Mysticism and Logic

Mysticism and Logic brilliant essays by a Nobel Prize winning philosopher challenge romantic mysticism and promote a scientific view of society and nature Russell explains his theory of logical atomism in these witty

  • Title: Mysticism and Logic
  • Author: Bertrand Russell
  • ISBN: 9780486434407
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • 10 brilliant essays by a Nobel Prize winning philosopher challenge romantic mysticism and promote a scientific view of society and nature Russell explains his theory of logical atomism in these witty, cogent writings, which include popular treatments of religious and educational issues as well as technical examinations of problems of logic.

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    1. There is something strange about Russell’s writing. Although he often adopts a formal, even stilted, style, and tackles the most abstruse logical problems, his personality is always floating in the background, barely out of sight. The feeling is like Russell is there, in the room with you, reading aloud from his work. His ability to adopt this warm, personal style while appearing not to do so is why I think he is a fantastic writer.This is related to another persistent feature of his writing. [...]

    2. Very deep essays on the human being, being human with essay I. "Mysticism and Logic" the most popular, but don't stop reading at the end of that essay. My favorite that resonated the most with me was III. "A Free Man's Worship" in which Russell struggles with finding meaning in life through helping fellow travelers along the journey through life. A life changing read for sure! One of the most compassionate authors for sure. A true foul to the writings of authors such as Rand and Friedman's pro C [...]

    3. Even though these essays were written nearly 100 years ago, Russell comes across clearly while remaining eloquent and succinct. The subject matter is rather abstract, dealing mostly with mysticism, religion, and logic. The last few essays are aimed at a rather small niche audience of mathematicians, physicists, and logicians, but were still comprehensible although not quite as interesting as the opening pieces.

    4. Sometimes brilliant, but sometimes tedious examination of philosophy and science, good and evil, logic and mysticism, and knowledge itself.

    5. چرا به فلسفه پرداختم؟انگیزه هایی که مردمان را به فلسفه کشانده گوناگون بوده هست.با حرمت ترین انگیزه ها میل به شناختن جهان بوده هست.در زمان قدیم که فلسفه و علم از یکدیگر متمایز نبودند،این انگیزه غالب بود.انگیزه دیگری که در قدیم بسیار موثر بود فریبنده بودن حواس بود-سوالاتی از ای [...]

    6. Although these essays contain many flaws, they are packed with insights. Accordingly, I highly recommend them. The first essay, "Mysticism and Logic," provides a good overview of the features common to mystical experiences and the tenets common to mystical philosophies. His treatment of the reason/intuition dichotomy is flawed, however, because, reason ultimately gains its legitimacy from intuition. In the section devoted to "Good and Evil," Russell gives no arguments that ethical predicates are [...]

    7. This is another book that was just ok on a first skimming, but was much more rewarding on a second reading.This book is a series of essays that develops a mysticism based on mathematics, but without a belief in the supernatural. It starts off supporting the attitude of mysticism as a better way to live while dismissing the worldview behind it. It then presents mathematics as a fit object for mystic contemplation. In the process, a criticism of math education and a support for pure mathematics ar [...]

    8. Between Al-Ghazali's theologically limited philosophy and Russell's logical unbiased rationalism, I find myself in a place where I like both ways of thinking and how invisibly similar both deducted results are.I recommend the fourth chapter for everyone out there. ensource/wiki/Mystic

    9. Preface--Mysticism and Logic--The Place of Science in a Liberal Education--A Free Man's Worship--The Study of Mathematics--Mathematics and the Metaphysicians--On Scientific Method in Philosophy--The Ultimate Constituents of Matter--The Relation of Sense-data to Physics--On the Notion of Cause--Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by DescriptionIndex

    10. من نمی توانم مدعی بشوم که میدانم چگونه باید نوشت ، یااینکه یک منتقد خوب جه پندی باید به من بدهد که نوشتنم پیشرفت کند . حد اعلای کاری که از دستم برمی آید این است چیزهای در بارۀ تلاشهای خودم نقل کنم. عرفان و منطق اثر: برتراند راسل

    11. فصل مربوط به وجود خدا که منظره ای بین راسل و یک استاد الهیات در باره وجود خداست و مقاله مربوط به عرفان و منطق فوق العاده بودند. نظرات و اندیشه های راسل بسیار تاثیرگذارند یا بهتر بگم من رو خیلی تحت تاثیر قرار داده اند

    12. An excellent fusiona powerfull insightbut to read it one may need certain pre-requisites i.e a needed subtility of thinking

    13. Sort of a strange collection - the first few essays are speeches, the last few are technical papers. I thought the first few were really good, and the essays near the end felt like he was hung up on points that seemed unimportant - it started to feel really repetitive at the end. But I am not a philosopher.

