One thought on “Il catalogo delle amiche”

  1. 'The catalogue of girlfriends' is scary if you find yourself in one of the ten women. I think Isabella wanted to make fun of them, and she nailed their neurosis really good. All of them are so annoying, please stop bitching. You turn around, and they are talking about you. They are obsessed with their mothers, lovers, husbands, daughters, perfection. They are too much. Missed communication within their turbulent adult lives. But you get something from Stefania, something from Emilia, something f [...]

  2. This one was a total waste of time! I needed to read it for one of the exams, otherwise, l would have given it up after 10 pages, even lessIt is interesting how the author connects them all, but it's a classic example of chick-lit and l cannot stand books like that because they don't leave any impression on you

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