Drive Time

Drive Time Drive Time MIRA novel Charlotte McNally Mysteries

  • Title: Drive Time
  • Author: Hank Phillippi Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780778327974
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Drive Time MIRA novel Charlotte McNally Mysteries

    One thought on “Drive Time”

    1. Drive Time is the 4th in the Charlotte McNally series and is nominated for an Agatha Award-Best Novel, to be awarded this coming Saturday. One of the things most authors say when asked what one should write about, they say write about you know. Well in Ryan's case that is exactly what she has done. She has been an investigative reporter for around 20 years.Charlotte McNally has recently become engaged to Josh, a professor at a private school. So Charlie is juggling her reporter career with the n [...]

    2. The final book in the Charlotte McNally series combines the main story of Charlie's pursuit of a counterfeit car scam and her own personal life changes.As Charlie's personal life heads toward marriage to her fiancée Josh, her pursuit of the car scam story is hampered by a new job offer, tension between her and her producer Franklin and life as a stepmom to be.The private school her stepdaughter attends ends up being involved in the story as a blackmail scheme involving the rich parents who send [...]

    3. Book Club selection for October 2012. Couldln't get through it. There was too much relationship angst and excruciating detail about the life of an investigative reporter to wade through before getting to the meat of the mystery and any mystery-solving.

    4. I Love Charlie Mac! This series is incredible and each book just gets better, and more exciting than the last. Can't wait for the next one!

    5. Ms. Ryan has really outdone herself on this last installment to the Charlotte McNally series. This time Charlie's aiming to stop a car scam operation while at the same time, planning for her upcoming wedding. By far the best of the four McNally stories, Ryan has held nothing back in this one. Full of action including high-speed car chases, hidden video, stakeouts, and even her fiancé and stepdaughter get tangled up in the weaving of deception, secrets and murder.Ryan has a knack for storytellin [...]

    6. Ms. Ryan has really outdone herself on this last installment to the Charlotte McNally series. This time Charlie’s aiming to stop a car scam operation while at the same time, planning for her upcoming wedding. By far the best of the four McNally stories, Ryan has held nothing back in this one. Full of action including high-speed car chases, hidden video, stakeouts, and even her fiancé and stepdaughter get tangled up in the weaving of deception, secrets and murder.Ryan has a knack for storytell [...]

    7. If you've followed my blog for very long you'll know that Hank Phillippi Ryan is one of my absolute favorite writers. She has a knack for creating real, believable characters and putting them in thrilling situations. It's wonderful, and Drive Time was no let down!Charlie is everything you'd expect a super-successful reporter to be. She's honest, determined, and unrelenting. It's a wonderful combination! I love Josh, Penny, and J.T. (A new character introduced), but I have to admit that Franklin [...]

    8. Once again, the author has written an engrossing and believable story.I met her at a Crime Bake conference, and it's hard not to confuse her with the main character. She was so stylish and high-society looking that I was intimidated. But, as she writes 'don't always judge a book by its cover'. I had the opportunity to talk with her and she is so charming and approachable and genuine. That comes through, as well, in the main character - who is relatable and believable. My thoughts as I was readin [...]

    9. I must quote Calvin Coolidge here. After allegedly going to a Broadway show he was asked how he liked the performance. He replied, "For people who like that sort of thing, they will find this is the sort of thing they like." Ryan is prodigious and popular author with many fans. Sorry, this is not my cup of tea.

    10. In DRIVE TIME, the fourth book in Ryan's Charlotte McNally series, TV reporter Charlie McNally stumbles upon a deviously dangerous scheme when she and her producer Franklin stop to help the victim of a highway accident. Declan Ross tells her his vehicle is in the repair shop following a manufacturer's recall notice. He's driving a rental car--now badly damaged--and is furious because the air bags didn't deploy during the crash. Instinct tells Charlie there's a story brewing here, and what better [...]

