One thought on “I Am In The Air Right Now”

  1. If this collection of poems were a person it would be the kind of attractive and intriguing person you might notice browsing in your local bookstore, or while standing in line to order a skim latte at your favorite coffee shop. Seeing them would make you wonder why you’ve never seen this person before, and you’d debate talking to them in case you never see them again. In the end, you would post a Missed Connection for them on Craigslist, and if you were very lucky, you would receive a reply [...]

  2. It hurts my heart that only 15 people have rated this book. Read this book and make your friends read this book. Lend it to someone who's losing her mind over something little.

  3. One of the best looking chapbooks I have seen. I think I would like these poems more if read from journals or separately. Together, they get a little repetitive, though that seems a bit of the point. The titles are engaging, like "sorry i didn't catch you as you plummeted to the earth." The poems seem better, more coherent, tighter when they are in a more "traditional" form, but that might just be a reflection of my "tastes" than the poems' quality. Favorites:i thought there would be no one in t [...]

  4. Fun and whimsy feature prominently here but with tinges of darkness around the edges. The theme of flying is carried throughout, each poem being narrated by a female who prefers to remain permanently aloft piloting her hot air balloon. Thoroughly charming.

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