Independence Hall

Independence Hall In Book One Independence Hall we meet Q Quest and his stepsister Angela We meet their rocker parents Blaze and Roger we meet the Secret Service team protecting the family and we meet the main playe

  • Title: Independence Hall
  • Author: Roland Smith
  • ISBN: 9781585364688
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Book One Independence Hall, we meet Q Quest and his stepsister, Angela We meet their rocker parents, Blaze and Roger we meet the Secret Service team protecting the family and we meet the main players of the Mossad team that is following them.

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    1. I.Q. Independence Hallby Roland SmithThis adventure novel had my attention quickly, because it featured two kids whose parents were rock stars. Because of this, Quest (a.ka. “Q” for short) and Angela get to be out of school and travel across the country in a giant, tricked out, R.V. What could be more exciting? But the more I read, the more confused I got. Three different spy organizations, the Mossad (or Israeli spies), the C.I.A and the F.B.I all are after the two kids, but I really never [...]

    2. I'm not done reading this book, but I wish I was. I don't know, it just hasn't pulled me in and I'm 2/3 finished. I probably won't like it very much.I finished this book last week of August, and I think it was too soon after having read Storm Breaker. The influence of that spy book was too strong -- I expected more action, a focus on one character, a huge explosion, and a dead bad guy.There were moments when I was drawn in because I thought the story would pick up its pace, but I didn't care for [...]

    3. I'm a big fan of Roland Smith. I've read just about every novel he's written and have loved all of them. I really can't imagine not enjoying anything he writes. This book, the first in a series that so far totals 6 books, is a quick, fun, and definitely exciting read. I can see a lot of middle grade kids getting into this series. What's not to love? You've got two teens, twelve year old Quest (Q) whose mom has just married fifteen year old Angie's dad. The parents are musicians with a number one [...]

    4. This includes information from ALL THREE books.okay so i wanted to write this because who knows how long it'll take for Roland Smith to write the fourth book of this series so im just going to lay everything i know on the table so when the fourth book DOES come out, I can remember what it was I had been readingAnmar (AKA The Leopard)- International terrorist. Truth is when she turned 18, her parents arranged a marraige for her, she went through with it and he became her handler; thats also when [...]

    5. I love this book because it has so many action parts and I couldn't stop reading. I liked the part where Ziv dressed up as a cop and that Angela's mom was still alive. This book is probably not a super young children book but maybe 4th through 5th.

    6. Don't get me wrong, I liked this book, a lot, but it just wasn't my favorite. I thought that the ending plot twist with Ziv was let's just say interesting.

    7. IQ: THE INDEPNDENCE HALL BOOK REVIEW SUMMARY This story takes place in Dexter at first but mainly in Pennsylvania in 2008 September. The main character in the story is Q (quest) and Angela, his step sister. Q is a very fast thinker, and can also pull off tricks and confuse anyone. Angela is a quiet person, she seems very hard, but she is actually very caring and soft hearted inside. She is also self-training to be a spy, like her mom. Her mom died in battle, as she was told. She finds 2 groups o [...]

    8. This was a good mystery book, not to scary but still a really good thriller.This book is about two kids, Angela and Q, and how Angela's dad got married to Q's mom. Their parents are really famous music artist and are going on a year concert tour. They decided to take Q and Angela. They are traveling in a large coach and while in Philadelphia Angela realizes she is being watched. Q and Angela then attempt to figure out the whole thing. Read to find out who is following her and Q and why they are [...]

    9. After reading this book, I think that Independence Hall is a great mystery book.Independence Hall takes place in 2008 in many cities across the U.S, but mostly Philadelphia. This book is in the first point of view of Q. Other characters in this story include Angela, who is Q's step sister, Roger and Blaze, Q and Angela's parents, Boone, their R.V worker, and Angela's mom. The main conflict is Angela and Q against the CIA and the MossadI think that this book is pretty good. It's pretty entertaini [...]

    10. Cormac Reilly 3/4/10I.Q by: Roland Smith There is a boy named Q he started his life living in a boat until his mother got married to a guy named Roger they forma band and go on a tour and roger has a daughter named Angela. Q and Angela are getting followed by Israel terrorist cause Angela’s real mom was a secret agent and they tried to get Angela. Then they got security and there were fights here and there and they killed some but not all. My favorite character in the book was Angela becau [...]

