my damn business as you are both consenting adults. Your womb is none of my damn business. You want to change gender, go right ahead – none of my damn business. And incidentally, you can reverse that. I blame Moomins for this. I just realized this. When my family went to Sweden when I was in third or fourth grade, I was given copies of Jansson’s children books an [...]

    7. While I enjoyed Finn Family Moomintroll, it was not nearly as delightful as Comet in Moominland. When Moomintroll and the tramp Snufkin discover a stovepipe hat, they unwittingly bring home what turns out to be a Hobgoblin’s Hat. The hat wreaks all sorts of havoc until Moominmamma wisely hits on a solution. Neither as witty or as funny as Comet in Moominland,Finn Family Moomintroll does introduce the odd little Thingumy and Bob, who have some very unusual ideas about stealing.

    8. Made me travel back to my childhood, what a warm feeling, I used to watch it as a cartoon called وادي أمان and what a terrific world

    9. As part of a "read a new book, reread an old book challenge" and because it's the 65th anniversary of the Moomin series (there's even a Moominweek at tor!), I decided to reread as much as I could of the Moomin series. Which ended up being only one book, unfortunately: Finn Family Moomintroll. I read this series when I was perhaps 8 or 9 years old, and loved it; I think it would also be a great choice to read aloud to younger children. The illustrations are adorable, and the names of the characte [...]

    10. Sometimes things do work out as they ought to: my son is well on the road to loving the Moomintroll books just as much as I do. We breezed through this second book in the series really fast -- T was able, without much effort, to persuade Mama to read a chapter aloud pretty much any time of day, as long as he wasn't supposed to be in school.This charming tale of one Spring and Summer in the lives of the Moomin family picks up where its predecessor left off. Every member of the Moomin household fr [...]

    11. The troll toy craze first arrived in the UK around 1962. I was 7 and I begged for one of these little dolls. I must have really wanted it as I never asked my parents for anything. Mum wasn't too impressed. Tried hard to dissuade me but perhaps the novelty of her daughter's passionate appeal won her over. How I treasured that toy. I did not encounter Moomintroll and friends however until a year or two later and did not really associate the two in my mind. My toy was a troll These were Moomins. Ne [...]

    12. I loved the Moomins so much as a kid. I don't remember reading them, actually -- surprisingly, no sense of location or of my fingers on the pages comes back to me, though usually I'll remember where I read books and whether my edition was new or old, and the smell of the pages In any case, I do remember that I loved the Moomins, and it was lovely to curl up and reread now I'm older, and wiser, and really not feeling well.I do love the range of characters, all with different customs and such, tha [...]

    13. Read this one when I was sevenAt the time, I didn't understand the concept of "Never judge a book by its cover" (and boy am I glad, as this book's just as good, if not better than it's awesome, mind-candy cover) and at first, I picked this one up solely based on the colorful illustrations on the jacket. It's still a favorite of mine and reminds me of the absolute wonder of being a kid. This book rocks my world. What a little freakin' treasure chest of glory the Moomintrolls are!Snufkin is a role [...]

    14. „Samotność jest czasem potrzebna.”Moja opinia: Muminki to Muminki. Wiadomo, że zawsze będę je kochała i nigdy nie będę zbyt stara na zapoznanie się z ich historią. Uwielbiam Włóczykija. Uwielbiam Małą Mi. Uwielbiam uroczy domek i przygody, jakie przeżywają. Sama chętnie polatałabym na chmurce. Moja ocena: ★★★★★★★★★★

    15. ALKSDJFLSKJDFLJ I JUST LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH. ^___^ *huggles book forever and a day* I think this one might actually be my favorite overall! (Though parts of Moominsummer Madness are still my favorites too.) So cute and fun and amusing and whimsical. UGH I LOVE SNUFKIN AND ALL OF THEMMM. <3 JUST. AWK. I CAN'T EVEN. I JUST LOVETH IT. ^_^ <33333

    16. "El Snusmumrik asintió con la cabeza. Se entretenía construyendo barquitas de caña que luego botaba en el río. ¿Adónde van?, preguntó el Mumintroll. A lugares donde yo no estoy, contestó el Snusmumrik."Precioso libro infantil que nos lleva a otras épocas, donde la inocencia y los valores sencillos se valoraban más.Un mundo imaginario de seres educados, encantadores, que disfrutan de todas las pequeñas cosas de la vida, donde se valoran más los sentimientos que las pertenencias y la v [...]

    17. I thought this was rather fun. It's sort of cute little creatures going on with adventures of one kind and another. Sometimes there is danger, but they find ways to get out of it. Sometimes weird things happen, like the loss of Moominmamma's purse. But, when it's found again—actually someone nabbed it because the inside pockets made a nice snug place to sleep—the joy is so great that they have a giant party for the whole of Moomin Valley.I dunno, I rather like the idea of taking joy in life [...]

    18. Adorable. I really, really liked this. It's like an odd cross between Wind in the Willows and Dr. Seuss. There are shallow characters, kind characters, vain characters, selfless characters, and characters with questionable morals all wrapped up in this funny little family who will accept anyone who seems to need a family. It sort of wanders about telling bits of tales that make up a lovely summer in the Valley of the Moomins. There's never any real sense of alarm, even when the Groke shows up, b [...]

    19. I read this for a class in college and it is still just as enjoyable as it was then. Though the Moomins are akin to Mickey Mouse in their fame across the sea, reading it always reminds me of Winnie the Pooh (not the books - I haven't read them yet), with little related yet unrelated adventures full of fun and cute, distinctive characters, which don't have to be viewed/read in any particular order to be understood and enjoyed.

    20. This is what comes of putting on strange hats you find. Just buy yourself a good hat and stick to it, that's what you need to do. If more people took the liberty to have their own every-day hats these sorts of things wouldn't be happening left and right. What if it wasn't just a hobgoblin it had belonged to and it had been a banshee or evil spirit of some sort?

    21. These books fill me with awe and happiness, and just the right amount of melancholia.And the pictures make me think of something holy and ineffable, much like William Blake's illuminated manuscripts.If it wasn't for the Moomin books I'd be a poorer and more miserable person.

    22. I loved this book! I thought it was utterly charming and so delightful, and all the adventures of the Moomins and their friends are just so much fun. I loved the writing, and the pictures are cute, as well. Most of this book takes place in the summer, so it was a great seasonal read for me, too.

    23. Los libros de los Mumins me transportan automáticamente a mi infancia, son pequeñas joyas ilustradas por la autora que te llevan a fantásticos viajes.Los recomiendo totalmente.

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