The Stuff of Legend, Book 1: The Dark

The Stuff of Legend Book The Dark The year is As Allied forces fight the enemy on Europe s war torn beaches another battle begins in a child s bedroom in Brooklyn When the nightmarish Boogeyman snatches a boy and takes him to th

  • Title: The Stuff of Legend, Book 1: The Dark
  • Author: Mike Raicht Brian Smith Charles Paul Wilson III Jon Conkling Michael DeVito
  • ISBN: 9780345521002
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1944 As Allied forces fight the enemy on Europe s war torn beaches, another battle begins in a child s bedroom in Brooklyn When the nightmarish Boogeyman snatches a boy and takes him to the realm of the Dark, the child s playthings, led by the toy soldier known as the Colonel, band together to stage a daring rescue On their perilous mission they will confronThe year is 1944 As Allied forces fight the enemy on Europe s war torn beaches, another battle begins in a child s bedroom in Brooklyn When the nightmarish Boogeyman snatches a boy and takes him to the realm of the Dark, the child s playthings, led by the toy soldier known as the Colonel, band together to stage a daring rescue On their perilous mission they will confront the boy s bitter and forgotten toys, as well as betrayal in their own ranks Can they save the boy from the forces of evil, or will they all perish in the process The Stuff of Legend is a haunting and ultimately redemptive tale of loyalty, camaraderie, and perseveranceThis edition includes a brand new story featuring the Colonel s war journal, maps, sketches, and other original material

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    1. What a fantastic find this was! Sarah, Brad and I were out having our usual Friday night, and we stopped at one of our local bookstores, and there, sitting on the shelf in the graphic novel section, was The Stuff of Legend, and one look at the cover told me this was something I needed to take home, and I'm not sorry at all that I bought it.The writers waste no time in getting into the story, as the boy (who I think remained nameless throughout the book) is kidnapped by the Boogeyman within the f [...]

    2. I read about this book awhile ago and was immediately intrigued by the premise of toys not merely coming to life, but engaging in a battle among themselves. While this is a major oversimplification of the events of volume one of this graphic novel, it's a reasonably close summary. The storyline is somewhat complex, and even as one volume of a series goes, there's little satisfaction in the conclusion. So why five stars? The art is absolutely astoundingly beautiful, and comes close to Shaun Tan's [...]

    3. 3 1/2 This is a first part of a three part story, so maybe as a whole it will feel like something more complete, but this was still good none the less.A boy is kidnapped by the boogeyman and taken into "The Dark", a world through your closet where toys are alive. After witnessing the boy being kidnapped, a few of this toys decide to go after him, and in entering the world they become real, like the stuffed teddy bear is now a real bear etc. My only problem is they don't go into enough detail, fo [...]

    4. This is one I picked up off the shelf with no prior familiarity at all, solely because it looked like a solid creepy read, definitely delivered. It's a bit of a mix somewhere between Toy Story and Sandman. Lovecraftian, black tentacles reach out of the closet at night, dragging away The Boy. The toys all rally and form a party to enter into The Dark, in order to find and rescue The Boy. Upon entering The Dark, the toys are no longer toys, the teddy bear for example is now a grim grizzly towering [...]

    5. I loved this book! The Stuff of Legend: Book 1 The Dark is a Graphic Novel, it stands at 112 pages. It was released by Del Rey on April 27, 2010.Analysis: When I first heard about the idea of toys fighting amongst themselves to free their owner from the claws of the Boogeyman, I immediately knew this was a book that I needed to look into. In a heart warming, sometimes scary at times way, The Stuff of Legend: The Dark is a wonderful novel with some amazing illustrations.As this is a first novel t [...]

    6. A fabulous work of imagination. The Stuff of Legend owes its debt to Pixar's Toy Story, but swiftly accomplishes its own fiction. Here "The Boy" is kidnapped by the Boogeyman, physically dragged into his closet and held in a fantasy world called The Dark. His toys and pet dog descend into this Dark, where they change from little lumps of plastic into highly stylized images of themselves, fighting through the Boogeyman's army of corrupt toys in pursuit of their owner. We visit a city built on top [...]

