Demons at Dusk: Masacre at Myall Creek

Demons at Dusk Masacre at Myall Creek and the British Empire is expanding relentlessly On a remote cattle station on the frontier of the young New South Wales colony a lonely convict hut keeper is forced to confront the power and gr

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  • Title: Demons at Dusk: Masacre at Myall Creek
  • Author: Peter Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781921206573
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1838 and the British Empire is expanding relentlessly On a remote cattle station on the frontier of the young New South Wales colony, a lonely convict hut keeper is forced to confront the power and greed which drives that expansion.

    One thought on “Demons at Dusk: Masacre at Myall Creek ”

    1. A good first novel about a horrifying period of Australian history and some of the first people to stand up for Aboriginals.

    2. An interesting and thoroughly researched account of the massacre at Myall Creek and the first time that the European perpetrators were made accountable for their actions. Seven of the twelve were tried and executed. The writer is good on research but his writing is awkward when he tries to personalise his characters, almost cringe worthy when he describes the relationship between Anderson and the aboriginal woman who was subsequently butchered by the mob of squatters, ticket of leave convicts an [...]

    3. Every Australian, especially those who are not particular aware of the atrocities committed against Indigenous Australian people over the creation of our country, should read this book for some enlightenment. Stewart uses primary and secondary sources and constructs and narrative detailing what occurred over 170 years ago to a peaceful and non-threatening group of people, by heartless, ignorant bastards. An emotionally difficult novel to read but, a must.

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