Sydäntalven uhri

Syd ntalven uhri Tuuliselt lumega kaetud stg ta tasandikult leitakse ksiku puu otsa poodud mees Tema k lmunud keha on metsikult moonutatud ning temaga tehtu meenutab iidset aasiusundi ohvritalitust Kas t epoolest on

  • Title: Sydäntalven uhri
  • Author: Mons Kallentoft
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tuuliselt, lumega kaetud stg ta tasandikult leitakse ksiku puu otsa poodud mees Tema k lmunud keha on metsikult moonutatud ning temaga tehtu meenutab iidset aasiusundi ohvritalitust Kas t epoolest on tegu inimohverdusega Ning miks on keegi ohvriks valinud ja puu otsa poonud just Palli Benka mehe, kes on alati olnud kogukonnast v ljat rjutu Malin Fors hakkab m rvaritTuuliselt, lumega kaetud stg ta tasandikult leitakse ksiku puu otsa poodud mees Tema k lmunud keha on metsikult moonutatud ning temaga tehtu meenutab iidset aasiusundi ohvritalitust Kas t epoolest on tegu inimohverdusega Ning miks on keegi ohvriks valinud ja puu otsa poonud just Palli Benka mehe, kes on alati olnud kogukonnast v ljat rjutu Malin Fors hakkab m rvarit otsima Otsingud viivad ta s gavale inimhinge pimedaimatesse soppidesse ning k ikjal saadab teda Palli Benka vaim, mis h ljub k lma t histaeva all ja manitseb Malinit t de v lja uurima S datalvine ohverdus on esimene osa kriminaalinspektor Malin Forsi nn aastaaegade lugudest sarjast, millest kujunes Mons Kallentofti suur l bimurre laiema publiku ette.

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    1. A solid 3.5 opener of a mystery series. If you'd like a longer review, click onthrough; otherwise, here's a brief look.While some of the plot was easy to figure out, the writing, the characters, and the exploration of small-town life and its secrets that permeates this solid police procedural drew me in and kept me there. Above all, though, Kallentoft is very good at creating atmosphere and maintaining it through the end -- a quality that I greatly admire in an author.Detective Malin Fors lives [...]

    2. La marginea unui orasel din Suedia, in timpul unei ierni foarte geroase, are loc o crima infioratoare.Intr-un copac este gasit spanzurat un barbat dezbracat, cu rani multiple pe corp.In descoperirea criminalului sunt angrenati agentii din sectia de politie din Linköping, in prim plan fiind politista Malin Fors si colegul ei de echipa Zeke.In cursul investigatiei se ajunge la familia Mariei Murvall, asistenta sociala care s-a ocupat si ingrijit de barbatul gasit spanzurat, pe nume Bengt.Asistent [...]

    3. Inverno na Suécia.Nas planícies de Ostergotland é encontrado pendurado num carvalho um homem nu e obeso. O cadáver do homem dá mostras de grande violência, mas depressa se verifica que a neve ocultou qualquer eventual pista que pudesse existir do assassino, o que vem dificultar e muito a resolução deste mistério!!!Um livro com suspense suficiente para nos deixar agarrados até à última página!!Viciante! :)

    4. Uma escrita diferente, tocante, quase a raiar o intolerável, mas cuja leitura me aprisionou…Personagens muito humanas, até para além da morte… E demónios. O maior de todos!E agora? Vou para um encontro com os anjos perdidos em terra queimada…

    5. I have to admit I slogged my way through three quarters of this book and considered abandoning it several times. I didn't for several reasons, one being that this was a Netgalley request, the second because two reviewers I respect gave it a 4 star rating and thirdly because I admired several elements of the novel.Midwinter Blood is a part crime/part police procedural in the style of what has been labeled 'Scandinavian Crime', not only for the author's origin and the setting but also distinguishe [...]

    6. This book took me a little by surprise. I expected a straight-forward thriller, but instead got a beautifully written, almost literary mystery.The atmosphere the author creates in this book is fantastic. The cold winter landscape seeps into every page, into every character’s consciousness, making it almost another character itself. Malin Fors, the protagonist, is an interesting one. Thankfully, she is not a walking cliché of dysfunction, as many of the cops or detectives in thrillers tend to [...]

    7. [3.5] If you've decided to call your novel Midvinterblod, it's a little odd to set it in February. (I'd saved this to read last December, then left it when I saw the dates on the chapter headings.) There's a possible reason in the plot for the discrepancy, but it still doesn't work very well. (view spoiler)[the killer is someone who's become completely unhinged; possibly the record-breaking cold weather made him think it was midwinter Still would have worked better with the title if it actually [...]