    11. Q and his new step-sister Angela find themselves caught up in something they are not quite prepared for. Blaze Munoz and Roger Tucker are two musicians who are starting off their tour with a wedding. Blaze had hit the top of the charts then took time off to be a mother. Roger Tucker has written songs for years. Now he and Blaze will start a new life together not only as a newly married couple with a blended family but also as the newest and hottest singing group, "Match".Q has not really gotten [...]

    12. The title of this book is I.Q. The author of this book is Roland Smith. This book was a mystery book and was a thriller with a lot of action. Angela and Quest meet each other at their parents wedding. They become step siblings. As the story goes on Angela tells Quest (Q) that her mom was a secret service agent and had past away. Q and Angela's parents are famous singers and go on a tour. There car brakes down and they meet this roodie man, is name is Boone. He helps fix there car and Q's parents [...]

    13. I.Q Independence HallBY: Roland SmithAngel and Q are step brother and sister. There parents are two of the most famous musicians in the world. After getting married they head on tour. Immeaditley they are busy. A person named Tyrone Boone . comes up to their car. He is an old roadie who sets up the stage before concerts. But their is more to this Tyrone Boone than just being an old Roadie. Why would and old roadie. And how did Angela see her real mother while she was supposed to be dead. Q is a [...]

    14. When I think of "pillars of young-adult literature" Roland Smith doesn't come to mind. Maybe he should. This is now my third book I've read by him. (I didn't realize that until I'd finished.)I went in to the book thinking I was going to be reading a book about artificial intelligence. Boy, was I wrong. I swear I read that in a summary somewhere.This is more like a teen 24 (Merry Christmas). Secret agents, terrorists, espionage, intrigue, the Israeli Mossad it's all there, but on a more kid-frien [...]

    15. I.Q. is a fast-paced mystery with likable teen characters and SOS (Some Old Spooks) teamed against the bad guys. Thirteen-year-old Quest and his new stepsister, 15-year-old Angela, are on a music tour with their newly married and newly famous musician parents. Not everyone on the tour is who they seem to be, and Angela learns that maybe her Secret Service mother didn't really die 4 years ago in the line of duty. This is the first in a series and was a complete story with a solid ending, not like [...]

    16. I've read Roland Smith's Cryptid Hunters series as well as the Zach's Lie duology, enjoyed them, so I gave this one a try. I was a bit dissapointed. For a spy type of book it lacked action. The was more magic then action in this book. It dragged at parts and was really unrealistic. The good part about Smith is he can write dialogue really well, but this takes away from scenes that could be more interesting. This book was still a good read but the next book is a definite maybee. If I have nothing [...]

    17. Promising first book in a new series for young adult readers, but this older adult found it engaging as well. Although the book requires some suspension of belief (and what good work of fiction does not?), there is plenty of connection with real life and plenty of excitement -- but not too much blood and gore -- at least not with this first entry.As an adult raised in the cold war period, I found the SOS group especially appealing and wished fervently that it was real.Looking forward to the next [...]

    18. Although a little hard to follow at first, I was really quickly absorbed into this spy/mystery/adventure story of a boy named Quest, or Q and his stepsister Angela. I really like Roland Smith and this seems like a great new series! Looking forward to Book 2, which I think should come with a CD. The story takes place on the national tour of the band Match, and talks about how popular their single "Rekindled" is. I want to hear it! :)

    19. I read this book in preparation for the author visiting the school where I work. It was interesting, and proved one thing to me: if you are passionate about something, and have the inclination and will to become an author, you can become an author. The writing itself wasn't spectacular, but it could be interesting to kids. The story of two kids (both children of rock stars) who first become brother and sister, and then SPIES!, spun a fun tale, if not anything spectacular.

    20. This book was very good. At first I thought it was actually kind of boring but then once you figured out who everybody was it was very interesting. In the beginning it changed point of views and I got confused because I couldn't figure out who the second point of view was from. But then I couldn't put the book down! It definitely made me ask my self some tough questions about what I would do if I was in the character's point of view.

    21. I like Roland Smith and I liked the premise of the book. I just found it a little disjointed and confusing in spots. Usually Smith's books demand all of my attention because I just have to know what happens next. This one I could put down and go do other things. I hope I'll enjoy the next installment more.

    22. This book fascinated me a lot. From the mystery to the adventure throughout the whole book the mood changed and the interested me a lot. The theme of this book was when there are troubling objects never quit on the people around you. This book was very good and I hope to read more of the series.

    23. It's ok. I never finished reading it as it is a little bit tedious, but the plot is fascinating and the characters are great,

    24. It was a really good book. I got sick today, so all I did really was read. I finished this book and it ROCKED!!! Can't wait for the next one!! =]

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