Twelve From The Catcher in the Rye to The Basketball Diaries to Less than Zero there have been books that captured the soul of a generation Now comes a novel for the new millennium Twelve a chilling chro

  • Title: Twelve
  • Author: Nick McDonell
  • ISBN: 9780802144676
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • From The Catcher in the Rye, to The Basketball Diaries, to Less than Zero, there have been books that captured the soul of a generation Now comes a novel for the new millennium Twelve, a chilling chronicle of urban adolescence that has already created an international sensation This is not a coming of age novel because these kids never had a childhood rather it is aFrom The Catcher in the Rye, to The Basketball Diaries, to Less than Zero, there have been books that captured the soul of a generation Now comes a novel for the new millennium Twelve, a chilling chronicle of urban adolescence that has already created an international sensation This is not a coming of age novel because these kids never had a childhood rather it is a rare look into a sealed world rendered with authority and wit Set in Manhattan between Christmas and New Year s Eve, from the housing projects of Harlem to the penthouses of Park Avenue, it is the story of White Mike, a seventeen year old prep school dropout turned drug dealer, and his privileged peers White Mike is a loner and an anomaly he doesn t drink, doesn t smoke, and he never uses drugs His mother is dead and his father is depressed but they re hardly absent than the other parents who are off on holiday in Bali or business in Brussels, leaving hired help to look the other way while the kids of Twelve stay home in their multimillion dollar co ops and town houses, partying with drugs and sex and escalating violence Access to cash is a given here and the kids of Twelve have it all Chris and Claude and Hunter and Laura have the best, and most, of everything, but are constantly looking for something exotic, and dangerous like the new designer drug, twelve From page one, the seventeen year old author, whose clarity and skill far exceed his years, sets an icy pace toward an apocalyptic climax In the penultimate party scene, when we thought we couldn t be surprised, we are shocked And throughout the book, where there is an excess of everything but hope, we are filled with that very emotion as White Mike struggles for nothing less than his soul In Twelve, Nick McDonell displays a remarkable arsenal of gifts wit, near poetic concision, a terrific eye and ear Richard Price Nick McDonell is the real thing, a powerful young writer The ratio of age to talent is horrifying Hunter S Thompson

    One thought on “Twelve”

    1. I thought this was just a shitty book. I think the author goes completely off the charts in his portrayal of the northeast privileged lifestyle of youth, entering into the absurd. And truth be told, I was offended by much of the writing.

    2. Aha! Stumbling around my local Borders as I was, looking for something to while away the dead spots during a family Christmas my eye was drawn to a stark modern cover design with blurb that pressed all the right buttons. “Stunning debut” it said (10 points); “he’s in danger of doing for his generation what I did for mine (Hunter S Thompson)” it said (15 points); “the bright lights of acid and the ferocity of speed” it said (another 15 points). Twelve is a novel that completely sati [...]

    3. I don't understand why this book was such a sensation when it came out. Okay, I sorta do: the author was only seventeen, his father is a rich publishing figure and Hunter S. Thompson wrote a blurb. However, none of that makes this a good book. In fact, I couldn't stand it.I don't think Nick McDonell is without talent, but this book definitely betrayed his age. It was like he was trying to prove how grown up he was by writing about all the sex and drugs. And I thought the ending is horrible. It w [...]

    4. Skip the nearly straight to DVD movie with A-list actors and read this book. I'm stunned by all the negative reviews. White Mike takes a year off from his over-privileged life to defer an ivy league education and "work". Needing only a supplier, a beeper and his never-ending prep school connections, he walks the streets of New York to collect cash in exchange for drugs. Near the beginning, another dealer, much like Mike, dies in a violent and bloody deal gone bad in Harlem and the wrong guy is a [...]

    5. The author hadn't even started college when he wrote and published this book. The book was published with ease because his parents are rich New York socialites in the publishing business. At the time when I read this I had great dreams of becoming a young, successful writer, so I wanted to see if the kid had talent or if he just had money and access. I did like reading the book, but I'm not sure how much talent was involved. I don't believe he's written anything since. I mean, maybe he is talent [...]

    6. @ my teacher: whyare we supposed to be shocked that rich white teens from the upper east side think about sex and drugs all the time???? we been knewthe „twist“ or whatever you wanna call it, was so weak and described in 3 pages or less.i had to sit through all of white mike‘s random, completely unrelated flashbacks for this? and why was that scene with andrew and sven in there if it’s never mentioned again? the only reason i gabe this 2 stars instead of 1 is because it was a pretty fast [...]

    7. A gallery of insights into edgy teen lives as opposed to a believable narrative with a climax. It fell flat for me, but 2 stars because the writing style was good.

    8. The book's climax doesn't come until the last ten or so pages, but it still was able to hold my attention. One of the amazing things about this book is that it was written by a seventeen-year old boy. His writing seems beyond what most seventeen-year olds could do. Even though the story is based around drugs, sex, and partying, McDonell is able to take us into the story of a coming of age and hardships of young adults. The main character White Mike does not really fit in with the rest of the cha [...]

    9. A poorly written book by "up and coming" writer Nick McDonell. The guy was 17 years old and it showed in his writing. It was the sort of thing that you think is genius when you're a kid and writing is your "passion." What convinced me to buy the book is the wonderful reviews in New York Magazine and the blurbs in the back, featuring one by Hunter S. Thompson and Joan Didion. What the back cover doesn't mention, however, is that these are friends of his parents. I find it sickening that they woul [...]