    7. When a young boy is dragged into his closet by the Bogeyman, it's up to his faithful toys and his dog, Scout, to venture into the closet after him. There they find themselves in The Dark, and are surprised to discover that there, they are real. Percy the piggybank is a real pig and no longer needs to worry about breaking. Maxwell the teddy bear is a real, ferocious bear. And all of the others (with the exception of Scout, who's still a normal puppy) have new bodies and new abilities.The artwork [...]

    8. The dark side of "Toy Story" There is a boogeyman in the closet, and he has taken the Boy. Now it is up to a band of the Boy's toys and his dog Scout to find him. In our world they are a toy soldier, a teddy bear, a wooden duck, and a piggy bank. But through the closet, in The Dark, they become real. Max, the teddy bear, turns into a giant angry bear. They are fierce in battle, making their way through the unfamiliar world where different rules apply, and the pig's cowardice might not be what it [...]

    9. Appeal Characteristics: Visual Art, Historical, Blurred Genres, AdventureWHAT AN ENDEARING STORY! The art is fantastic! A boy gets kidnapped by the Boogeyman and his loyal toys go on an adventure to save him. Join the brave Colonel, Max the Bear,Percy the pig, Jester, the Dog, and others. Do not think this is some childish fluffy story. It's gritty, dark, and has so many gothic elements to it. This story will bring tears to your eyes as these toys take on the biggest baddest nightemarish fiend i [...]

    10. One word: "amazing." This is quite possibly the best graphic novel I've read all year. Mike Raicht and Brian Smith spin a fantastic story that's equal parts Toy Story and Through the Looking Glass. Charles Paul Wilson III's illustrations are simply beautiful. Reading this recalls the giddiness of my youth when I found myself in possession of a new stack of comics or a new book. Excellent, excellent stuff.

    11. I really found this book interesting, it is about a kid who is taken by the darkness and how his toys go on a voyage to find him, it tells of battles, betrayals, and beasts. I would highly recommend this book if you appreciate a good graphic novel. As a highly ambitious reader I loved this book as a challenge as this is one of my first graphic novels. The drawings in this book are fabulous and really convey the story from a different kind of view. Again I highly recommend this book.

    12. After reading a preview of Stuff The Legend on comixology. I had to check out the whole story. Great artwork from Charles Paul Wilson III.After the boogeyman drags a little boy into the dark realms the boys toys take on the mission to bring their friend back to the real world.Can't wait to read book 2 to see if the boy is rescued.

    13. It starts as such a gentle story but don't let that fool you. Or young boy "lead" is soon scarily kidnapped by the boogeyman, and they toys team up to save him. I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PIG! Or the bear for that matter. Or puppy discrimination. So much more here than might first meet the eye.

    14. Read it. Just go do that. Right now please.What are toys to do when their owner is dragged away into the dark? They band together and set out to rescue him.A great premise that is aided by gorgeous art, and some fantastic character designs.

    15. Oh I LOVE this book! Beautiful artwork and a story about a bunch of toys that come alive to save their beloved boy owner from the boogeyman, so wonderful! I love all of the characters, the Jester, the Princess, Max, Harmony and especially Scout, I think Scout is my favorite :)

    16. The perfect mix of Toy Story, Rise of the Guardians, and Insidious, this book has a little bit of everything for everyone! With a well-balanced cast of characters and a plot that keeps you on your toes and turning the pages, this is a work I would definitely recommend for libraries, book clubs, and any reader that wants to go on a daring adventure. My only criticism is that the Boogeyman character is almost too similar to that of the Boogeyman character in Rise of the Guardians movie. It would h [...]