    11. This is Book 4 of the Charlotte McNalley Novel series, and as such, the main characters come to us fully formed with personalities intact. Unfortunately for me, this is the first I've read. Author Hank Phillippi Ryan knows what she's about in the world of investigative reporting and television, and in the fictional world of Charlotte, better known as Charley McNalley, her experience comes through. The book, though a novel, rings true and the plot(s) are tight. An accident is witnessed by Charley [...]

    12. Charlie McNally is a seasoned TV reporter, recently engaged and looking forward to her future as a wife and stepmother. Nothing in life is ever that easy, though, and Charlie finds herself having to make an important decision that will affect her future at the same time she’s embroiled in two mysteries.A car accident puts her and her team onto a dangerous VIN-number and airbag-theft scheme; the kind of story that could push Charlie into the big time. The only thing is, she’s already been giv [...]

    13. Drive Time, by Hank Phillippi Ryan, a-minus, Narrated by Margaret Daly, Produced by Harlequin and Audible Inc downloaded from audible.This is the third in the Charlie McMally series. In this book, things are more exciting, more challenging, and just as deadly for Charlie and her producer, Franklin. Charlie is now, in addition to living in her own condo, living at least part-time with her fiancée, Josh and his daughter, Penny. Charlie is very committed to making Josh and Penny her family, but th [...]

    14. I came across "Drive Time" in the middle of the Big Storm of 2011. It was a sanity saver at a time of no power and no heat, when food poisoning (restaurant generator failed to keep the food cold enough) rendered me helpless and hopeless. Best part? It gave me food for thought and a story to savor as the pages were read. It's like comfort food for a hungry reader.Hank Phillippi Ryan creates some wonderful characters. The feisty Charlotte "Charlie" McNally is the savvy investigative reporter on th [...]

    15. The reason this one took so long is I had to stop to read 7 other books to judge for the RITA awards (and no, I'm not allowed to post any comments or titles of the books I scored). I really enjoyed this book - the heroine is the fictional equivalent to the author, Hank Phillippi Ryan - she's an investigative reporter for TV news and so is Charlie McNally. I liked the main character very much - she's smart, agressive (but not pushy or obnoxious) and pro-active. The book is written in first person [...]

    16. Drive Time (Mira 2010) finds Charlotte “Charlie” McNally, a 40-something TV investigative reporter in Boston, trying to balance the pressures of her job with her desire to spend time with new fiancé Josh and almost-stepdaughter Penny. Since Penny’s mother is in California with her new husband, nine-year old Penny is living full time with her father, and about to enter the second term at Bexter, the exclusive private school where Josh teaches. When Josh tells Charlie that Dorothy Whit, the [...]

    17. Investigative TV news reporter Charlie McNally has a lot on her plate: a dangerous car-identity-theft scam; her upcoming marriage; mysterious threatening phone calls, suspicious deaths, and possible blackmail at the private school where her fiance teaches; secrets to keep; frustration at her inability to be in two places at the same time; and an important life decision to make.It's an intriguing, complex tale, and fortunately Ms. Ryan is a skillful storyteller and a first-rate writer. She also k [...]

    18. Another great tale from Hank Phillippi Ryan. Charlie McNally is on the trail of the bad guys again. This time, it's people who steal air bags out of cars and clone VIN numbers to cover car thefts. The scary part, it appears to me that this scam could easily be going on across the country right now! Charlie is alerted when she witnesses a car crash that could have been fatal because the air bags did not deploy in a car that was rented from the Car King agency. Charlie follows the leads and uncove [...]

    19. #4 in the Charlotte "Charlie" McNally series. Charlie is a somewhat age-obsessed, investigative reporter for a Boston TV station. This entry wraps up this short series and does a better job than most. The prize-nominated novel (Finalist 2010 Agatha Award for Best Novel & Finalist 2011 Anthony Award for Best Paperback) was clearly written to wrap up plot lines and point to a new vista. Charlotte "Charlie" McNally series - Investigative reporter Charlotte McNally is an expert at keeping things [...]