    8. Citind cateva critici despre aceasta carte, am observat ca toate sunt pozitive. Am decis ca trebuie sa ii dau o sansa in momentul in care una dintre acestea suna ceva de genul "Mons Kallentoft este autorul care l-a surclasat pe Stieg Larsson". Si nu mica mi-a fost suprinderea, inca de la inceputul cartii, cand am descoperit ca toata actiunea este narata la timpul prezent. Un detaliu care poate unora li se poate parea nesemnificativ, insa care pentru mine a insemnat o incomoditate pe parcursul ci [...]

    9. I quite enjoyed this swedish crime novel, but read it in small chunks and think it is the kind of book you should read in a big gulp! My reason for this is because the writing style comes across as a stream of consciousness at times which is unique and enjoyable but requires a bit of concentration.

    10. Adorei! Para além do mistério e do suspense (até à última página), gostei muito das personagens e de toda a dimensão humana e social. Tão interessante como a investigação em si, é a trama familiar da Malin, que penso que vou gostar de ver desenvolver-se nos outros livros.

    11. Tenho este livro (e os próximos 3) em espera há uns anos e só agora comecei e comecei muito bem. Já tinha ouvido falar nesta série e, sobretudo, que era "esquisita". Realmente, a escrita de Mons Kallentoft é um bocadito "esquisita"; no início custou-me um bocado que, num parágrafo, houvesse frases na terceira pessoa e outras na primeira pessoa, isto porque os pensamentos dos personagens têm a mesma letra, sem o mais usual itálico; ou devaneações dos utentes que juntam pensamentos mai [...]

    12. Snove u belom je 2007. godine napisao Šveđanin Mons Kallentoft. U romanu se upoznajemo sa policijskom inspektorkom Malin Fors koja će kasnije postati protagonistkinja još šest Kallentoftovih romana. Kallentoft je ujednačeno mračan od početka do kraja – po atmosferi Snovi u belom podsećaju na Arnaldura Indriðasona (čija je odlična Močvara nedavno recenzirana na Popboksu) i nikada prežaljenog Stiega Larssona. Roman počinje grotesknim ubistvom - nago telo muškarca pronađeno je ka [...]

    13. Absolument génial !! Très bon polar teinté d'une ambiance et des attitudes suédoises quasi polaires On est très proche de The Killing, version originale (suédoise donc), avec une Sara Lund qui ne lâche rien avant la fin Sauf que cette fois, l'héroïne s'appelle Malin Fors et que la psychologie du personnage est plus détailléemère jeune, enquêtrice ultra compétente, elle a aussi des fêlures, entre ses sentiments pr un ex-mari, et un amant, une tendance assez prononcée pour l'alcool [...]

    14. 3.5 This is a very unusual Nordic mystery in that it almost reads like a stream of consciousness novel. Took some getting used to because the prose is anything but direct. Switches from third to first person consistently and the dead body has thoughts of its own. Yet I liked it quite a bit, the detective is an interesting character, her daughter has problems and she is still mourning the loss of her marriage. The storyline is brilliant, actually quite sad and the novel has many twists and turns. [...]

    15. This book gets off to a slower start, but it will reward the patient reader. By the last third of the book I simply couldn't put it down!! And the beginning is definitely well-written too, but it feels like the author is finding his footing with the story for the first 150ish pages. Once he does, it's absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for a police procedural with a contemplative angle, and are open to a writing style that is intentionally a bit choppy and unique, you will enjoy this book a [...]

    16. Initially, I really quite enjoyed it - the characters were interesting and believable (and the borderline alcoholic female detective protagonist didn't turn into a badly written walking stereotype of a troubled cop or a pathetic over-introspective fawning woman), the quality of the description was high quality, the sharp/abrupt style involving, and the plot went off with shock and drama.Alas the longer it went on, the more it started to feel like three or four separate stories had been cut up an [...]

    17. Knjiga je prosečna i tako nešto sam očekivao. Ono što ne mogu oprostiti jeste način na koji je knjiga uređena. Ocena nedovoljan 1- za izdavača, izvršnog uredika, urednika, lektora i dizajnera.

    18. Why did I read it? I have been enjoying Scandinavian and Nordic fiction of late; something about it resonates with me, and this came up in recommendations somewhere, and as the reviews weren’t bad I decided to delve in.What’s it about? A man is found hanging, seemingly sacrificed, in the woods outside Linköping, Sweden, during a bitterly cold, winter’s night. Malin Fors, a police detective and single mother, investigates, trying to find the victim, the perpetrator and her own way in life. [...]

