On The Ragged Edge Of The World

On The Ragged Edge Of The World The sequel to Amber Allure s Best Seller October Trick of Silver Darren Sumner spent fifteen years hunting werewolves a member of the elite organization Argenti But one night of betrayal sent him fro

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  • Title: On The Ragged Edge Of The World
  • Author: Jamie Craig
  • ISBN: 9781602725416
  • Page: 394
  • Format: ebook
  • The sequel to Amber Allure s Best Seller October Trick of Silver Darren Sumner spent fifteen years hunting werewolves, a member of the elite organization Argenti But one night of betrayal sent him from his Argenti family to the arms of werewolf Aden Richter one of the most powerful Alphas in Washington D.C Neither can deny their passion or their hunger for the other,The sequel to Amber Allure s Best Seller October Trick of Silver Darren Sumner spent fifteen years hunting werewolves, a member of the elite organization Argenti But one night of betrayal sent him from his Argenti family to the arms of werewolf Aden Richter one of the most powerful Alphas in Washington D.C Neither can deny their passion or their hunger for the other, but as Darren tries to find his place in this new world, he wonders whether desire can be enough Rumors of an upcoming power struggle between the packs bring the question of Darren s role to the forefront Is he Aden s partner and a leader of the pack Or is he nothing than Aden s lover, placed outside his family Darren struggles to prove himself as the tensions between the packs mount and Aden s ex lover puts a plan of vengeance into action Genres Gay Dark Fantasy Werewolf BDSM Exhibitionism Public Places Note the ISBN 13 for this book is 978 1 60272 542 3 That number is also assigned to different book.

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    1. This is the kind of relationship of M/M characters that I really enjoy. They are not perfect. They even said hurtful things to each other, but, instead of sulking, drown in angsty emotional feeling of woe me and do destructive things (like sleeping with other man), they both just man up and live. Darren is an ex-Argenti agent--an organization aiming to kill rouge werewolves. Aden is an Alpha of his pack. So, when Darren became Aden's lover, it's not surprising that the pack is not giving him a w [...]

    2. I stumbled across this book purely by accident, thanks to 's recommendation features. I wasn't looking for it, but when I saw it had werewolves I ordered it. I have previously enjoyed gay romances with werewolves by Kate Steele and others, but the two authors who are Jamie Craig tend to have a sharper edge to their work. Their novella, "February: Mine" is a prime example where vampires take BDSM to a dark place.This story has the edge I like, but also a strong, sometimes borderline sappy, romanc [...]

    3. Exciting story and hot, detailed sex scenesWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 8/10PROS: - The description throughout the book is rich and detailed. Settings, characters, conversations, and situations are all pretty well-developed. Especially situations.- The sex scenes are hot. Graphic, detailed, long-winded (each one’s around 10 pages). And there’s one that comes as close to depicting “making love” as just about any other sex scene I’ve ever [...]

    4. This is a good read for those who like werewolf stories, spy thrillers and light BDSM. On the Ragged Edge of the World takes place in a world where werewolves live and work among regular people. The novel is a sequel to the novella Trick of Silver and I do recommend you start with that solid opener that introduces us to – Darren, a spy/assassin in a CIA-like organization that tracks outlaw werewolves – and Aden, a bookshop owner and the leader of a local Washington DC werewolf pack who is su [...]

    5. Although I got a bit distracted in the middle of this one, I'd have to say it's due to my own faults, and not that of the story. I have loved Jamie Craig's books, all that I've read so far, and this one is no different. There are more steamy scenes in this one which, while in a way kind of distracts from the plot, also has a great deal to do with it. They also shape both characters - Darren, the ex-hunter, and Aden, the werewolf pack leader - in ways that really probably couldn't have been expre [...]

    6. This is the sequel to Trick of Silver. Aden and Darren are living happily in the weeks following their getting together, when Darren gets a call from an old colleague to meet. She tells him there is some kind of power play going down amongst the shifters in DC, meanwhile Darren and Aden find out an ex-lover who betrayed the pack and nearly got him killed, has been inviting powerful people to parties. Finally Aden agrees to let Darren get some information using the help of his colleague. Seems th [...]

    7. This book is a sequel of novella "Calendar Boys: October - Trick of Silver". Takes place a month after the event in the novella, Darren, an ex Argenti agent (an agency that hunts and kills bad werewolves) and his lover, Aden, a leader of a pack, are now dealing with threats from a new pack led by Oliver, Aden's one time lover. At the same time, they're dealing with Darren's position in Aden's pack, since the werewolves are questioning the idea of an ex agent being there.I LOVE Darren and Aden!! [...]

    8. It's a 3.5 stars for me.What I like:-The evolution, the construction of the relation between Aden and Darren-The description of the different battles.-The sex, yes, it's was a little too much, but well write, hot and the BDSM aspect was realist and even when Aden bottomed he remained Dom. -August seems a strong woman, sadly we didn't see her a lot.What I didn't like:-The final battle was disappointing. Olivier died easily, it's was not impressive.-The completly lack of background (already mentio [...]

    9. Pretty darn enjoyable, in a guilty pleasure kind of way. It was a little higher on the porn quotient compared to what I typically like, but that's ok because combining an alpha werewolf with his ex-assassin makes for some super hot sex (of the light-BDSM variety). But don't worry, there's also a fair amount of ass-kicking and relationship building along the way.Final Thoughts: Crossing my fingers for another sequel. Be sure to read the prequel novella first,Trick of Silver .

    10. Here, we’re permitted to experience and play in the excellent story world Jamie Craig created in Calendar Boys (October: Trick of Silver). A much more satisfying read. Longer than the first book, the plot is more intricate and the reader is introduced to a fascinating supporting cast of secondary characters. You won’t need the first book to grasp what’s going on in this one, but you’ll miss some nuances and layers in the story line if you read these two books out of order. Trick of Silve [...]

    11. This sequel was amazing continuance from previous first book in this plotted world.Trick of Silver. As previous book, this one was continued from were previous book ended. Darren had to earn respect as a new park member, and Aden had to accept Darren as his parter, and as his true mate to his wolf. I loved it and will always enjoy re-reading both of those books! Aden and Darren were hot together.

    12. Sequel to Calendar Boys, October, A Trick of SilverNice continuation of the story of Darren and Aden. Learned more about the slightly different werewolf world Jamie has created. Interesting to think of a werewolf being a book lover. Lots of aspects to explore in future books.I look forward to the continuation. However I say again this is too short for the cost and I wold like it better as a longer book.

    13. Oh my F*&^! <--Yeah you know what I wanted to say. This book is ridiculously action packed. I chewed my nails down to stubs and am in desperate need of a manicure now. OTRETW is much better than the first book. I love that the plot and sex are equally stimulating. But seriously the end *gulps, pants, stumbles, keels over DEAD* blew me away. One of the raunchiest, mouth watering.UNF! Just go read it. Jeebus! I need a shower. Fantastic Read!

    14. Loved this! Such intense passion and love between two wonderful and beautiful men and the action, pace, and plot the combination was amazing. I wish there were more more of Aden and Darren

    15. Good paranormal m/m romance continuing the story of the werewolf hunter trying to fit into the pack that his werewolf lover leads.

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