    14. I am glad I read this book, although I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. My background in philosophy and set theory is weak, and there were several lengthy sections that I didn't completely understand and therefore slogged through wearily. Also, I read this collection on my phone, and I don't recommend this one for the small screen, since it is hard on the phone to flip back and forth to clarify points that one has missed. All that said, it really is an interesting collection of essays if you [...]

    15. Really enjoyed this, thought it was a good primer on Russell's work. It touches on many different topics, such as intuition vs. intellect, how nonbelievers can be "religious", mathematical philosophy, and the notion of causality. He says "the opposition of instinct and reason is illusory", and explains that the exploration of knowledge is started by the spark of intuition. I liked his views on time, such that the past and the future are equally real and the difference is unimportant. If you are [...]

    16. A collection of essays written in the typical style of Bertrand Russell: as clearly as possible, but inevitably hard to follow sometimes, mainly when the author delves into certain aspects of philosophy I’m unfamiliar with. His essay on mysticism versus logic is by far the best part of the work, and he succeeds in demonstrating clearly why he rejects the traditional Platonic worldview, as well as what is his particular position on the subject. So far, Russell seems to be for philosophy what Ca [...]

    17. It's been a while since I've read it, I should re-read soon. Definitely not beach reading, I remember it having a huge impact on how I thought about science, math and engineering. As a intuitive-style thinker, I found the eponymous essay on how intuition, creativity, and "mysticism" play a crucial role in these "left-brain" activities comforting and encouraging. For a while after reading the essay on time and causality, I went around looking down on anyone who implied that cause and effect were [...]

    18. بینش عرفانی با احساس برداشته شدن پرده از راز آغاز می شود. با احساس درخشش ناگهانی چهرۀ حقیقتی که تاکنون پنهان بوده است و اکنون دیگر شکی درآن نمی توان داشت. این احساس کشف و شهود مقدم بر اعتقاد معین است. اعتقادات معین نتیجۀ تامل و تعوق عارف استبرتراند راسل در این کتاب اعتقاد به وحد [...]

    19. I first read this book about forty years ago. It is still just as enlightening now as it was then. Russell's infallible logic never ceases to amaze me. Whether he is talking about man's faith in non existent God is misplaced or mathematical logic and the necessity of teaching logic and science in schools, it is impossible to find any fallacy in his arguments. He was and is one of the great thinkers. His insights are just as relevant today as the were a hundred years ago.

    20. read parts of this today because I was able to get it for free on my kindle. the arguments have russell's usual deftness and precision, even if they felt a little out of date from being so early in his career. mainly, i just sort of wanted to revisit russell, since i think he had the best/clearest prose in all of philosophy, and in that regard especially (not to mention how essentially humane he was), i think contemporary philosophers have a lot to learn

    21. Bertrand RussellFor several years this book had sat on the back shelf awaiting my attention. It is not ranked high and yet I still see it as an essential part of what I needed to read. (I recently made a slight correction to my wording. Surely my grade school teacher is turning in her grave over those few words.)

    22. Mysticism and Logic and Other EssaysMysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell is a very informative book. It is somewhat difficult to get through, but imparts great knowledge. If you have the patience to try to get through it, I recommend it.

    23. بیشتر نظرات راسل در حیطه منطق و احسان نسبت به سایر فلاسفه نقل شده راسل سعی کرده بدون نقد نظریات دیگران نظر خودش و به خواننده منتقل کنه و به هیچ وجه تحمیل مطلب در این کتاب وجود نداره در کل کتاب جالب و ساده است

    24. Mysticism and Logic is a challenging but eloquent collection of essays not intended to be a beach book. It can be difficult, but well worth re-reading. I did not read the kindle version, so I can't review the quality control of the conversion from book to kindle.

    25. Un bel libro, diversi saggi uniti assieme e affrontati con il consueto stile logico, l'approccio per cui Russel è storicamente rinomato. Certo, forse alcune ipotetiche visioni sono controverse, e altrettante addirittura sorpassate, ma ancora oggi il libro rimane, per così dire, moderno.

    26. بعضی قسمت های کتاب جالب و فکر برانگیز بودن.خصوصا ترجمه ی دریابندری روان و شیوا بود و مشکلاتی که خواننده در خوندن کتاب های ترجمه شده فلسفی اغلب باهاش مواجه میشه در این کتاب نبودموضوع دیگه ای که خیلی نظرم رو جلب کرد ، تاثیر فیزیک جدید در فلسفه بود

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