    10. Rezension:An dieses Buch bin ich vollkommen ohne jegliche Erwartung herangegangen. Trotzdem hat das Buch es geschafft, irgendwie noch schlechter zu sein. Denn auf den ersten 225 (von 230) Seiten passiert: nichts. Die einzelnen Kapitel, die manchmal nur eine und selten mehr als vier Seiten lang sind, sind kaum zusammenhängende Aneinanderreihung derselben Dinge. Es geht um das Beschaffen von Drogen, das Konsumieren von Drogen, Schlägereien und andere Gewalttaten, Partys, Alkohol und Sex – wobe [...]

    11. I liked this book in parts and didn’t like it in others. It teetered between cringey and realistic in terms of the way teenagers act, think, and speak, and I found it falling to cringey more often than I would like. The ending also felt sloppy and extreme. Without giving anything away, there was a certain character that I felt required more development before he did what he did, but none of the characters felt very developed other than White Mike, despite the multiple point of views.

    12. This book did not have great writing and is to be expected by a 17 year old writer. Perhaps I did not like the writing as much because it came from a 17 yrs old high school student with a point of view of a teenager that is so prevalent in this book.The book is about rich kids being spoiled because they are rich and entitled. I wonder if being so privilege makes one destroy ones life internally because there is no challenge to take in order to thrive. Books like this makes me want to support the [...]

    13. So I'm a bit stunned at all the horrid reviews. I actually saw the movie first but after reading the book, loved it 394409308 times more. The narrator is very entertaining and the fact that the author was 17 when he published it makes me as an indie, 20 year old writer, jealous but also happy that young people can get published too! Yeah, he was rich, but if you look at it this way, many actors and actresses have gotten famous through a family member or friend. Why is this any different? I'm sur [...]

    14. A weak milky tea version of Bret Easton Ellis. The exceptionally short chapters are concise and to the point. It's over quickly. The author was just 17 when he wrote it, which sure is admirable, but it doesn't make the impact that it seems to strive for.The world of privledged teenagers in New York, is not a world that is wholly engaging. As a young adult reader in London it does not engage me. If you live in New York and know the archetypes of the book then perhaps it would be more meaningful. [...]

    15. Okay, so this one was odd. Basically a play-by-play chronicle of a bunch of spoiled, unsupervised teenage Manhattan debutants who waste their talent and opportunities on drugs, sex and violence. The main character, White Mike, refrains from doing any drugs but doesn't seem to mind dealing. The girls are ALL airheads and the guys think with their little digits. The end comes so jarringly and out of the blue. Not sure if this was on purpose, and I'm guessing there is a message here about gun contr [...]

    16. I like this book for two reasons: it moves really fast & it shows us a brief glimpse of a very privileged world. White Mike is a drug dealer to a WASP community of children in Manhattan, and certain events spiral out of control thanks to his dealing of a new drug that everyone is clamoring for. What lacks in this book is that the characters are flat. Like comic book character flat. The setting and different plots take center stage, as these self-involved spoiled kids get themselves into trou [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book. It was different and it was open. I'm actually surprised that this book doesn't have more higher rated reviews. The book was intense and the short, concise and compelling chapters really added to the effect of this book - the formatting certainly helped it to have an impact. The characters were realistic and frank, the setting was well described. I think this book is underrated - it is something that I feel that I will remember for quite some time. The fact that a 17 [...]

    18. I read it during my obsession with the Upper East Side/rich NYC kids scene, and I really enjoyed it. But that's because I was on a high from Gossip Girl, yeeehehe, freaking guilty pleasure. Anyway, compared to GG, this book was so gritty and dark, or something.Looking back, it wasn't that fantastic of a book. It was an interesting and odd. The attempts to humanise the characters felt a little strained.And the ending? 3 letters - W. T. F.Read the ending and see, ha!

    19. No.This book was terrible. Full of immature stoner "intellectualism" and disjointed writing. And the ending was absolutely ridiculous. I don't know who this book is written for as I can't imagine anyone being able to connect with any of these characters. None of them are developed in the slightest, except for perhaps White Mike and his character is just ridiculous. He says he never gets high, but he's written like a guy who gets high and thinks he's deep but he's just high.

    20. There is not as much suspense involved in watching two freight trains eventually collide as McDonell's publishers might think. Worth reading purely for some elegant and concise prose, and the genuinely complex character of White Mike. Every other character is a pawn in a rather straight-forward game of chess.

    21. This book was really intense. At first it seemed hard to believe it was written by a teenager, but at the end it made sense. Still a genius teenager though. A side of NYC I don't think I'll ever see.

    22. Mediocre book with an over-the-top ending. I was hardly interested in the characters and didn't much care about what happens to them. The only one who is fleshed out is the main character but even he remains mainly static and flatI read it with my tenth graders in an English class at a German school. Language wise it was very well suited, the explicit language made it interesting for young readers - for me as an adult, however, there needs to be more to capture my attention

    23. Nuffin shocking about this - kids act dumb, do sex, worry about doing sex, have spots, do just about anything to be popular, do drugs or not drop out etc etc.Even the guns aren't shocking because it's USA and it's like er a constitutional right.Overall, a good story well written but not 5 stars as it wasn't amazing but so few books are.

    24. Too many characters, and that's a surprising view for me to take. Usually I don't mind a multitude of characters. Very little character development for most of them and a non-existent plot pace. It wasn't slow, nor was it "lightning fast" as most critics have called it. The ending was quite predictable (how could people have missed it?).

    25. Twelve by Nick McDonell is a very good book mostly because of the different perspectives. That just gave the book a real feel. When you know what everybody is doing at the say time at the say part of the day, you might figure out what will happen. When the end party happens, the detail between every person is just insane. Overall the book is just amazing i truly recommend it.

    26. "This compulsive elegy to wasted, privileged youth, lives up to the hypeMcDonell's prose is lean, elegant and bleakly witty"-Elle

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