    17. For more reviews, check out my blog Craft-CycleThis story works perfectly as a graphic novel. I love the contrast in characters' appearances in the "real world" vs. The Dark. The artwork is amazing. It is such an interesting contrast between childhood play and actual war.The plot itself is very interesting. It's kind of like Toy Story if Buzz and Woody went on a murderous rampage to save Andy from a nightmare incarnate. Awesome stuff. Cool beginning to the series. I am looking forward to reading [...]

    18. I thought this might be too "cutesy" for me, but it ended up being pretty dark, so I liked it a lot. I wish the art would have been in color throughout, I really love the cover art. I read a collection that had book 1 and book 2 it and it seemed to stay just as entertaining all the way through. Now I just have to find book 3.

    19. At first, I thought this was going to be some annoying kids book that I wouldn't care about but it was an amazing book that is really interesting so this is a 4 out of five.

    20. This was a decent graphic novel. It was well drawn, but the story itself didn't pull me in the way that I thought it would. Be that as it may I will probably continue reading this series.

    21. I picked this up on a whim at the bookstore because it just look so darn neat. It is the first in a series of at least two graphic novels targeted at the Middle Grade age group. The second book will be titled The Jungle and is due out in May of 2011. It was very well done. It is a beautiful book with wonderful illustrations and a dark and engaging story.When their child is kidnapped from them by the Boogeyman the child's toys send a rescue team into the Dark to rescue him. The team consists of a [...]

    22. If you are already thinking Toy Story stop there. Yes, the toys come to life. That is all. Even in the Pixar toy’s darkest hour (Sid), they’ve nothing on the scale of this graphic novel for the older crowd or The Dark.In Book One of The Stuff of Legend: The Dark the toys risk going into the closet and into the realm of the Boogeyman’s The Dark to rescue the boy. There is no explanation for the Boogeyman’s kidnapping of this particular brother from this particular Brooklyn bedroom, and fo [...]

    23. “The Stuff of Legend” tells the story of a group of toys that spring to life in order to save the boy that owns them after he is taken into the “dark” by the Boogeyman. I was interested in reading this because from looking at reviews and the artwork, it seemed sort of like a darker version of Toy Story. I really do hate to compare the two, but unfortunately, unlike Toy Story, I had a rather difficult time getting into “The Stuff of Legend.”One of the pitfalls of the story for me incl [...]

    24. I had an idea for a great book when I was a kid; maybe you did, too. It was about the toys in my room coming to life when I wasn't there, having incredible adventures of their own. It's a common fantasy; these days, we'd all recognize it as the starting point of the Toy Story movies. The Stuff of Legend takes that same idea and asks the question I think most kids even acknowledge in their unconscious: "You want it darker?"The Stuff of Legend makes it very dark indeed, and that's immediately appa [...]

    25. The "boy" lives in Brooklyn in 1944 with his family and shares a room with a younger brother (and sometimes a pup named Scout.) Until the evening that he's kidnapped by the Boogeyman and his toys come to life to defend him. The toys, a solider, a ballerina, an Indian, a piggy bank, a duck, jack-in-the-box, a stuffed bear, and Scout--band together and venture into the realm of the Dark to rescue him. There they find a battle on their hands, as the Boogeyman has swayed other toys to join him in a [...]

    26. A boy is taken by the boogeyman and his toys come alive and go to rescue him. I love the premise and the sepia-toned artwork is gorgeous. Oh, and by the way, lock your children's closet doors when they go to sleepybe yours as well.

    27. Nomadic SA Chick Book ReviewsSummaryBoy is snatched from his room in the middle of the night. The Boogeyman is to blame. He has a plan and he needs the boy. Boy's toys and puppy were unable to stop him. Max, Boy's favorite stuffed bear put up a tough fight. But now is the time for Boy's faithful toys and puppy to march through the closet and into the Land of Dark to save him. ReviewCreepy. Brilliant. Beautiful. These are the best words to describe this book. I used to be afraid of the boogeyman [...]

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