An Interview with Harry the Tarantula

An Interview with Harry the Tarantula Presented as an interview between KBUG radio talk show host Katy Did and her guest Harry the tarantula this colourful picture book imparts factual information about the life of the spider in a humor

  • Title: An Interview with Harry the Tarantula
  • Author: Leigh Ann Tyson Henrik Drescher
  • ISBN: 9780792251224
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Presented as an interview between KBUG radio talk show host Katy Did and her guest, Harry the tarantula, this colourful picture book imparts factual information about the life of the spider in a humorous way that will appeal to young readers.

    One thought on “An Interview with Harry the Tarantula”

    1. This is a cute story that makes a tarantula (almost) lovable. It tells all about them by conducting an interview and telling a story, rather than being too much like an encyclopedia. .

    2. Sara loves to go to the pet store to check out the tarantula. So when we found this at the library it was a must to check out. I like how it is very informational. But! and this is kind of a big but, There is a part about how the reproduce bring up a sperm sac. Sara had so many questions about that. Which is normally fine, but not at bedtime. I wasn't exspecting that. Well next time I know to read new books before hand. We both really like a page at the end of the book where It gives lots of int [...]

    3. Pretty amusing and informative for those interested in tarantulas. And it is true that one cannot HELP but to impart Katy Did, the interviewer, with a British accent. Why is that? THEN you get almost to the end and Harry starts getting a little fresh, with all that talk of transferring "my web sack of sperm to her" and being very careful to "tap her in all the right places" because, of course, "Tapping puts her in a romantic mood." TMI, Harry, TMI! Whatever I was entertained.

    4. Written in an interview form between a katydid and a tarantula. I'm using it for my Spider Tales program. I have to figure out how to "edit" the last part of the interview when Harry talks about transferring his web sack of sperm to a female; talk about awkward! I'm picturing what sort of questions the 4-5 year olds will ask prompted by that statement!

    5. National Geographic comes up with a very clever way to make learning about bugs (tarantulas in this case) pretty fun. The format is a radio host bug interviewing Harry about his recent terrifying experience of being put in a glass jar by a little girl.Really engaging and educational illustrations.

    6. While this book was cute and informative, I will be leaving it out of my 4th grade library. It was suggested by the publisher of our English language arts publisher. I'm afraid the sperm sac page would completely derail any other learning possibilities.

    7. Note: Harry the Tarantula does answer a question about tarantula reproduction in this book. The facts in the back are quite interesting.

    8. Cute, though I may have to omit the "sack of sperm" page if I use this in a preschool story time. I keep imagining Katy Did's voice with a British accent.

    9. May be good for discussing interviews or to use as the fiction book for a fiction vs. non-fiction discussion

    10. The NPR lover in me really appreciated the style of book! Instead of teaching about a tarantula with a traditional expository book, kids learn about them via a public radio interview with host Katy Did!

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