Blade's Desire

Blade s Desire Newcomer to Desire Oklahoma Kelly Jones wants to get over her past Physically and mentally abused she wants a new start Falling in love with a self proclaimed Dom Kelly wonders if she isn t in ove

  • Title: Blade's Desire
  • Author: Leah Brooke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Newcomer to Desire, Oklahoma, Kelly Jones wants to get over her past Physically and mentally abused, she wants a new start Falling in love with a self proclaimed Dom, Kelly wonders if she isn t in over her head.But she underestimates Blade Royal s patience.Little by little she falls under his spell.

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    1. Note to self more books about Dom's! LOLBut alas I still have two more books in this series to read, and by golly I am going to read them. Maybe the next one will be a little better.Brooke writes a smoking hot sex scene that you need a glass of cold water to get through, but not much else. Her characters are not very likeable. There is no buildup, just sex for the sake of sex. If I wanted that I could just watch Skin-a-Max!

    2. I loved the first book, and I can't wait to read the next book with Rachel and her two men. But this book was really hard for me to even finish. I won't summarize, but just list my dislikes.1. I never believed Blade loved her. Ever. In the beginning, he's standoff-ish because of her abusive past, but once she comes to him for "training", I feel we should have seen some tenderness even if he was keeping his distance. He was really harsh with her their first time around then out of nowhere at the [...]

    3. This is a DID NOT FINISH for me. I've enjoy the first book quite a bit and will consider this a fluke. I'll probably give the next book try.The main reason for the DNF is because I didn't feel that the characters were real enough. Blade came off as cold and Kelly didn't come across as the battered woman she was. Strong yes, but one that was abused sexually? No.A huge no was when Blade TOOK AWAY her right to safe word for a scene because he felt it was the best for her to get pass that obstacle. [...]

    4. Mostly bondage/sex scenes with shy Kelly being trained and ruled by dom Blade. Not as erotic as others I’ve read.Opinion:Some dom stories turn me on. This one didn’t. I felt uncomfortable seeing the way Blade ordered Kelly around. It wasn’t erotic for me. I’m not sure why. There’s not much story, just Kelly being shy and doing what Blade asked. Plot and conflicts could have been better, for example: the author made a big deal out of the fact that Blade and Kelly each loved each other b [...]

    5. Out of the series this is the one I think about the most. There is something rather powerful about Blade, who is a dom, but has such a level of vulnerability when it comes to Kelly that you just want to wrap him up as a present and take him home. Love, love, love this book.

    6. I'm currently reading the 5th book in this series so I'd have to say that this is my favorite in the series so far. Sure, Blade is a Dom and whatever he says must brook no argument, but I like the way he is with Kelly. His face softens a bit and he's been really patient with her. When Kelly decides to move on and finally gets the nerve to tell Blade she wants him, it didn't come out right until they agree to a six-week "test drive".It's obvious to everyone they want each other but Blade and Kell [...]

    7. 2011, March 9OMG I can't believe how hot this book is. I loved it. I didn't want it to end. I wouldn't mind have a Blade of my own. I love this series and can't wait to get to the next book. I can see my book budget getting way out of hand real soon. I loved the plot, characters, the emotion of all those involved and I especially like that characters in previous books continue to show up in future books. If you like Domination and submission in your stories you have to read this book.2014, Septe [...]

    8. Having been introduced to Kelly and Blade in the previous book, I was really looking forward to their story. Having just finished the book, I have to admit that I found myself disappointed with the story and a little bored while reading it. The bulk of the story deals with Kelly's introduction to BDSM practices, either via Blade's playroom or the use of toys, e.g. anal plugs. For me at least, there needs to be more to erotic fiction than just a bunch of sex scenes. There should be a nice balance [...]

    9. I love the men of Desire, Oklahoma and Blade is no exception. He is a Dom and he wants Kelly. He understands that Kelly has issues and may believe being a submissive is not something she can handle with her past. But Blade is patient and slowly builds Kelly’s trust in him both as a man and a potential lover and Dom. I adored Kelly. She is stronger than she believes. I loved that she decided to take the bull by the horns and fight for the future she wishes for instead of remaining a victim. In [...]

    10. This was a real stinker, I didn't get past the first few chapters. It's very poorly written (high school level). For example: typically a character may have a thought, and the author will use dialog to advance the story/plot beyond that thought; Ms. Brooke's characters simply vocalize the thoughts already expressed in the story. Doesn't exactly move things along.The storyline sounded somewhat intriguing: a Dom attracted to a woman who's moved to town to hide from her abusive former lover. Blade [...]

    11. Hoping to escape being raped and battered by her ex-boyfriend Simon, Kelly jumps at the chance to move with her best friend and business partner, Jesse. Emotional healing begins in Desire, Oklahoma and after several months Kelly learns to trust Blade who has become her friend. Kelly wanting more than friendship makes the agonizing decision to have Blade train her to submit to him sexually, after all he is part owner and a Dom in the local BDSM club. Experiencing her first orgasm (ever) Kelly let [...]