    20. DRIVE TIME by Hank Phillippi Ryan (Charlotte McNally #4) - 4Charlie is hot on the trail of a car scam that seems to be getting more out of hand. Meanwhile, she's looking into threatening phone calls at the private school where her fiancee works and a job offer to another city is making her life even more complicated.Charlie seemed to make a few leaps early in the book that didn't make much sense to me, but once the story got rolling, it followed logically from one twist to another. The character [...]

    21. If i could I would give it a 4.5 but I can't. I have many books I've picked up and read in one day, this one took me three. The plot is very intricate, so intricate that you have to really have to concentrate on all of the little details to keep on top of the story. I guess I like stories a little less tight, one that flows but you can lay it down and don't have to pick it back up and start figuring out what it was you missed during the time the book was lying down and you either missed or forgo [...]

    22. Book 4 in the Charlotte McNally TV investigative reporter series. Charlie is looking into possible car thefts involving a valet service. In between stakeouts with her photographer J.T and producer Franklin, she is also looking into suspicious deaths at the private Boston school where her fiance teaches. Her mother is pressuring her to make wedding plans, and Charlie is adjusting to her new role as an almost step-mom when she's offered a national network job in New York. Like other books in this [...]

    23. "Drive Time" was by far the best book in the series. The Author is gaining her legs and I can see this series developing before our eyes. There were two mysteries grabbing our attention from the beginning to the ending. Would they merge? How on earth could they? The reader feels they have a handle on the case and then Ms. Ryan, cleverly, throws a wrench into the works. Off you go to re-evaluate your theories.I can hardly wait for the next book. At least I sincerely hope there will be another one [...]

    24. I enjoyed this whole series. There are four books and while you can read them as stand-alones, I would highly recommend reading them in order, as the characters' development, growth, and interactions continue throughout the series. This is the fourth and final installment of the series and doesn't disappoint. Ms. Ryan brings a realism to the genre not many can. She is a reporter and knows first hand the internal workings of a TV news station. This experience comes through in her tightly written [...]

    25. Book four in the Charlotte McNally series is another winner. Charlie's now engaged, and must now grapple between personal choices (family time) and her career drive. She and Franklin--and new guy JT---are investigating a car theft racket, but at the same time, she is looking into some threatening phone calls and mysterious death's at Bexter (where her fiancee, Josh, teaches). Lots of secrets to keep and to juggle: can she pull it off again? This is a terrific TV journalist mystery series. Hank R [...]

    26. Boston television investigative reporter Charlotte (Charlie) is about to tell her team about her engagement when they witness a bad accident. Charlie needs an idea for sweeps week, and wonders about whether all the cars recalled for safety are really repaired. Soon the team is working on various aspects of car safety. Meanwhile, there are peculiar phone calls plaguing the school where her fiance teaches, followed by an accidental death. Charlie can't be two places at once: how will she reconcile [...]

    27. Drive Time has a plot line that is well-thought out with lots of twists and turns. It is very believable and full of action. This book is for those who love a mystery/crime story told by someone who really knows her subject well. Ms. Ryan is a great writer as well as an award-winning investigative reporter. Her main character, Charlie McNally, is also an investigative reporter who is smart and assertive in finding answers to her questions. The personal stories that involve her fiancé and her co [...]

    28. I got Hank Phillippi Ryan's Drive Time read recently. I can't say how much I enjoyed this well-written book. Charlotte McNally is working hard to make a big ratings story in the middle of possible changes to her life. Can she finish moving in with SO Franklin without feeling like she's lost a piece of her identity? Can she keep all the secrets she seems to be collecting? What about the threats, not to mention the possible murders, have on the private school? I felt like this was a very believabl [...]

    29. Interesting but I was able to put it down without any problem. I let the book go with 40 pages to read so the plot twist did not pull me in.I liked the prep school descriptions and the t.v. background.My husband picked this book up by chance at the library. I find that I read better books if I pre-select and request them through the library's on line service. This book was not up to my usual standards.

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