    19. Que dire de plus si ce n'est que ce livre est tout simplement génial !Le secret est bien gardé, jusqu'au bout. Et c'est du solide. Jusqu'au bout le lecteur, comme la commissaire Mal Fors et son acolyte Zakarias Martinsson (dit "Zeke") doutent devant les différentes pistes qui s'offrent à eux : le meurtre de "Bengt le Ballon" est-il l'oeuvre de petites graines de racailles en puissance ne supportant pas les personnes obèses ? Mais voilà également que le meurtre ressemble absolument à un r [...]

    20. Magnus Utvik[1] is quoted as saying “Don’t Bother with Stig Larsson, Kallentoft is better”. Now while I wince at the promotion of one author at the expense of another Utvik is right about the quality of Kallentoft’s Midwinter Sacrifice. Kallentoft with help from translator Neil Smith delivers a distinct impression of place, of Swedish culture, along with a chilling tale of murder and the dark underside of family relations. The StoryA man is found beaten, tortured and hung in a tree. A mi [...]

    21. The opening is striking.A man’s body, naked and mutilated, was found hanging from a tree on a frozen plane.It was midwinter and snow had been falling heavily, obliterating evidence.Malin Fors was first on the scene, and she would lead the investigation. She was a bright and capable detective, but she was struggling with life as the single mother of a teenage daughter. I liked her from the start.The story moved slowly as the investigation moved forward.It took time to identify the dead man. He [...]

    22. Midwinterbloed is het eerste deel in een serie met commissaris Malin Fors in de hoofdrol.Linköping- Zweden. Het is de koudste winter sinds mensenheugenis en 35 graden onder nul. Ergens op een afgelegen plek hangt, bungelend aan een eik, het naakte lichaam van een jonge man, Bengt Andersson. Malin Fors van de politie moet samen met haar collega Zeke Martinsson deze misdaad onderzoeken. Het lijkt op een ritueel offer zoals de Vikingen brachten tijdens midwinter om hun goden goed te stemmen. Dit b [...]

    23. “Midwinter Blood” by Mons Kallentoft, published by Emily Bestler Books.Category – Mystery/ThrillerThis is another mystery/thriller coming out of Sweden. “Midwinter Blood” has been a bestseller and sold over 300,000 copies in Sweden alone.Malin Fors is a crime investigator and is balancing her career with her home life. She is divorced and has a teenage daughter.Malin is called out on a cold and wintery morning to the scene of a gruesome crime. A young man, who has been bullied and look [...]

    24. In Linkoping, Sweden, Malin Fors is a young, superintendent of the police force with a teenage daughter. Malin is called to a murder scene where she sees an obese man who had been tortured and murdered. He is hanging from a tree.The victim, Bengt Andersson was a man who was ignored by most people and bullied by others due to his weight and shyness. He lived in an area Malin describes as including "ared kids, teased kids, never go to school kids. Alcoholic's kids."His father was cruel and abusive [...]

    25. Um sólido 3,5 ★Um enredo consistente, credível e com um bom ritmo, mas em certos momentos é invadido pelo monólogo interior de Malin. Compreendo que seja para nos dar o lado mais humano da personagem, mas é um bocado maçador.Achei original o morto acompanhar-nos ao longo da história partilhando os seus pensamentos.A narrativa exige muita atenção. A mudança de personagens é feita com uma simples troca de parágrafo o que no início me confundiu um pouco.A escrita de Mons é extravaga [...]

    26. "Quem violou Maria Murvall?"500 Paginas e a pergunta nao foi respondida :)Achei o livro um bocado "lento", se calhar estou mal habituado, acho que o livro tem 100 paginas a mais :) E aqueles "comentarios" do morto ao longo do livro sao um bocado spooky, mas ainda assim originais.A mae dos rapazes fez-me lembrar a matriarca da Serie Justified: os filhos sao uns Bad Asses mas ao pé da mae sao uns cordeirinhos.Resumindo, nao deixou de ser uma leitura interessante mas prefiro os livros Jo Nesbo e d [...]

    27. "„Ofiara w środku zimy” to powieść dla miłośników skandynawskich kryminałów, którym nie przeszkadza niespieszna akcja oraz refleksyjny wydźwięk powieści. Mroczny, duszny klimat, specyficzne morderstwo, intrygująca, wyrazista, momentami kontrowersyjna główna bohaterka to elementy, dla których warto sięgnąć po tę książkę. Ze swojej strony – jako amatorka gatunku – naprawdę polecam."Cała recenzja dostępna na moim blogu: magicznyswiatksiazki/ofiara

    28. A good detective story with enough twists and turns to keep you interested throughout. I enjoyed the style of the writing with the murder victim's thought being added at points throughout. The characters are both believable and likeable adding depth to the story. Another good Scandinavian mystery, I will be sure to read the next in the series.

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