    12. 3.5 stars. I liked it, but kind of expected more. It was super hot and the chemistry between Blade and Kelly was scorching. I do have one complaint I felt Kelly moved from 0 to 60 a little to fast for me. I wanted more coaxing and also more explanation to her on what is really involved in a D/s relationship. It just kind of nettled me because if Blade is a pro a Dom as he is written he should have taken more care with her emotional fears.

    13. There was the obsessive-stalker-ex-husband plot again and the expected interaction with characters from previous books, but together with the author's well written scenes and story's fast pace make up for a very entertaining erotic reading.HERO is a Leader, co-owner of a bdsm club, who's been patiently awaiting for the woman he loves to overcome the trauma caused by her abusive exhusbandENES/CONTENT: several/bdsmGENRE/TONE: contemporary/mixedLENGHT: 202 pages

    14. I tried to read this book and frankly I was sort of looking forward to reading about Kelly because she seemed to be a good character. I was deeply disappointed how quickly she gave into sex despite having experienced such trauma as a repeated abuse including rape from her ex-boyfriend. I suppose I should have expected it due to previous book well, I didn't finish and am sure that I won't read other books from this author.

    15. Hmmmm, I did keep this book, but blade was not my favourite. He played to many games with Kate instead of just asking. I mean she came from an abusive relationship where being raped and beaten were normal. Do not play games with this woman!! Anyway I did keep reading although I cringed my way through, I did like it in the end.

    16. Leah Brooke's stories seem to be 80% fill to 20% content. She seems to have to produce so many words in a book, so she does. When you skip over pages because it is boring, then you can assume the writing is less than compelling. Kelly comes to Desire to escape a brutal ex-husband, and join her business partner. She meets Blade and blah blah blah.

    17. Blade and Kelly are perfect for each other. She gets brave after she realizes she loves him and asks him to teach her how to be intimate again. He loves her too, but thinks she only wants him for sex. Lots of misunderstandings occur and even more hot loving. This was a great book and I'm now a definite fan of Leah Brooke!

    18. Wow!! That is all I have to say! I was so excited for this book and Blade and Kelly's story did not disappoint!Very emotional story. Kelly has been through a lot and Blade was rather arrogant at times. In the end he was able to show his heart and get his feelings in order. A definite favorite of mine!

    19. Direct sequel to Desire for Three although it can be read as a stand-alone. The characters, however, have all been introduced in the earlier book. Relationship driven dom/sub plot. It's a quick read.Desire, Oklahoma1. Desire for Three (2008)2. Blade's Desire (2009)3. Creation of Desire (2009)4. Rules of Desire (2010)5. Dark Desire (2010)

    20. Even though second in this series, this was the first of Leah Brooke's books I've read. I like this one the most so far -- not surprising since I'm not a big fan of menage. So the fact I went ahead and read the other two which are menage says I did enjoy this one a good deal. I thought the plot was the best in this one.

    21. Blade's Desire is my favourite book by Leah Brooke. I have read pretty much everything from this author and this is one I come back to time and time again. Blade is a loving, cruel, sexy, kinky, funny and kind Dom, one that you absolutely would love to spend some time with. A must read for anyone who loves a little BDSM Erotica. The other books in this series are also very good.

    22. This one was really awesome. Blade makes an excellent hero, and Ms Brooke creates him as a realistic Dom who's really a complete package. My only critique is that the ending sequence seems like it was rushed; the mechanics and motivations are, in my opinion, given short shrift. Still an excellent read!

    23. I was so stoked about this one, especially after reading the first in first in the series. Don't get me wrong it was good, it just didn't live up to what I know the writer was capable of writing. That being said, I'm going to see if the next one in the series can bring me back to the dark side (;-)) if ya know what I mean

    24. Trying to trick a woman into admitting she loves you who has been previously raped and beaten by sicing two DOM's on her?!??! NO GOD DAMN IT. JUST NO! Don't care if you knew they weren't going to touch her Blade. NOT FREAKING COOL! Ugh!

    25. LOOOVE Desire, OK, and the men there!This is one my fav's. Blade is a Dom and not interested in a menage marriage so it is different than the first in the series. Loved the story, the flow, the PLOT, the characters and, what else? Oh yeah! The smut! ;-)

    26. Really 3.5 stars. Somehow it was less than what I thought. I love the other Desire OK booksbut I guess Blade just didn't seem that great in this book and Kelly was a little irritating to me. I'm probably not describing it well but it's not a favorite although I love the series and the author.

    27. I lived how this was all about overcoming struggles for Kelly and for blade to really show some else his whole person and have them accept and love him anyway. I love how much after all struggles they love each other and how much it shows.

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